Answer With Love

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There are answers
to your questions –
upon reflection,
do they not come?
Is there not a
phrase, to
“sleep on it,”
that may provide
the time and space
you need –
when you ponder,
do you not
give yourself time
for your mind
to let go –
so that your
answers can
bubble up
to the surface
from your
higher state
of Be-ing?

And might you
check your answer
in your gut
and in your heart –
if an answer
is not sufficient,
is that not
when the question
might you also
ask what is
the question
to ask?

Might there be answers
to questions
not yet formed –
as you open
to the guidance
that has been there
all along –
you have help,
you have support,
yes, you have
free choice as well –
but does it
not feel good
to have choices
formed from Love?

Yes the Universe
may intervene
to put you on
a different tract –
sometimes it is
hard to find
the answers
to your questions
that are asked in fear –
yes, ego tries
to protect you,
but might you
be missing out –
on knowing
the answers
to your questions
asked with Love?

Can you reframe
your questions
and put them
in a loving Light –
might it be
the solution you seek
is to look
in a different way,
might the answer
to your question
is to ask a different one –
“Where is Love
and how do I
let Love guide the way?”

Ask Love.
Receive Love.
Question all
but Love.
Answer with Love.
Respond with Love.

You Know
the answer –

Song of Love

Cardinal singing


A new day,
a new light,
first Cardinal
sings his
morning song –
is it not
the perfect time
to clear away
what may be
lingering from
another day,
can you start fresh
and see this
day as the
perfect chance
to Love?

It does not matter
what is planned –
a day may be full,
it may be clear,
can you not
infuse Love
into each moment
as you
go about this day?

Can you wipe
the slate clean
of what you think
“should” happen,
is not each day
an opportunity for you –
yes, there are things
you will accomplish,
lists that need
tending to –
but as you “do”
what you need,
can you add Love
to it, too –
is it not a
perfect chance
to Love?

Does not the
Energy of Love
open many doors,
does it not help
to grease any wheel
that turns –
will you not
have more enjoyment,
will there not be
ease as you work –
when you play
in Love?

The new day is dawning,
the birds all sing
on cue –
is not Mother Earth
giving her blessing –
here is another day
for You –
can you sing
your Song of Love
as the Cardinal
loves to do –
is now not a
perfect chance
to Love?

New day.
New light.
You Are Light.
You Are Love.
Perfect Love.
Perfect You.

Is not this
the perfect chance?
Sing your
Song of Love.


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As you dwell
in your house,
is it not
set up for comfort
with many things
you do not see –
are there not
pipes and lines
that run underground,
out of sight,
but essential
to daily living
in a house?

Do you not
take these for granted,
not thinking how
water comes out
of a faucet,
or electricity turns on
with the flip
of a switch,
so grateful
are you for
these comforts of home,
when you are
aware of how
amazing it all is.

Are there not
other things
out of sight,
out of mind,
that help you
in this space
you call earth?
Is there not
sun and rain
that help food
to grow,
to replenish,
so that you
may have food
to eat?

Does not the
wood from trees
provide materials
that you use
for shelter,
sometimes for heat,
are you not
sustained by
all that surrounds
you on this plane?

And we are bringing up
material things
that may be
out of sight
or further from
your mind,
it is easy
to take for granted
all that helps
you live here.

Is there not help
that you may not see,
do you not receive
gentle nudgings,
thoughts that
“come out of the blue”,
inspiration that
inspires you
to pursue
a different path –
are there not signs
and indications
that there is more
than meets the eye –
do you not
find your own
soul within You?

Are you not
to much that
you cannot see –
but are you not
to everything
that is Love?

Yes, you are always
connected to
loved ones
who may be here
or on the other side –
you have guides,
there are angels
who look out
on your behalf,
but are you
not also connected
to all that you see –
even if you
do not always know
what the connection is?

Can you step back
from the material,
the familial,
the usual ties –
if All Are Love
and You Are That –
are you not All
connected with Love?

This goes beyond
your nearest neighbor
on a street
you may share,
it is larger
than your city,
your state,
your country
or continent.
Yes, you are all
a part of earth –
but now go
further from even there –
is All not Love,
is Love not
what brings All
of You here?

As you look
at the bigger picture,
do you not see
how it all connects?
There is no-thing
that needs connecting –
you can not
be separate
from the Whole –
are you not
always cradled
in the arms
of Love?
And are you not
for the Love that is
always there?

Even when you
do not see it,
even when it is
hard to believe –
Love is Always
at your service,
running in the background
or up in front –
it is the Life Force
that brings you life
and stays with you
when you leave –
there is always Love,
You Are All of That –
You Are Always
connected with Love.

Dwell in the
Love That You Are.

Sail With Love

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A small boat
on the ocean
may be rocked
back and forth,
as the waters
get rough –
do you not
feel the turbulence,
do you not feel
each wave
as it splashes
against this boat
upon the sea?

