Simply Love

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There are pages written
about Divine Love,
as language tries
to capture
this Sacred Space –
would it not
take an infinite
number of words,
would words be able
to express
the Love
in your heart?

Is that not why
there are pictures drawn,
or paint that
spreads across
canvas blank,
all to tell a story,
to bring to life,
to touch a heart –
to interpret Love?

Do not the sky,
the sun,
the clouds,
the night-time stars,
paint a picture
for you to see –
do you not gaze up
with a heart of Love
to see the wonder,
the beauty that shines
down on you
and surrounding you
with the Magic of Love?

Yes, there
myriad ways
to express Love –
do they not reflect
what is felt
within the heart –
it is human nature
to try to
“get it right” –
can you relax
in the knowing
that Love Is There –
even if you cannot
explain it,
draw or paint it,
to see its Light?

Can Love not express
itself –
in fact,
are you not a perfect
Conduit of Love –
does Love not reside
within your heart,
even as you try
to write Love down,
is it not enough
to simply Be Love?

Yes, there are ways
to spark this Love,
that help to remind you
Who You Are,
but you need not create
What Love Is –
is not a perfect creation
of Love, You?

You Are the beauty
that you seek.
You Are the magnificence
that you wish to capture.
As human, you will always
try to paint this picture –
as Spirit You Are always
the perfect expression
of Love.

Be Love.
Express Love.
Be You to
Know Love.
Simply Love.
Simply You.

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Hi, my name is Sandy. Welcome to You Are Love Now! On my journey of Awakening, in meditation, I was nudged to begin writing what was coming through my consciousness, from my Higher Self and beyond. This happens almost daily and I have been encouraged by those who read these inspired messages to share them with a wider audience. These messages come through me, but they are received from a Higher Source than what my mind could create on its own. I present these Poems of Awakening to you, dear soul, as we travel this spiritual journey together. And the message that I always feel from these writings? You Are Love Now. Perfect. Whole. And always so very loved. If these messages speak to you, I invite you to follow this blog so you may receive the ongoing messages as they are posted.

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