A Little Help

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“I get by with a little help
from my friends.”

You have friends
old and new –
do not some arrive
when you need
them most?
Are there not
friends from
a long storied past,
who know you well
and love you still,
as the experiences
you have shared
would fill a book –
are there not
friends who are
family to you?

Do you not share
certain experiences
with certain friends –
some who may
enter into your life
for a specific event,
who drop in
for a reason,
you may not
even know why,
but is there not
help you are giving,
or need to receive,
from a friend
who is there
when you need
them most?

Yes, there are friends
who have taught
you wonderful lessons –
friends who you
no longer see
eye to eye –
have they not
brought you along
to where you are
right now –
is there not Gratitude
you feel
for the experiences
you have shared –
can you not
thank them
from your heart –
have they not fulfilled
what you wished
to learn?

Are not friends
about relationship,
do you not learn
from how you relate –
are they not mirrors
to help you
Who You Are –
are there not those
you have known
for eternity,
for all time,
do they not arrive
at the perfect time –
“There you are!”
you say –
can you not
do more than
“get by”
with a little help
from your friends?

Sometimes it is
when you are
that a friend
is there for you –
do you not need
to ask for help –
does it not
help someone
feel good
when they are
needed, too?

There is a giving
and receiving
that you experience
with friends –
as you give help,
as you receive,
do you not experience
Love and Gratitude –
are you not there
when they need you,
are they not there for you?
Do you not
experience Love
with a little help
from your friends?

Be a friend.
Thank a friend.
Be Grateful.
Be Love.
Be There.
You Are
in this together
for a reason –
for Love.

Be Surprised



Do you not sometimes
surprise yourself?
And is thisĀ 
not usually
a pleasant surprise?

Does a surprise not
happen when
you are expecting
a different outcome,
but does not
something happen
in spite of yourself
that surprises
even you?

And which “you”
is the one
who is surprised?
Is it not the ego,
who sets the guidelines,
the rules to follow,
the procedure to take
to insure things
will happen
how they are “supposed”
to be?

Is it not ego
that will be surprised
when you do things
in a different way,
or an outcome happens
when you least
expect it,
getting “surprising” results –
is not ego surprised
that you did not
follow the usual
or typical way?

There is an
that ego feels
when you enter a state
of not knowing
all of the “hows”,
for is not ego
an expert planner –
and does not
ego resist
when you wish to let go
to let things happen
and fall into place?

Does ego not
grudgingly acknowledge
that some things happen
for a greater good –
somehow an outcome
that you did not expect
makes you pleasantly

Can you get
more comfortable
in the place
of not setting limits,
not holding yourself back –
let ego manage
what ego is good at,
as you expand
your possibilities
beyond the horizon
of what you can see –
can you accept
what will happen,
can you let yourself
be surprised?

Can you play
with imagination,
can you enter into
a state of allowance,
do not some surprises
exceed your expectations,
is it not Humility
that you feel
when you are part
of a greater flow?

No surprise –
That You Are Love.

Welcome Change

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The greening of Spring.

You have experienced
spring many times –
it is not new,
would you not
think that it
would lose its
as the waves
of green
fill in the trees,
but do you
not still marvel
at the miracle of
the greening of Spring?

You know spring
is coming,
as it gives
many hints,
but when the
air grows warm
and the tree’s
leaves explode,
filling in the gaps
of sparse, brown limbs –
there is a fullness,
a richness that you feel
when you experience
the greening of Spring.

Is it not like greeting
a familiar friend –
as you welcome back
the blooms,
the birds
that arrive with spring –
is it the absence
of this beauty,
during the winter months,
that makes you appreciate
the greening of Spring?

There is something
special about transition,
when you notice change –
that makes you look
with new eyes,
that helps you notice
where you have been –
were you not
just experiencing winter,
but now the landscape
is so new –
is this why you love
the changes,
the greening of Spring?

Are you not
as you learn
every day –
is there not something
new with change,
even if it changes
in a familiar way –
is it not Gratitude
that you feel,
when you notice
what is new –
might you be grateful
when change occurs –
like the beautiful,
greening of Spring?

There is a familiarity
to evolving change –
are you not usually
ready for it to come?
Even at the end
of summer,
is it not fall leaves
you wish to see –
you are used
to transitions –
you move with
the cycles
of the earth –
can you embrace
the growth
of your ever-changing
experience –
with the Gratitude you feel
with the greening of Spring?

Can you welcome change
that comes your way,
nurturing new growth
that blossoms
within You –
it may look different,
but is it not familiar, too?
Can you spread
and grow –
like the greening of Spring?

the ever-changing,

Trust Love

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Trust Love.

A simple statement
in these two words,
but does it
not say all
you need –
could you not
use it as
a guiding Light?
Trust Love.

Is trust
not moving
beyond belief –
is it not a
that All Is Well –
can you believe
that Love
Is All
There Is?
Trust Love.

Can you let
feel Love Divine –
You Are worthy,
You Are Loved.
Might you
let Love
heal all wounds?
Trust Love.

You are amazing,
You are kind,
You are a
beautiful child
of God,
of Source,
of the Divine –
as You Are Love
at your very Be-ing,
can you feel that
You Are Love?
Trust Love.