Now imagine
a large ship,
sure and steady
in the ocean –
does not the bow
cut through
even choppy waters –
would these
same waves
not fall away
from this ship,
might you as
a passenger
not be aware
that there is
rough water
on the sea?

Yes, there are times
when you may
feel tossed about –
like the smaller boat
upon the sea,
feeling each wave,
each swell,
that threatens
to overturn
your vessel –
are there not times
when you feel small
upon this vast
Sea of Life?

But now close your eyes
and imagine
your vessel
is able to expand
to its natural state –
as deep and wide
as it needs to be,
to be secure,
able to weather
any storm
that may come up,
that may try
to toss you around
on this Sea of Life?

Yes, there may
be storms
that come up,
when you need to
take shelter,
to ride out the storm –
but as You Are
a Vessel of Love –
do you not have Strength
in your bow
and with Courage
may you raise
your sails
to catch the wind –
are you not One
with earth and sky
as you move forward
in this Sea of Life?

Expand your vessel
to its natural
State of Love.
You Are meant to sail
on the Sea of Life.
Navigate your course
with Strength,
with Courage,
to find Peace.

May Love
be your beacon
and your safe harbor
on whatever
seas you sail.
You are safe
and you are loved.
Sail with Love.

What Would Love?

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Each Journey is different,
every person is unique
in experiencing
how life
unfolds for you.
Is there not
learning in
your “story” –
do not opportunities
there are a
of choices
you may make. 

Do you not
keep looking
for the answers –
“should I do this?”
or “maybe do that?”
as you look
at what the
in your story
may be
once you choose
a path?

Is that not
why you agonize
on what decision
you may make –
do you not
feel the pressure
on which road
to now then take?

Can you look
at all the options
and reframe
the questions
that you ask –
it is not
which path
has the answers –
does it not
begin with you –
as you take
a step
can you then ask –
what would
Love have
you do?

Love does
not push
what comes up
for you
to think about –
Love looks
for other
like vibrations,
what will resonate
with Love –
can you not
find the flow
that Love
directs you to?
As you ask
your question –
what would
Love have
you do?

The answer
to your questions
are not at
the end
of a road.

The choices
are much easier
when you
make them
from your heart –
you need not
fight for the
they are waiting
there for you –
when you ask,
“what would
Love have
me do?”

This may feel
as you think
you have
been in charge,
but do decisions
not get made
based on only
what you know –
there is help
for you
as you experience
so many chances
for you to see,
as You Are Love –
what would
Love have
you do?

Every Journey is different,
every person is unique,
you all have
different experiences
to give you
the chance to
really see –
all that you seek
is the answer
to your question
if you ask,
what would
Love have
you do?

When you
know that
You Are Love,
there is no question –
there is
only Love.

You Are
the answer.
You Are Love.

Season of Growth

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Once bare trees
are full of leaves –
the growth
is tremendous –
a month of rain
and bare limbs
give way
to full green leaves
that turn
to catch
every drop
of rain –
and do not
the lushness
of the leaves
bring shade
to all that
live under the tree,
as the sun
is in full view?

The landscape now
are hues of green –
the fullness of trees
may block your view,
are there not changes
you see every day –
more blooms appear
as others are done,
blossoms give way
on plants
that will bear fruit –
are you not in
a Season of Growth?

When the time
is right,
when the conditions
are present,
growth can come
on slowly
as you wait
and watch –
then do you
not marvel
at what can happen
in an instant,
in a day,
in a month?

Is not your life
a Season of Growth –
can you not
look back
to what your
landscape was before –
have there not
been changes
that you have
with time,
with growth,
with Love?

Does growth
not happen
in cycles –
like the seasons
that come and go –
you need not
know the purpose –
is not the purpose
to create?
Are you not
an ever-changing
that continues
to evolve
as you
keep growing
and changing
with Love?

Is not every season
a perfect time
to change,
to grow,
to Love?

Spread out.
Live fully.
Turn toward
what you need
to grow,
to evolve,
to Be Love –
may you
celebrate your
Season of Growth.

Remember You



Remember You.

In this life
you surround
with beliefs,
with what
you need to
believe in,
to make sense
of this physical life –
but when you
strip away
the exterior,
the story –
can you
remember You?

There Is You
that is Everlasting,
that knows Joy
and Peace
and Gratitude –
are these not
tenets that you
wish to find –
that you think
are earned,
or maybe
out of reach –
is this life
not about
the realization
that You Are
All Of That –
as you remember You?

Does not your
ego play
an important role
as you experience
free will,
exercising free choice –
does it not
feel good,
feel right
when you
choose Love –
is that not
where Joy
and Peace reside –
do you not
know Gratitude
when You
Are Love –
when you
remember You?

Can you turn
your thinking
inside out –
as you let
your soul
come out
to play –
there is a balance
with body,
and spirit –
the Love
that you seek
is already
within you –
did you know
that you are all
you need
to be?
Please don’t
forget to
remember You.

You Are Joy.
You Are Peace.
You are Gratitude
as you remember Love.

You Are All
of That –
take a look
as you
remember You.