Clear Vision

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Get to know
All of You.

In this linear world,
yes, you can go back
to what has happened
in the past,
situations, experiences,
have made impressions
on you that last.

But is not your Strength
in this moment
and while your journey
has brought you Here,
you are not only
the integration of
this lifetime,
You Are a soul
with vision clear.

So get to know
the Whole of You
and do not limit
what you see –
with clear vision
might you see
beyond any walls
you think there
may be.

Allow your soul
to introduce you
to the You
you are getting
to know,
get to know
All of You,
believe and listen
to your soul.

Keep pushing beyond
your comfortable boundaries,
rise above any walls
that you may see,
there is a purpose
to this journey,
let Love lift you
and set you free!

I Love You

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The pesky parts
of you that
show up,
that you would
rather not think
are they not asking
for your blessing,
are they not reaching
out for Love?

You may think
that it is others,
who may look
with a critical eye,
but do you not
critique yourself,
often asking yourself

Might you try a
different approach
to the little child inside
who wants to please,
might you send Love
to All of You,
and tell your little one,
yes, You I see.

With this unconditional Love,
might you find
freedom’s Flow,
in this stream of Love
that builds you up,
do you not find
the Courage
to let go?

Might you change
the critical eye
to One who sees
the Truth in You –
You Are beautiful
as You Are,
You Are Loved
I Love You.


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Create anew.

When a path
that feels familiar,
takes you down
a road in fear,
know you have
the Power within you
to create new.

Like switching out
old clothes that
no longer express
Who You Are,
might you match
your outside with
your inside,
and create anew.

You may need to
acknowledge awareness
of the old
as it meets the
with Gratitude
and Love
may you move forward
as you create anew.

Will not the familiar
look quite different,
when you see with
the Eyes of Love,
remember You
and with Love always
create anew
with the Power of Love.

Grace and Ease

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When we talk about
it may not be
what you think you
is not surrender
when you allow
to be immersed
into Love’s Flow?

When you feel constriction,
when there is resistance,
is that not when you
are taking control,
might there be
an easier way,
that can begin
when you let go?

If there is struggle
might you believe
a smoother path
is always near,
when there is something
that is perplexing,
know that a solution
is yours to hear.

Old patterns
and old habits
may come up
for you to see,
with surrender
and flow
might you take
a different route
and find yourself
gliding with
Grace and Ease.

Do not be deterred
by bumps that may
present themselves
in your road,
do they not help you
see another way
that your journey
may unfold?

Try on surrender,
loosen your grip,
on outcomes
that you think
you know,
let Grace and Ease
be yours to dance with
as you move to
the rhythm of this
Loving Flow.

The Dance

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You Are a Divine
of human and
your human side
is very trainable
to what your soul
already knows.

Might you flex
your human muscles
for the heavy lifting
you may need,
but be guided
by your soul,
there is much wisdom
there to heed.

There will be many
that cycle back
so you may try,
a different approach
to a pattern
that may have you
asking “why”.

And why not do things
now that your awareness
has grown,
might you find presence
in each moment
and trust in how
it all unfolds?

You are a Team
in this incarnation,
and surrounded with
Love at all times,
give your human side
a hug,
with a heart that
It Is Divine.

Breathe in the Force
that breathes You,
remember you are
part of this
Loving Flow,
your human and soul
love to dance
You Are Free
when you
let go!


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When you seek to
find balance,
is not this center
simply Love?
You can always return
to this peaceful space,
does it not feel
so much like

You may have
loved ones who
help you,
who remind you
of Home,
do they not continue
this dance,
assuring you are
never alone.

You may at times
lose your balance,
but do not helpful
hands reach out,
to remind you
you are so Loved,
is this not what
Love is all about?

You always carry
your true center
wherever you go,
Be Here,
find Peace,
there is no place
like Home.

Organically, You

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Be organically, You.

In this time
of summer’s magic,
when buds and blossoms
turn into blooms,
might you learn
from nature’s bounty,
to be organically, you.

The flowers cannot help
but display their
fruits and vegetables
are bursting through,
in this season of
are you not inspired
to be organically, you?

Gift yourself the time
and patience
to appreciate all
seasons of your life,
you have roots that
keep you grounded,
nourishing you at
the perfect time.

As the sun and rain
paint beautiful pictures
on the canvas of
the sky so blue,
are you not a master,
a creator,
do you not flourish
when you are
organically, you?

Take a page from
Nature’s story,
be amazed at what
resides in you –
You Are bountiful,
You Are glorious,
Love displays its beauty,
through You!