Magnificent Waterfall



A waterfall.

Do you not think
of a waterfall
as a separate entity
from the usual water
that you experience?

Is not a waterfall
an expression
of the magnificence
and beauty that
water IS –
when there is
a collective power
that directs the water
to Be
a waterfall?

Water can lie
quietly in a pool
of collecting water
until it gathers
so much water
that it spills over
higher rocks –
you may think
of water falling –
but is it not
its journey down
to reunite with other water?

Yes, water will evaporate,
to return to the sky –
but as particles of water
always Are –
is not rain an expression
of water falling down
and is this not familiar –
gathering again
above the rocks –
ready to flow out
into the air –
stepping into the power
of this beautiful waterfall –
that is a constant
expression of All That is?

And when you
look at the waterfall –
you do not think of
drops of water,
constantly moving
in and out
of this Expression of Magnificence –
the waterfall Is That.

And as it is an expression
of All That Is –
and You Are That –
do you see You Are
a collection
of perfect particles –
stepping into the power
of a beautiful creation
that is a constant expression
of All That Is?

And can you look
at your reflection
in a mirror or
in the water – to see
this Expression of Magnificence –
can you sense the
power and beauty
That You Are?

Gather You.
Be You.
You Are the
Expression of All That Is.

Finding Joy



There is no opposite
to the innate quality
of the Joy That You Are.

But as you express Joy
in this world of duality –
yes, there may be times
when joy is temporarily
hard to see –
when clouded over
with the fog
of grief,
of fear,
of doubt.

But do you not feel Joy
stirring within –
ready to “lift your spirits up”
as is there not
an energy to Joy
when it electrifies
your very be-ing –
does not Joy
raise your vibration,
filling up the
spaces of You –
pushing out the cloudiness
that may have settled
within you,
weighing you down?

Do you not feel
so connected
to Source,
to Love,
to You –
when you express the
Joy That You Are?

And as Love Is
All There Is –
is not Joy
the switch that
when turned on –
the Light of Joy
is oh so bright,
that you cannot see
or feel anything
but Joy
and Love –
and you wish
always to Be
in the presence of Joy.

“Find your Joy.”
You know the phrase,
but know that Joy
is never lost
or misplaced –
it may be covered over
at times,
but you have the switch
to Be the Joy
That You Are.

Connect with Joy.
Connect with You.
You know this feeling
for You Are Joy.

Does it not bring
you Joy
to radiate the Love
That You Are?

And does not Joy
radiate Love?

Are not Love and Joy
the cornerstones of
Who You Are?

Express the spectrum
of Love and Joy.
Swirl together these
energies of Who You Are.

Play in Joy.
Be Love.
Experience You.
Oh Joy!




A snake sheds its skin –
usually in dramatic fashion,
sloughing off the layer
in one continuous piece –
leaving a symbol of the old
as he moves along
glistening with the new.

For is it not the
new skin that indicates
there is a layer that is
no longer needed?

Is there not the
perfect time –
when new growth
is put into place?
Does it not feel
so good
to slide out of
what is covering up
the new skin?

And as Snake
seeks to find an edge –
a place to snag
the old skin on –
then is Snake not able
to move along
leaving the skin
caught upon what had
initially snagged him?

And are you not
constantly changing –
sloughing off
what you no longer need –
are there not snags
and edges that help
to catch and pull off
what may be
holding you back?

And as you may wish
to hold on to the old,
not trusting that
the new is already in place –
may you have faith
in the perfect timing –
to shed your skin
so that you may experience
what is shining
so brightly within You?

And does it not
feel so good
to slide out
of what may be
covering up
the Light and Love
That You Are?

There is no hiding
the Love That You Are.
Peel off the layers
and Shine your Light.

Step out of the old.
Step into the new.
And always,
with Love.

Momentum of Love



“Keep the ball rolling.”
There is movement
in the energy,
in the flow.

But when momentum,
inertia –
appear to slow down
to a crawl,
almost stopping –
do you not wonder
if all is standing still?

And how do you measure
movement –
might these be
external markers
that you see?

Is not inertia
a pulsing –
the energy that
you feel
with every beat
of your heart –
is it not your heart
that ticks the rhythm
to momentum,
the Flow of Energy
that you seek –
the Flow of Love
that beckons you
to come along?

And as you tap
into Love –
the driving Force of
Who You Are –
is there not Love
in every motion
that you make?

Love Is –
the driving Force of You –
to be in the Flow of Love
is to simply Be.

Be Love.
Express Love.
Move with the Love
that moves through You.

Cosmic Dance



There is a cosmic dance
between earth and sky –
a state of constant change,

Even as the spinning
of the earth
is imperceptible
to your awareness –
there goes night
and here comes day.
Days with the sun
arriving sooner,
lasting longer;
night when the moon
shines brighter
when it is closer
to your vantage point
as you are on
this earth.

And yes,
with time and space –
there is a linear path
you travel
to mark the space
and time
of your experience
here on earth –
but are you not influenced
by the ebb and flow
around you –
the shifting
and the cycling
of entities
you are part of –
even if you do not
give them thought?

Are you not a part
of the bigger picture –
connected to this
cosmic dance,
in a state of
constant change –
cycling –
and even as your change
may be imperceptible
at times,
does not your Awareness
when you elevate
your view to
All That Is?

And your Awareness
struggles to explain
all it Knows –
for is not Love a
greater Force
than what can be seen?

