Forever Together


Sense the Gratitude
your loved ones 
send you,
for Love in life 
and where they are,
so close there is 
no distance between,
Love is as strong 
as the Light of stars.

Though your heart 
at times feels broken,
and so full of Love 
you feel it may burst,
there is no less of Love,
it continues to grow,
as forever Love endures.

Your souls know of 
Love’s sweet promise,
This can never,
ever end,
Love walks with you
as you grieve,
your souls rejoice – 
forever together,

Your Home


Your Truth,
your Home,
is your perspective 
as Love.

Make this shift,
then shift again,
awakening to what 
you are made of.

You lose no-thing,
seeing Everything,
your limited part
becomes the Whole.

As One with This,
can you not sense
the expansive nature 
of your soul.

You Are the trees,
the roots, the soil,
the sky above 
that is so blue.

The stars, the moon
know you and send
their shining Lights
that blend with you.

Greet your sisters 
and your brothers,
honoring the uniqueness 
that you see here.

As Love’s perspective,
you are not different,
needing each other 
to release fear.

Be your Self,
Be All of This,
shine your Light 
in All you do.

One with Gratitude 
and compassion,
your Home is
with You!



Your heart is a poem
Love has written,
you sense this wholly 
in your soul,
Love invites you 
to experience,
you know this,
feel this,
in your bones.

All you Love 
are in wonder 
with you,
experience never ends
when here is done,
might you explore 
your journeys together,
are not all paths 
the experience of One?

Unwrap your Joy
that is gifted to you,
there is no need 
to apologize,
loved ones are Here
sharing, rejoicing,
forever connected to 
your beautiful Light!

Yes to You


You forever belong 
with Love.

And though ego 
may take this 
as a threat,
wishing to cast you 
as a villain,
with gentle arms,
embrace the ego, 

Sense You in your 
there is no need to 
toss out scraps.

You Are Here, 
in Love’s sweet 
moment of 

Here is acceptance,
as you say  
Yes to You.

You as a blessed,
eternal Be-ing,
forever belonging
as Love.

In the Arms of Grace


Sit with Love,
watch your self,
on ego’s stage 
it is quite a show,
envelop all the 
ego’s actors
with a Love so deep 
so they will know.

You Are All of 
This together,
All are One 
One is All,
the plot lines may
be different,
but are you not
all searching
for Love’s sweet call.

Expand your heart,
extend your hand,
it matters not where 
you begin,
Be You timeless 
as your Self,
in This sacred moment,
there is no end.

Soothe and comfort 
ego’s roughness,
with no conditions,
with no strings,
Be You tender,
sweet compassion,
in the arms of Grace,
say yes to Peace!

With Awe


Love is like a 
cleansing rain,
washing away
what may mask
may this clear the slate
of story,
as you create and 
begin anew.

Approach each task 
today with wonder,
invite a fresh perspective 
lighten the weight 
of ego’s presence,
let Love freshen 
and clear the air.

Now invite Love to 
bring droplets
of inspiration you 
may choose,
when your mind and 
soul with body unite,
a new path may appear 
to you. 

Continue to be amazed,
Be in this moment 
of Love, of awe,
when you clear 
your mind of 
your heart and soul 
sing with Love’s call!

Love’s Network


Love is Here,
you need not
doubt it,
You Are part of
a greater Whole,
Here Love reassures
support and guidance
are helping All

You Are part of
a network,
that extends beyond
your sight,
let you heart,
your soul keep
guiding you
to bring to dark
more Light.

Share this belonging,
Love’s connection,
do not others wish
this true,
as One Family,
reach out your hands
and to another say,
I see you.

May you sense and
trust your Team of
you are part of
this mix,
what drives you,
what is your passion,
this is your soul saying,
let’s do this!

There is power in
true sharing,
may hearts connect
to what is True,
Love Is Here –
help build this bridge,
so All remember,
I Am You!

This Is You


Listen to the Voice,
that says you need 
not struggle or fight,
This Is You,
beloved One,
listen well.

See with expanded 
that helps you see 
All other Lights,
This Is You,
precious child,
see and know.

Speak through your
that helps you tell 
a loving Truth,
This Is You,
tender and sacred,
believe it, too.

May your senses 
be aligned,
connecting All parts
of your Mind,
Here You Are,
Holy and Whole,
This Is You.

Your Beautiful Heart


Say yes to Love that
flows through your
does this not make sense 
now to do,
in the past you thought 
you needed protection,
in This Moment now,
you are safe as You.

As core beliefs build 
your identity,
what can you release 
to see what is True –
You Are more than 
what you think,
answer Love’s invitation
to see the Whole of You.

From this empowered,
peaceful presence,
extend, expand to 
see another’s truth,
as you embrace their 
soul with yours,
is this not You embracing

Is not relationship
a chance
to meet you and 
all of your parts,
how do you follow 
Love’s lead, dear,
might you begin within
your beautiful heart.

Here is wholeness,
Here is Love,
it is an experience 
beyond your mind,
Love imbues you with 
Strength and Courage,
be amazed and open 
at what you may find!

Your Superpower


Believe Love’s Strength,
this is your power,
you sense it flowing 
within you,
Love has brought you 
to This Peace,
rising from the story 
life has shared with you.

Believe in You,
whole and complete,
yes as human this 
comes with flaws,
with no judgment, 
accept, allow,
Be You, authentic,
connected to All.

Love is your 
loved ones and angels
see this too,
with awareness might 
you believe,
their Strength and Love 
is what fuels you.

You have what you 
you and your soul 
are a perfect Team,
enjoy each step as
your journey unfolds,
so blessed and connected
to Everything!