This Present


Be present with you.
Be present with Love.

Sometimes the past 
tugs at your memories,
the future beckons,
what will I be,
in This Present 
is Everything,
Be present with Love.

This is a challenge 
in linear time,
as past and future
are constructs here,
remember You Are
All of This –
Be present with Love.

Your mind uses thoughts 
to journey often,
taking you away from 
what is Here,
All that you have been
is in This Moment,
so stay present 
with Love.

The ego wishes to 
keep you splintered
into what you cannot
my dear, All is within 
your heart and soul – 
always present 
with Love.

Love This You with
all your heart,
Love is wholly,
holy You,
breathe in This precious,
sacred moment,
eternally present 
with Love!

Complete and Whole


There is a familiar space 
inside of you
that wishes to be 
it has sent you 
looking, searching,
far and wide for 
what may heal.

You may tire of 
this journey,
as you ask the 
why and how,
but your soul knows
divine timing is always
in This Moment,

You have always known
This Truth,
but ego tries to block 
this out,
at every stage of 
your life,
your soul,
as Love,
is safe and sound.

See your Strength
with newfound eyes,
reclaim the power 
of Love as You,
in Love’s wholeness 
may you integrate
the Truth of Love’s Force
in you.

Be a cup now 
share the fullness 
of This Truth,
there is no-thing
in you lacking,
One with Source,
This Love is You!

Your Purpose, Ignited


Get excited with Love,
embrace your passion
with Love,
may Love be the passion
that fuels what you 
wish to Be.

And as you make 
your wish,
with Love,
Be All You Are,
blessed by heaven
You Are This,
Love in This Moment,
with Eyes of Love,
able to See.

Is this not your 
purpose, love,
in every moment, 
Here is Love,
it does not need 
an introduction,
or a grand production 
to Be Love.

Play and laugh,
with Love,
dive deep and 
with Love,
Love is in every 
as you understand,
with Love.

Love ignites,
my Love,
rise up wholly 
as Love,
Love is the spark 
that burns eternal,
You Are This Light – 
divinely Love!

Walking With Peace


Let Love reassure,
is that not what 
you wish to feel,
that no matter life’s 
You Are Loved,
All is Well.

There is an ebb
and flow to life,
much like the seasons
always change,
ride the waves that 
life presents,
but know your Peace
remains the same.

Trust in Love’s 
it may come in
many forms,
know your place 
is One with Source,
always safe,
forever Home.

Breathe in Love’s 
calm healing balm,
You Are This,
know This Truth –
Love’s reassurance
holds your hand,
walking with Peace,
This Love and You. 

From Friction to Peace


Breathe Love in to 
smooth the edges,
that get roughed up
in this world,
is not friction 
when you notice
how ego wishes 
to take a turn.

There is a current 
running beneath
the story details 
in this life,
realign with Who You Are
and see others in 
this new Light.

Conflict can mask 
the power of You 
in this tale of wrong 
or right,
ask Love to help you
see beyond 
old paradigms that 
wish to fight. 

See your Self in 
your wholeness,
see all others as 
This, too,
when you feel you 
have not been heard,
listen carefully to 
the inner you.

Bring your Self 
to life’s experiences
that ego wishes to
breathe in Love’s 
innate Strength,
supporting you with 
all you need!

Your Essence


Bless and honor your
earthly body,
it has tried to be 
so strong,
with all the contrasts 
in the world,
it may not know 
where it belongs.

You as Source knows
of Truth,
now as your wholeness,
embrace you,
your body holds 
your little child,
let this one know 
Love shows up 
for you.

Listen to what the 
body tells you,
it has tried to keep 
you safe,
return the favor,
whisper softly,
as you reassure 
there is another 

See your self 
in your wholeness,
human and soul 
make up this You,
with This Alignment
may you balance,
letting judgment go,
accepting you.

Bring all parts of 
you together,
Love knows always
what to do,
see your body as 
this beautiful vessel,
who says yes to
Love’s Essence of You!

Love’s Tender Comfort


Feel Love’s softness
flowing through you,
sense the opening of 
your heart,
in this tender,
safe experience,
might you know 
the Love You Are.

May strings of music
play Love’s vibration,
reminding you of 
family past,
these bonds continue 
to sing Love’s song,
Love of generations
forever lasts.

May you feel cradled 
in Love’s sweet hands,
nestled in this 
Simple Truth – 
in All Ways,
always are you 
Be well and know 
This Love is You!

Believing Trust


When you find your 
self in another’s story,
what comes up for 
you to see,
relationship is 
life’s experience,
providing you with 

In a world that 
is contrasting,
add in time that goes
from here to there,
you may sense what
churns so deeply,
emotions, feelings 
that are hard to 

Rise above details 
of the story,
what core beliefs 
are you thinking 
with no judgment,
see these clearly,
are they not asking –
where is the Love?

From the perspective 
of the story,
yes it is hard to sense
a greater Truth,
might you go to 
your heart and open
to the Power of Gratitude.

Ego’s food is guilt 
and shame,
these get passed on
in the human realm,
cleanse your palette 
with Gratitude,
Love’s super power helps
you to be strong.

Take back your power,
it is innately Here,
as you surrender 
perceived control,
trust your soul to guide
you in This Moment,
Love has your back and 
You Are Loved so!



Rise up with Love.

You look up to the 
you look up at 
the stars,
the moon and sun 
shine for you,
though at times Light 
seems so far.

You have this pull 
within you,
it cannot be 
Love is the essence of 
your True Nature,
say yes to This
and rise.

As human you are 
not perfect,
perfection is a 
as a Whole, complete
celebrate this wondrous 

For every thought 
that bubbles up,
trying to keep you
as Love, there is 
no stopping you,
Love comforts 
and surrounds.

Look up in prayer 
and wonder,
what might you see 
beyond the sky,
Here You Are  –
Love’s invitation,
say yes and 
forever rise!

At Home


Settle into your 
your Light shines 
no matter where,
you are at Home
within your Be-ing,
wherever your heart is,
Love is There.

You may revisit homes
in memories,
or feel at home in an
adopted place,
when you are at Peace
wherever You Are,
is this not Home beyond
time and space?

You are Home wherever 
your heart is,
You Are Everywhere 
at once,
you may have physically 
left a dear one,
but with Love the distance
is none.

Your heart of Love 
is multi-tasking,
trust the expansiveness 
of You,
your Light shines with 
This Love, glowing,
reaching All you Love 
who so Love you!