Have you not had
with Pure Love –
be it with a child,
or a soulmate dear,
a pet who touches
your heart,
when you open
your heart and Love –
to eternity,
with no end –
do you not
get a glimpse
of Love
that knows
no boundaries
and is always there?
Trust Love.

Do you know,
can you believe –
You Are
an expression
of Love Divine –
open your heart
to the Love
That You Are –
Trust Love.


As Above . . .

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Push the button.
Take the elevator
to the top.

Would this not
be an analogy
you might use,
to visualize
rising “up”
to a place,
to a different perspective,
to a higher
vantage point –
to your Higher Self?

And once
at the “top”,
do you not
remove yourself
from the hustle
and the bustle,
giving you time
to think,
to reflect,
to absorb
what’s been
going on
“down” below?

And we use
above and below
as examples
of different states
of be-ing,
of your awareness –
for is not
your Higher Self
with you
all the time?

But in the
day to day
of life
and its distractions,
the work,
the play
that you experience –
the learning
that takes place,
does not your
take over
to get you
through the day,
or so you think?

Is not your
Higher Self
always there –
you think
assisting from
the sidelines,
for is it not
difficult to see
the bigger picture
when you are
in the day to day
down on the street –
until you push
the button to
see the view
from the top?

Might your Higher Self
be the One
who is directing you
here or there –
does not inspiration
feel as if it is
dropped in from above?

Even if you
are not aware
of the view
from above –
as you are
always connected
to All That Is –
there is not
a separate place
to go –
you cannot separate
yourself from Love –
but does it not
help to see the Truth
of Who You Are –
do you not
sometimes need
to push the button
to get to the top –
to see the view
from a different place,
to be aware
there is more
to You
than meets
the eye?

Might you push
the button often
throughout your
day to day –
can you raise
your awareness
to the Love
That You Are –
to the Love
that Always Is –
All of You,
not on separate floors
that you must
travel to –
might you be aware
and integrate
All of You
at all times
to Be the
Love That You Are?

Push the button
to remind yourself
that You Are Love,
then realize
you need not
go anywhere
to find the Love
that is always
within you.

You Are Here.
You Are Home.
You Are Love.


Let Love Heal

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Where does it hurt?

Is not pain
often used
as an indicator –
to lead,
to point,
to what is hurting,
to what wishes
to be healed
and sometimes –
there is a source
that can be found,
that can be fixed –
a splinter removed,
a scrape that needs
a broken bone
that given a chance
will heal
and often will
grow back
even stronger –
does not the body
do an amazing job
to try to heal

But as pain
is an indicator,
good at getting
your attention –
yes, there is pain
that does not
go away quickly
with a bandaid,
or medication,
it may not
be tied
to a physical symptom,
you may even know
the source of your pain,
but are there not
things that you
cannot change –
the reason
that you believe
you are in pain –
where does it hurt?

And if you
cannot go back
in time
to change,
to fix,
what you wish
to heal –
are you not
an amazing
regenerating body,
with the Love
of All That Is
within your soul –
do you not
really need
to know –
where does it hurt?

Can you accept
the healing balm
of Love
that is always there –
might the healing
Force of Love
not only heal
but allow you
to grow even stronger –
do you not turn
to Love
to turn away
from the pain?
Can you transmute
the pain
so that it
can show you
more Love –
where does it hurt?

Are you not able
to recognize pain
in someone else –
does not the
understanding of pain
bring compassion,
bring more Love –
if pain is an
getting your attention,
bringing up opportunities
to be healed –
to open and accept
the healing balm
of Love –
might you
embrace pain
and as you
love the pain, too –
do you not
open up to the
healing properties
of Love –
where does it hurt?

As hurt
and pain
cry out
for relief –
can you let
Love in
to soothe,
to heal,
to show
that You Are Loved?

Let Love heal,
let Love embrace
the pain,
the hurt,
there is nothing
Love cannot do –
where there is hurt,
where there is pain,
There Is Love.

Serving Love

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To be of service.

To serve,
to give,
to help,
to believe
in something
that is outside of you
and your daily needs –
does it not
feel good
to be of service
to others?

And are there not
a plethora of ways
to serve –
be it in
the military,
with community,
performing any
civic duty,
you may be paid
or volunteer –
any way that
you can help
to be of service
to someone,
something outside
of yourself?

Is there not
a sense,
even a need
to extend a hand,
to help someone,
to be of service,
to do “good”,
does it not
make you feel
good as well?

Is serving
not extending
a part of
yourself –
saying yes,
“I am here
to serve you?”

But is serving
not reciprocal –
is there not
that you feel –
when you help
someone does it
not help you, too?

Might you be
serving the Love
that flows through
each of you –
as you are
an extension
of the Love
of All That Is –
as you extend
service to another,
are you not
also serving Source?

Is not being
of service
an act of surrender
that serves
a greater good –
is there anything
greater than the
Love of the Divine?
Is this not
the Love
that also flows
through You?

So when providing
an act of service –
are you not
honoring the Love
That You Are –
yes, you extend yourself,
but do you
not receive
what you so
freely give?

As you serve Spirit,
the Love of All That Is –
does not surrender
to this Love
let you Be
the Love That You Are –
are not All served
even when
you serve

To Be of service
is to Be Love.
Serve Spirit.
Serve Love.
In all ways,