Wings of Love

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A bird glides
in the air –
does it not
look like magic,
do you not long
to do the same –
to feel as if
floating on the air,
able to turn and soar,
into whatever direction
you wish to fly,
does not flying
give you a sense
of freedom –
is it of movement,
or the freedom
to move effortlessly
where you wish
to go?

But is there not
more that goes on,
with currents that lift
this winged marvel,
does bird not know
how to flow
with the air,
letting it lift,
as bird makes
only slight adjustments
to continue gliding –
until it is time
to use wings
that help bird
continue to fly?

And though you do not
have wings that fly,
do you not sense
a flow that guides you –
are there not times
when you can glide,
as the Flow of Love
lifts you up –
then are there not times
when you need
to reposition,
to make adjustments,
to find this flow?

Can you not visualize flying
like the bird –
with wings outstretched,
or by your side –
do you not have
beautiful Wings of Love
ready to lift you,
to help you fly?

You believe
that wings are magic,
do you not watch
birds and butterflies,
they know how to
catch the current,
when to use their wings,
and when to glide.

There is a Flow of Love
that surrounds you,
ready to lift you,
to help you glide –
when you are
ready to spread your
Wings of Love,
will Love not lift you,
so you may fly?

Can you flow in
the Current of Love,
it may feel effortless,
it may be hard –
but you have
all you need,
to navigate,
to be a part of
this unseen flow –
can you not adjust,
letting love reposition you,
to glide in this
Stream of Love?

Spread your
Wings of Love –
can you not sense
the Power That
You Are –
the Power that
helps you to let go,
to feel the Strength
within you take
You to where
You Are One
with Love?

Flow with Love.
Glide with Love.
Fly with Love.

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Hi, my name is Sandy. Welcome to You Are Love Now! On my journey of Awakening, in meditation, I was nudged to begin writing what was coming through my consciousness, from my Higher Self and beyond. This happens almost daily and I have been encouraged by those who read these inspired messages to share them with a wider audience. These messages come through me, but they are received from a Higher Source than what my mind could create on its own. I present these Poems of Awakening to you, dear soul, as we travel this spiritual journey together. And the message that I always feel from these writings? You Are Love Now. Perfect. Whole. And always so very loved. If these messages speak to you, I invite you to follow this blog so you may receive the ongoing messages as they are posted.

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