Lead With Love



Lead with Love.

Are you looking to follow
other’s footsteps around –
are you waiting for
another to choreograph
the next step?
Lead with Love.

Yes, there are a variety
of dances and steps
that you can learn
to express yourself –
to be in rhythm,
to move as one –
but what is the
underlying truth
to the dance?
Lead with Love.

You can dance
by yourself –
listening to the beat
of your own song
that plays in your heart –
you can dance with others,
sharing the pulsing beat
that grows far and wide,
felt around the world –
and as you move to
the beat,
the rhythm,
the vibration,
the most important step –
is to Lead with Love.

And what happens,
when Love is the music,
the vibration,
the rhythm,
that you follow at first –
only to realize
the music is not
what you hear
on the outside –
it is already playing
in your heart.

And when You and All
Lead with Love –
will you not look around,
sharing smiles,
in the realization that you all
know the same dance,
for is this not
the Dance of Love
that you have come to know
when you Lead with Love?

You know the steps
to the Dance of Love.
There are many variations
of dances and steps
that you can use
to express yourself –
to be in rhythm,
to move as One.

There are no wrong steps
when you Lead with Love.

There is only,

Apples and Oranges



Comparing apples
to oranges.

Yes, this is a
sentiment that says
you cannot compare
two unique fruits
that express themselves
very differently –
and if you like both,
does each not provide
an enjoyable experience?
Or – one may be your favorite,
and with the qualities
of the other –
you would rather not partake?

You are aware of the
differences between
these two fruits –
yet they share
a category of food –
both coming from a tree
that bears fruit,
two trees that grow
in soil,
needing water and sun
to produce these beautiful fruits.

And now do you not
look at these two
differing fruits –
both sharing the experience
of the life of a tree –
having more in common
from their roots
than the ending
expression of fruit?

And in your life –
you do not dwell
on the differences
between an apple
and an orange –
do you not accept
each of these
for what they are?

And as You Are
an expression of
All That Is –
is your expression
not unique to
Who You Are
here on earth-
but when you go back
to your roots
do you not see
you all are rooted
in Love –
are you not nourished
by the same life-giving Source
as your fellow be-ings?

Would you like it
if the only fruit
that you could enjoy
was an apple or an orange,
with no variation –
is it not more enjoyable
to partake in the
abundance of fruit?

As you honor the differences
of these Expressions of Life –
can you see that you All
are Expressions of Love
at your very core?

Celebrate the
and similarities
of You
of Life
of Love.

All Love.
All One.

Respond With Love




Yes, there are physical laws
that can occur
when matter is compressed
and released –
action and reaction,
cause and effect,
but for every human action,
must there be
an equal and opposite

And do not the words –
“equal” and “opposite” –
magnify the duality
and comparative nature
of life on earth?

When you think of
human emotion –
that can be reactive
in nature,
must there always be
a reaction that
equals an action?

Do not reactions
tend to take in
the energy and force
of an action
that is often perceived
as an attack
or affront –
thus justifying
an immediate re-action?

Are not reactions
often thought of
as reflexive in nature –
as the term
“knee-jerk” reaction
would imply?

Yes, there are situations
in the physical world
where quick reactions
and instant reflexes
will keep you out of
physical harm’s way –
but have not
actions and re-actions
brought you to
a state of polarity
when every action
is indeed met with
an equal or greater reaction?

If you have become
oppositional in nature,
have you forgotten
there is no opposite
to Love?

Can you call in Love,
your true Nature,
to see the bigger picture –
that Love Is an energy
that need not have an action
to feel its force –
can you feel
this Force of Love
that surrounds and encases
all of the actions
and reactions –
bouncing off
this Bubble of Love
that surrounds you all?

When you choose to
respond with Love –
does not Love
absorb and transmute –
converting an action
into an opportunity
to not react –
but respond with Love?

Is it not a beautiful sight
to see the
reactions to Love?

Begin with Love.
Respond with Love.
Soften the blow of actions
with Love.

With Love,
There Is –

Eyes of Love



Look into the eyes.

You can do this
in a mirror
and you are surprised
that it takes some practice,
some getting used to –
to really look into
the eyes of the soul.

