Drop of Love

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A drop of Love.

Can you go 
throughout your day,
adding a drop of Love
to everything you do?

Might you think
that one drop
would hardly
be noticed –
would it not
take a larger
influx of Love
to make a difference,
to make a change,
to shift energy
from negative
to positive –
would just one drop
be enough?

And as you
cannot quantify
the Power of Love –
it is not based
on how much
is enough
to feel –
are you not sensitive
to the Strength of Love?

Can not
one drop
of Love
spread like pollen –
as you go
from place to place,
leaving a Drop of Love
everywhere you go –
does not Love
grow wherever
it is?

Would not a
Drop of Love
spread like water,
one drop at a time,
growing larger
like a puddle
that flows
where it needs
to be –
do not the
ripples of Love
continue to
reach out –
touching who
and what
needs love?

Yes, might you add
one Drop of Love
to whatever
has your focus –
to see the difference,
and sense the change
in You?

There is the
Energy of Love
in everything
That Is –
might it take
a Drop of Love
for you to truly see –
the Love that
is in All?

Let one
Drop of Love
the beauty,
the perfection
of All That Is.

All it takes
is Love.
One Drop.
One Love.
Add Love
to All.
Spread Love
one drop
at at time.


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“I can see clearly now
the rain is gone.”

Are there not times
when rain and fog
settle in –
that you wish
for the clarity
that allows
you to see
all around you?

And yes,
rain brings
glorious things
to life –
and do you not
enjoy the time
when you can
stay in,
stay sheltered
and listen to the rain,
as the rain and fog
wrap a layer
around you –
almost like
a cocoon –
as you wait
for the rain and fog
to lift?

Does it not take
strong winds,
pressure changes
to scour out
and lift a fog
that has settled
into every
nook and cranny –
so dense,
so moist,
is the air
that you can
feel it on
every surface
that you touch?

But cannot
the strong wind
change the air,
lift the fog –
allowing you
to see
with such clarity –
do you not
almost gasp
at the clear
and beautiful colors
of each plant,
every tree,
the bluest sky
you have ever seen?

Do you not
and are grateful
for the winds
that seem so strong –
do they not
make way for
changes to occur?

As the fog
has lifted,
as you are able
now to see
with greater clarity –
do you not
see familiar things
for the first time?

Is there not
a time and place
for the fog
and the rain –
as you go within
to rest,
and regroup –
so you may be ready
to greet the day –
to see clearly
whatever is meant
to be seen
with new eyes?

Are you not grateful
to experience
the calm
after a storm,
to experience
the peace
after tumult,
to see the sun
shine brightly
once again?

Do you not
what you have
when you have not –
does not gratitude
help you see
with clarity?

May you lift
the fog
with a grateful
heart –
may Love lift
you to see
with clarity.

Beautiful Love.
There You Are.
Clearly Love.
Shine Your Light.

Magnet for Love

heart light


If like energy
like energy –
can you be
a Magnet for Love?

There are things
you may wish
to change
in others,
in the world –
but does not
everyone have
their own
on how they
wish to live
their life?

And do you
not find
when you push
up against
another’s beliefs –
do they not
feel the push,
the reaction
may be
to push back –
for does not
like energy
attract like energy?

Is there not
a better way
to bring more
love into the
world –
might you begin
with yourself,
loving unconditionally,
even as you
do the best
you can to
what you wish
to learn in
this life –
can you not
accept and love
all of You?

And with this
Energy of Love,
being a
Magnet for Love –
will you not attract
what resonates
with Love?

And as you
vibrate with
the Energy of Love –
how can these
ripples not grow out,
connecting with
others who feel
the stirring within
their hearts –
in search of
and seeking
the Truth
of Who They Are –
are you not
all waking up
to the Love within?

And once you realize
that Love
has been here
all along –
it is in everyone,
can you love
yourself –
can you love
and not expect
for anyone
to have to change?

Is that not
truly what makes
being a
Magnet for Love
so powerful
in its scope –
can you Love
without putting
on that love?

And is this
not when
more hearts
that Love as One –
come together
as like energy
attracts like energy –
are you not all
Magnets for Love?

As You Are Love,
as you remember
Who You Are –
might that allow
another to see
the Love In Them –
as they see
the Love In You –
is there not
when you see
the Face of Love?

Be a Magnet for Love –
you cannot help
but Be.
As You Are Love
may you
Be the Love
you wish to
see in All.

See it.
Believe it.
Attract it.


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Can you not find
in encouragement?

Yes, courage is an
innate quality
that resides within you –
but does it not take
love and support,
encouragement –
to sometimes
draw upon
this courage?

Do you not
extend a hand,
encouraging others
to find their strength –
is it not common
to cheer
for the underdog –
is it not inspiring
to witness someone
rising above
all expectations,
finding their
strength and courage?

Are these not
qualities that you
encourage others
to find within –
even as you
may find it difficult
to encourage yourself –
is that why when
others give you
a gentle push
and cheer you on –
do you not then
draw upon
your Strength
and Courage
that waits
patiently within?