As you move along
with the dance
of earth and sky –
is not Love the music
that makes it all
“go ’round?”

Dance with Love.
Change with Love.
Be Aware of Love.

Love Is.
You Are.




You throw a line
out to see
what you can catch
to bring in closer –
sometimes it is
what you are seeking –
but are you not
surprised at times
at what you
are reeling in?

Are there not times
when you get snagged
on thick underbrush
that can make you
feel that you are stuck?

As you are throwing
your line out
on the surface –
below which you
cannot see,
does it not make sense
to dive down further –
immersing yourself
so you can see
what it is you are

Does it not feel
as if you have entered
another world –
as you open your eyes
to see what has
been there all along?

Do you now see
what the obstacles are
that have been in your way –
the ones that have
caught your line –
can you now see
how to loosen their grip
to free what has been
holding you back?

And now that you
have opened your eyes
to see what lies
below the surface –
can you now maneuver
with greater ease –
able to see all that
surrounds you?

You Are energy
that flows like water.
You may float on the surface
or you may dive down deep.

There is a flow
that beckons
you to follow
as you ride the
beautiful Wave of Love.

Dive into Love.
Be immersed in
the Love That You Are.


The Archer



An archer takes
a bow and arrow
and with the strength
from the bow –
draws back the arrow
until it is time
to release
and catapult the arrow
from earth to sky.
And while following
the rules of the earth –
does not the arrow
fly for a time –
then in the grasp
of gravity,
return to the ground
for the archer to
pick arrow up
and place it back
in the bow
to aim for another
trajectory –
to see where arrow can fly?

And what if you – the archer –
set your sights
even higher –
can you point the
Arrow of your Intention
to a site unseen
that does not follow
the rules of the earth –
can you aim for the stars
and with your belief
that there is no limit –
you draw back the arrow
with all of your Strength,
and Power –
and let it go,
knowing it will not fall
as the higher it flies,
does it not defy gravity
as you have set it free?

And as this is the
Arrow of your Intention –
are you not still connected
to its vibration
that continues to strum
the string on your bow –
was it not your energy
that set it free –
that gave arrow wings
so it could fly
with the Strength,
and Power
that reside within You?

And as you have
released your intention
to fly so freely –
and as it was sent
with the Vibration of Love –
do You not fly
to sites unseen –
as the Arrow of your Intention
leads the way for you
to experience your dreams?

Set your sights
to sites unseen.
Follow the direction
of your heart.
Imbue the Arrow
of your Intention
with Love
that will give it
wings to fly.

With Strength.
With Love.

Stillness of Peace



The road to Peace
is steady
and still –
like driving on
a near-deserted road,
driving at night –
when the night
envelopes you with
its star-studded blanket
and you drive on –
freeing your mind,
not looking for
your destination,
just happy to be
right where you are –
in the still of the night.

And is that not
a way to think
about the stillness of Peace –
that is not always still –
as your car rolls along,
past painted white lines
that beat a steady rhythm
as they tic tic by –
yes you notice
you are moving –
but it is movement
with no rush,
no hurry to get
where you are going –
is there not Peace
that flows
in this moving solitude –
when your mind is free
to dance with the stars
while your body
is content to
hold the wheel?

Is Peace not found
in this balance of
earth and sky –
within your body
and your spirit –
when both can work together
to find the stillness
in the movement,
it is not a paradox –
it is where Peace lives
and You Are That.

Peace lies within You.
It is not a destination –
it is a state of mind;
when your mind
is free to be
Who You Are –
no matter
Where You Are.

You Are Peace –
for You Are Love.
Be in the
moving solitude
of Peace.

There Is Love



You set the intention
to bask in the moon glow
that lights up
a January sky –
can you feel the energy?
A magical time –
there is Love.
there is Love.

Is it that so many
are connected by
a singular light
that cannot e denied –
even if you do not notice,
can feel the pull?
There is Love,
there Is Love.

And does this Light
not still shine,
no matter what phase
the moon is in –
are you not a
Point of Light
connected by
a Greater Source?
There is Love,
there is Love.

There is a pulse
that is present –
that connects you all
to All That Is –
is it not the Light of Love
that connects the dots
to weave the web
allowing Love to flow –
for here and there,
and yes, everywhere –
there is Love,
there is Love.

You set the intention
to bask in Love
that lights you up
be it night,
be it day –
can you Be this energy?
A magical Force –
there is Love,
There Is Love.

Love Is.
You Are.

Laser Light of Clarity




Do these words
not create a beam –
a laser light of clarity,
that can cut
through the fog,
through the
sea of information –
illuminating a path
you wish to see?

Is this laser light
not specific in its focus –
only lighting what
you wish
to attract with
your intention –
as you realize just
how powerful
your thoughts
can be?

And are your thoughts
not omni-directional –
can you not direct
them out into the
world you experience
here on earth –
but also,
with intention,
do you not have
access to the
Sea of Consciousness
you are swimming in?

And when using your
Laser Light of Clarity –
does not its energy attract
more like energy to
this beam –
that you have defined
with your intention,
and focus?

Does not intention coincide
with your beliefs?

Can you open up your mind
to your Sea of Possibilities –
believing in the
Magnificence of You?

And with your intention –
with the Laser Light of Clarity –
do you see the possibilities
you can create?

With the Power of Intention,
with the Love of All That Is –
as you express the
Love You Are –
are you not creating
all Possibilities of You?

of Love.
You Are That –