Do not people
seldom look at
each other,
eye to eye –
does not one
usually turn away
to break the gaze,
almost as if to hide –
keeping others out
in fear of what
they may see –
or is it in fear
of what others
may see in you?

Now look into the eyes
of a child very young –
do you not see
them delight in
looking back at you?
Are they not waiting
to be seen –
waiting for that
Look of Love –
with less filters
covering up their
eyes of love?

Yes, the eyes
can be reflective
of the ego –
casting judgement,
or seeing separation –
the eyes of ego
can be hard
to hold a gaze.

But truly the eyes
are a window to
your soul –
when you look
at another
with these Eyes of Love –
do your souls
not rush in to say,
“There You Are!”

And in that moment –
however fleeting
when you look
at a stranger –
really seeing them
with the Eyes of Love –
are they not waiting
to be seen –
waiting for that
Look of Love –
with less filters
covering up their
eyes of love –
like the child,
do they not open up
the Window of their Soul?

Look into the eyes
with the Eyes of Love.
Say hello to You
in the eyes of All.

I See You.
I Am You.
We Are One.

Perspective of Love



When you are looking at,
viewing something
from a particular distance,
a particular angle –
from a certain perspective.

And do you not say,
“I am too close to it”
to see it clearly.
Do you not need
to distance yourself –
to see the whole picture,
to gain understanding –
by changing your perspective?

And as you are
a multi-layered be-ing –
are you not capable of
experiencing many
different perspectives
on any given situation?

Do you not begin
with the personal
human aspect of you –
and do you not feel
the many differing perspectives
that you may have
with those around you –
so focused on your
and experiences each of you
are having in this life?

But as you step back
to see the similarities
of what you and
your fellow be-ings
are looking for in this life –
love –
do you not all share a
more common perspective
in this Play of Life?

And can you look down
at the earth below
from a wider-angle perspective
to include all of humanity
that inhabits this planet –
does this not demonstrate
that you have an even
greater perspective
from a consciousness
that cannot be defined
as the body below?

And do you not feel
the space to breathe –
a greater peace
when you step back
to a broader perspective
that is part of a
greater Perspective of Love
that you know is there –
but still you may not
be able to see
the entire picture
with your human eyes?

But do you not then
shift your perspective
to that of the heart –
or to the solar plexus –
wherever your center
of Knowingness resides,
knowing that when
you perceive with Love,
does that not give you
the greatest perspective
that embraces All
that surrounds you?

And as You Are
surrounded by Love,
imbued with Love,
as You Are Love –
can you now see
with the Eyes of Love
and see how your
perspective may change?

As you step back
and see the Love
That You Are –
can you now
step into this Sea of Love –
with a greater perspective
of Who You Are?

And with this new perspective
you now understand –
Love is as close
as You.

Perceive Love.
Be Love.
See All with the
Perspective of Love.

Magnificent Waterfall



A waterfall.

Do you not think
of a waterfall
as a separate entity
from the usual water
that you experience?

Is not a waterfall
an expression
of the magnificence
and beauty that
water IS –
when there is
a collective power
that directs the water
to Be
a waterfall?

Water can lie
quietly in a pool
of collecting water
until it gathers
so much water
that it spills over
higher rocks –
you may think
of water falling –
but is it not
its journey down
to reunite with other water?

Yes, water will evaporate,
to return to the sky –
but as particles of water
always Are –
is not rain an expression
of water falling down
and is this not familiar –
gathering again
above the rocks –
ready to flow out
into the air –
stepping into the power
of this beautiful waterfall –
that is a constant
expression of All That is?

And when you
look at the waterfall –
you do not think of
drops of water,
constantly moving
in and out
of this Expression of Magnificence –
the waterfall Is That.

And as it is an expression
of All That Is –
and You Are That –
do you see You Are
a collection
of perfect particles –
stepping into the power
of a beautiful creation
that is a constant expression
of All That Is?

And can you look
at your reflection
in a mirror or
in the water – to see
this Expression of Magnificence –
can you sense the
power and beauty
That You Are?

Gather You.
Be You.
You Are the
Expression of All That Is.

Finding Joy



There is no opposite
to the innate quality
of the Joy That You Are.