Can you be
your greatest
Can you believe
in the Love That You Are?
Why wait for courage
to come to the fore –
when Courage is
Who You Are?

You have love
and support
all around you.
You are stronger
than you know.
Encourage yourself
to Be yourself –
with Strength
can you face
any fear,
with Courage
can you
find the way,
with Love
is not all
possible for you –
are you not

These are not
qualities to seek.
You need not
to Know:
You Are Strength.
You Are Courage.
You Are Love
and so very Loved.

Be You.
Believe You.
Be Love.

Taking Steps

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You see a flight
of stairs
and do you
not wonder
where they go?

Do stairs not lead you –
helping you get
from here to there,
do you not
often take a
series of steps
to incrementally
rise up to
where you wish
to go?

Do you not,
at times,
look up
from the bottom
of a staircase
and wonder how
you will get
to the top –
does it not
take effort
to climb
if you cannot
see where the
steps may end?

But does not
a child
look at steps
and try to
climb them –
as soon as
they can move
or crawl –
is there not
an innate desire
to explore
the steps
that lie before you?

And have you not
bounded up
the stairs
2 or 3 at a time –
when you could
not wait
to get where
you wanted to be?

Is it not about intention –
can you look up
from the bottom
of a staircase,
knowing that
each step you take
is the perfect one
at the perfect time –
do you not learn
with every step
you take –
can you not help
but take
the next step?

Of course,
you know
there are
many ways to
get to where you
think you should go –
are not steps or stairs
a perfect vehicle
until you learn
to leap
or even fly?

Take the next step.
Make the leap.
Test your wings.

When you
believe in You,
how can you
not already
be There?

Believe in You.
Let Love lift You
where you wish
to Be.
Be the Love
That You Are
in every step
that brings you
closer to You.

You Are Here.
You Are Love.
You Are Home.

Finding Peace

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Are there not
pockets of peace
that you seek
throughout your day –
taking time to relax,
to take a break,
a time out,
to escape,
to slow down
whatever turmoil
that is going on
around you,
that may affect
how you feel.

And do you
not build
pockets of peace
from within –
is that not when
you find peacefulness –
turning in
the mind
that finds it hard
to turn away
from the turmoil
going on
like a movie
to be watched –
what will happen next,
what did that one do,
what will this one
do next?

And yes,
you are here
to learn from
to experiences
that you have,
that teach you
so much
about yourself.

But in the quiet,
when you find
the pocket of peace,
do you not build it
from within –
is it not a haven
that you wish
to carry with you
throughout the day –
can you not
this peacefulness
so that you may
feel it more?

Is not Peace
an understanding
that All Is Well,
that You Are
So Very Loved –
and is this not true
no matter what
reaction you may have
going on around you
in a world
of this and that,
that will often
push and pull you
as you grow?

Is not Peace
the allowance that
there are many
different paths –
All are perfect
where You Are –
yes, you work and play
with what you believe in,
there are passions
that drive you on,
but can you move
forward with Love,
finding Peace,
that All Is Well,
is that not when
your Pockets of Peace
begin to expand,
as you experience
Love and Peace
by Be-ing You?

When you are
at Peace
with the Love
That You Are –
do you not dwell
in the perfect
and peaceful
Pocket of Love?

Expand Peace.
Expand Love.
As you expand
and grow –
be That
Which You Are.

Holding Love

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A single word
that brings to mind,
many things
that you have touched,
many memories
are attached
to these things
that are attached
to you,
that are yours,
that are theirs –
are possessions
not separated out
to owners
that possess
or have items
in their possession?

And do you
not at times
fear that a memory
will be lost
if you give away
a loved one’s

Yes, “possession”
brings to mind
many stories,
many experiences
that you have
here on earth –
memories that
make you laugh,
make you cry –
there are physical connections
that you share,
that you can touch
and you can hold –
is it not
this physical experience
that is so hard
to let go?

And does it not
make it hard
if you think
of things as “lost” –
if something
or someone
is out of sight,
do you not fear
that they are “gone”,
never to be seen
or felt again?

As your awareness grows,
as you know you
are always connected
to your loved ones
in your heart –
your spirit,
your soul
is always with
the ones you love –
it is a different
than the physical one
here on earth –
as you seek to re-connect
through your heart
and not through
the possessions
that you can hold.

Yes, there are
treasured items
that you will
always keep close –
but as you release
the possessions –
letting go of the
physical ties –
do you not open
up more space
to see beyond
what you can hold –
are you not
so much more
than what you
can possess?

And you need
not “re-connect”
to the Love
that is connected
to You –
are you not
eternally linked
together in this Love?
And as Love
is not something
to be owned
or to possess –
it cannot be lost,
it is never gone –
are not your
loved ones
just as close
when All Is Love?

As you release
what you think
holds Love
to you –
may you find
Is Always There.

You Are Loved –
your Loved Ones, too.
You Are always
connected to Love.
All you need
is all you have
and That Is Love.


