A Greater Good

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For the greater good.

Does not this phrase
pave the way,
to release,
to let Love flow,
as we have said
many times before,
does not Love know
where to go,
can you remove your expectation,
you need not do,
you need not know,
when you surrender,
turning up your Light,
do not Love and Light
know what to do –
for the greater good?

This is not giving
your power away,
does not your Power
add to the Whole –
as Light and Love
are part of Source,
of energy that flows
through All,
are you not connected
to this grid,
as you build your power
can not others feel it, too –
when you shine
your beautiful Light,
can not others see that, too,
are not Love and Light
here for All –
for the greater good?

Even as your identify
steps aside,
are you not a conduit
for this earth,
you are a bridge
playing a sacred role –
turning up your Love
and Light,
can you see the
connected glow,
that is building Strength
as You build and grow,
your Light of Love,
the Power of Source,
that is All for the
greater good?

Do not All
feel the Love,
do not All
see the Light?
Is not the greater good
and you
and you?

Step aside
and you will see,
You Are the Light
shining brightly.
Be the Love
That You Are.
You All are part,
You All Are One
with the Greater Good.


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Do not reactions
help you to see
what may be coming
up to heal,
when buttons pushed
bring out in you
a younger version,
a patterned you –
what is this familiar
and is it ready
to move on its way,
when you see it,
when you Love it,
when you have Gratitude
for what it teaches you,
might it be a human
that makes you think
you are separate
from the Whole –
can you not heal
these human wounds
with the Truth
that You Are Love?

When you shift your
perspective higher,
do you not see the
dramas played
are often acted
by little children,
who only want their
when you feel defensiveness
or when you think that
you are “right”,
might you look a little
to see what lesson
is there for you –
is not the antidote
for whatever hurt you feel,
that you are always
so very Loved?

Do children not seek comfort,
do they not want to be
no matter the temper tantrum,
do they not look to see
who sees them,
you all wish to be seen
and to know no matter
what you “do” –
There Is Love,
with no conditions,
with no hesitation –
You Are Love
and Love Is You.

Be Grateful
for the wounds
that may rise up
for you to see –
the antidote,
the answer
is to Love

Limitless You

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In the Sea of Possibility
does not each drop
of water,
carry the potential
of it to be
a drop,
or a puddle,
might it Be the entire sea –
can it not be
part of each of these
whilst being a single drop,
are there not infinite
when the water
doesn’t stop?

Where does a drop end,
where does the sea begin,
evaporation, rain
are part of this flow,
the water in the rivers,
in the lakes,
in the streams –
do not toward the ocean
they all know to go,
is it not hard
to separate water,
you can – but still you know,
it is a temporary endeavor,
all water is part
of water’s flow.

As you are made up
of water,
as you are powered
by Light,
are you not a Drop of Love
from a Source that is
so bright,
is there not a Sea of Love
that you cannot separate
you may experience
what you see here,
but are you not also there,
like a single drop of water,
you may think you
do not belong,
but as You Are Love
you are always, always

As part of the Sea of Consciousness,
you are infinite,
you are free.
As a Drop of Love
may you spread,
and Be All
You can Be.

Limitless You
swimming in the
Sea of Love.


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Can you feel Peace
running in the background
of your mind,
is it not a steady hum
that sometimes is
hard to find,
but when you quiet
the noisy static,
you need not find Peace,
it finds you –
is it not the quiet
that You Are Love
and Love Is You?

You need not perform
in order to earn it,
is Peace not here
whenever you need
to steady yourself,
to be grounded
like a deeply-rooted
Peace can be in the
tones of music,
or be felt when
chanting om,
it is a current
that runs through you,
it is when you feel
as One –
when interference
leaves you scrambled,
how do you get back
to resonance,
find the harmony
in your heart –
where there is Love
is there not peacefulness?

When out of sync
do you not look
for what brings you
back to You,
when Love brings you
back Home,
in your heart you
know what is True –
is not Peace
always there waiting,
reminding you
what you are made of –
let Peace wash over you
when you remember
You Are Love.

Guiding Love

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Is not walking down
a mountain,
often easier than
climbing up,
when you are
at the base,
at the bottom,
is it sometimes hard
to see the top,
might your view be
by rocks and boulders
in your way,
is it not sometimes
hard to navigate,
do you not work
to find a way?

But if you are on top
of the mountain,
looking out at all
to see,
from this perspective,
can you not determine
which route you can
take with ease,
is there less effort
when not working
so hard,
as in scrambling to the top,
might you stay
and enjoy this perspective,
once you arrive
and finally stop?

As you are above
can you not still see
do not both vantage points
you see,
from the top,
is it not easier
to see all that
you can Be,
from the bottom looking up,
the view may be clouded
and hard to find,
but from atop
your highest perspective,
can you not see All
perfectly fine?

Can you imagine
the top of a mountain,
when you need space
to see a different view,
do you not change your
when you zoom out
to take a look at you,
from this vantage point
might you see
a better route for you
to take,
can you help the one
that is climbing,
helping out with
the next move
you may make?

You need not work
so hard,
can you find a way
to move with ease?
Can you follow the path
within your heart,
is this not the one
with the expansive view?
Can you not see
oh so clearly,
when you see with the
Eyes of You –
from the top of the
as you look out from above –
do you not recognize
the beauty,
the Magnificence of Love?

As above,
so below.
You Are All
that you wish to see.
Let Love be your Guide.
and Believe.

Being Strength

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How does Strength feel?

Is it not assured
as it is firm,
but it need not be grandiose,
is Strength not quiet
in its energy,
but does it not permeate
like metal that gives
an object structure,
steely in its persistence,
is it not Strength
that keeps you standing,
when you may buckle
or sometimes fall,
is it not strength
that helps you up,
to keep you walking
through it all?

Does Strength not keep
momentum going,
when you are not sure
what may happen next –
is there not resolve
when Strength is behind you,
coursing through you,
cheering you on,
when you look with
some amazement
at how you got from
there to here,
what is the essence
that moved you forward,
is it not Strength
that is always there?

Call upon your Strength
and Courage,
they are ready at
the fore,
does fear not give you
to feel Strength
at your core,
with Love at your center,
with Strength opening
all closed doors,
can you not sense
what you are made of –
You Are Strength
and You Are Love.

With Humility,
with Gratitude,
let your Strength
see you through.
You have all
you need
within you –
Trust in Love
as Love Is You.

Bask in Love

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Bask in Love.

As Love is in every
can you wrap yourself
in it,
like a favorite blanket
that is soft
and worn from the Love
it has held within it,
are you not comforted
and warm –
bask in Love.

As You Are Love’s
once the doors of
Love open,
does your heart
not keep it flowing,
what to do with
all this Love –
do you not sense that
you must share it,
send Love.

Does Love not Light up
all connections
that you may know –
some you may not,
are you not part
of a greater grid,
does Love not help
connect the dots,
once Love is spilling
out of you
as you bask
in its loving glow,
you need not know
where to send it –
just Be Love
and let it go.

As all turn up
Loving Lights,
can you not feel
Love’s energy,
as You Are part
of a connected web,
do you not feel Love
that is shared,
when you bask in
the Light of Love,
are you not One
with the Light of All –
Be Love.

Sense Love.
Be Love.
Light up the grid
with Love,
as you sit with
and bask in Love.