But as you express Joy
in this world of duality –
yes, there may be times
when joy is temporarily
hard to see –
when clouded over
with the fog
of grief,
of fear,
of doubt.

But do you not feel Joy
stirring within –
ready to “lift your spirits up”
as is there not
an energy to Joy
when it electrifies
your very be-ing –
does not Joy
raise your vibration,
filling up the
spaces of You –
pushing out the cloudiness
that may have settled
within you,
weighing you down?

Do you not feel
so connected
to Source,
to Love,
to You –
when you express the
Joy That You Are?

And as Love Is
All There Is –
is not Joy
the switch that
when turned on –
the Light of Joy
is oh so bright,
that you cannot see
or feel anything
but Joy
and Love –
and you wish
always to Be
in the presence of Joy.

“Find your Joy.”
You know the phrase,
but know that Joy
is never lost
or misplaced –
it may be covered over
at times,
but you have the switch
to Be the Joy
That You Are.

Connect with Joy.
Connect with You.
You know this feeling
for You Are Joy.

Does it not bring
you Joy
to radiate the Love
That You Are?

And does not Joy
radiate Love?

Are not Love and Joy
the cornerstones of
Who You Are?

Express the spectrum
of Love and Joy.
Swirl together these
energies of Who You Are.

Play in Joy.
Be Love.
Experience You.
Oh Joy!




A snake sheds its skin –
usually in dramatic fashion,
sloughing off the layer
in one continuous piece –
leaving a symbol of the old
as he moves along
glistening with the new.

For is it not the
new skin that indicates
there is a layer that is
no longer needed?

Is there not the
perfect time –
when new growth
is put into place?
Does it not feel
so good
to slide out of
what is covering up
the new skin?

And as Snake
seeks to find an edge –
a place to snag
the old skin on –
then is Snake not able
to move along
leaving the skin
caught upon what had
initially snagged him?

And are you not
constantly changing –
sloughing off
what you no longer need –
are there not snags
and edges that help
to catch and pull off
what may be
holding you back?

And as you may wish
to hold on to the old,
not trusting that
the new is already in place –
may you have faith
in the perfect timing –
to shed your skin
so that you may experience
what is shining
so brightly within You?

And does it not
feel so good
to slide out
of what may be
covering up
the Light and Love
That You Are?

There is no hiding
the Love That You Are.
Peel off the layers
and Shine your Light.

Step out of the old.
Step into the new.
And always,
with Love.

Momentum of Love



“Keep the ball rolling.”
There is movement
in the energy,
in the flow.

But when momentum,
inertia –
appear to slow down
to a crawl,
almost stopping –
do you not wonder
if all is standing still?

And how do you measure
movement –
might these be
external markers
that you see?

Is not inertia
a pulsing –
the energy that
you feel
with every beat
of your heart –
is it not your heart
that ticks the rhythm
to momentum,
the Flow of Energy
that you seek –
the Flow of Love
that beckons you
to come along?

And as you tap
into Love –
the driving Force of
Who You Are –
is there not Love
in every motion
that you make?

Love Is –
the driving Force of You –
to be in the Flow of Love
is to simply Be.

Be Love.
Express Love.
Move with the Love
that moves through You.

Cosmic Dance



There is a cosmic dance
between earth and sky –
a state of constant change,

Even as the spinning
of the earth
is imperceptible
to your awareness –
there goes night
and here comes day.
Days with the sun
arriving sooner,
lasting longer;
night when the moon
shines brighter
when it is closer
to your vantage point
as you are on
this earth.

And yes,
with time and space –
there is a linear path
you travel
to mark the space
and time
of your experience
here on earth –
but are you not influenced
by the ebb and flow
around you –
the shifting
and the cycling
of entities
you are part of –
even if you do not
give them thought?

Are you not a part
of the bigger picture –
connected to this
cosmic dance,
in a state of
constant change –
cycling –
and even as your change
may be imperceptible
at times,
does not your Awareness
when you elevate
your view to
All That Is?

And your Awareness
struggles to explain
all it Knows –
for is not Love a
greater Force
than what can be seen?

As you move along
with the dance
of earth and sky –
is not Love the music
that makes it all
“go ’round?”

Dance with Love.
Change with Love.
Be Aware of Love.

Love Is.
You Are.