20160610 XPicture2

For 5/20/17:
*Note – this is a message originally received on 6/10/2016. I have an early function! ūüôā
Everyone –
at one time 
or another,
has loved,
looked up to,
or imagined themselves
being saved
by a superhero
or having the powers
of a superhero;
or something
with fantastic abilities –
usually for 
the good 
of others-
even if
embattled against
the “forces”¬†
of the so-called “evil.”
And is there
not usually
a vulnerable person
beneath the
cape or costume –
hiding in plain sight
not wanting
others to 
“see” what powers,
what abilities
they possess?
Does not this
superhero culture
the duality
of struggles
and angst
here on earth?
You place heroes
on a pedestal  
to be held up
as different –
with “super”¬†
powers and abilities
that very few have.
And we wish to remind you,
what a “hero” you are
to face the challenges
on this earth.
You have the 
power within
your very soul –
and abilities 
you cannot imagine.
And you are so loved.
And with that love –
is it so hard 
to imagine
raising everyone up
on the same pedestal,
lifting each 
vulnerable, hiding hero
up for all to see,
to experience
the fantastic abilities
that each person has
with and without 
the costume.
You do not need
to put on a cape
to shine
and to serve others.
Open your heart.
Open your eyes
to the power and abilities
that are within You.
Be fantastic.
Be super.
Be You –
That You Are.
A Hero for Love.




20170519 XPicture


The path of
least resistance.

Is this not
where water flows?
When water falls
to pool,
to spread,
does it not
fill in
where there was
no water before,
moving around
almost through
what is in
its way –
does it now find
the tiniest of openings,
to slip through
on its way?

Does water not
change its shape
as it fills
the space
that it has found –
a glass of water,
a tub that is filled,
a narrow brook,
a lake so wide?

Does water not
seem most alive
when it is
Does not water
standing still –
does it not
get stagnant
when it is not
in the flow?

Does water not
find a way
to maneuver around
whatever is
in its way?

Can you not learn
much about flow
from water
that follows a direction,
that fills or empties,
that changes course,
that moves through
that does not
when there is
an opening
to take?

And does not water
show its strength
when it is
in its flow –
cascading over
rocks so high –
does a waterfall
never cease
to be beautiful
and amazing?
Does a waterfall
not occur
when water follows
a path it has been shown,
is a waterfall
not a leap of faith
on the journey
of a drop of water?

When you are
in the flow,
do you find
no resistance,
are there turns
that appear,
that are so
obvious and wide –
is your path
no longer encumbered
with obstacles
in the way –
do you not
gather Strength
as momentum gathers,
pulling you
along with ease?

And it matters not
where you are going –
is not being
in the flow,
the greatest reward –
when you flow freely,
are you not like
the waterfall
in all of its
and beauty?

Find your path
of least resistance –
this is where
the magic lies –
You Are every possibility
you can imagine –
be free to experience
what you wish
to explore.

Be in the flow
of your magnificent
There are openings
around you
as you open
to You,
to Flow,
to believing
that You Are

With Flow –
There Is Strength,
There is Joy,
All With Love.


20170518 XPicture


Sometimes the journey,
your experiences,
feels like you are
climbing up a mountain –
it feels steep
with many challenges –
you wonder what
step to take,
so you can keep
and not slip
on rough terrain –
you visualize yourself
on top of the mountain,
but do you not need to
keep climbing,
keep moving,
to make it to the top?

When you are
so close
to obstacles
that you face,
is it not sometimes
hard to see the way?
Can you give
yourself some distance,
stepping back
in your mind to view
yourself upon
the mountain,
might you see
another path,
another way
that makes your journey
a little easier
for you?

And as you are
are there not
perfect spaces
for your hands
to take hold,
as you pull up –
do you not
find places
for your feet
stable enough
to push off –
is there not
a push and pull
that keeps you moving
to the top?

You can look
back to where
you started,
to get a sense
of how far
you have come,
but when climbing
up a mountain,
it can look far
up to the top –
might you stay
present with
where you are,
focusing on
each step you take –
having Faith
that there is learning
on this journey
that you face?

Might you feel
that there are others,
reaching out
to pull you up –
you have ropes
that help secure you,
making sure
you do not fall –
you have support
upon this Journey,
you need only
have to ask –
are there not others
who are climbing
the mountain
just like you?

There are many ways
up a mountain,
there are many experiences
you may choose to have,
there are obstacles
that appear before you,
making the path
sometimes hard to find –
but when you make it
to the top of the mountain,
is not the view
sometimes worth
the climb?
Do you not learn
something about
yourself on each
journey that
you make?

You meet yourself
upon the mountain,
you see yourself
with every step –
does not every journey
you embark upon
bring you
closer to You?

You are not
the destination,
you are already
Where You Are.
Each journey you travel
brings you one step
closer to you –
and Who Are You?

You Are
the top of the mountain.
You Are
the magnificent view.
You Are
each challenge that
helps you to see –
You Are
a part of Everything,
the All That Is
is experiencing
Life and Love
and That Is You.