Peaceful and Still

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Though winds of change
may swirl around you,
are you not One
and the same,
you may create
different scenarios,
but your Essence
of Love
remains unchanged.

Your human will
is strong and
and serves you well
in a changing world,
but in the changeless
eternal Reality,
do you not hear
Love’s constant

Peaceful and still
describe Love’s
though Strength
and Courage are
to be found Here,
may Humility provide
the foundation,
for you to stand
with Love Everywhere.

May you be the calm
within the storm,
does not the Center
of You remain unmoved,
anchor to your
soul awareness,
as you ride out
wherever your experience
takes you.

No-thing can change
the changeless,
may you know
without a doubt,
You Are the constant
beat of Love,
You Are Peace
and still,


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You may feel limited
in form,
but are you not
limitless and free,
might imagination
be the magic carpet,
that takes you anywhere
you wish to Be?

This is not a flight
of fancy,
does not your soul
know how to
let your soul
on wings of Love,
demonstrate to you,
you are so much more.

Instead of perceiving
is this not a time
to open doors,
reprogram how you
used to do things,
outside of your box,
may you then soar!

You are the master
of your experience,
what do you wish
to create today,
your soul is a willing
explore together
and be open to play.

Your eyes may see
a certain picture,
but your Vision knows
so much more,
be open to all
possibility –
body, mind
and soul,
as Joy,

Love’s Soft Glow

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Do not fear the
does not the moon
light up the night,
sometimes you need
a little quiet,
to see what comes
into your sight.

Is this not an
to sit and hold
a part of you,
invite All of You
into this Wholeness,
All of Us
will see this through.

Let Love comfort you
in this moment,
holding you so close,
so near,
sometimes when you
feel most vulnerable,
Love reminds
you are so loved,

Sit with Love in
Light or darkness,
your heart generates
Love’s soft glow,
Here is Love,
forever –
dear one,
You Are Love
and you are loved,

Gratitude’s Gift

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May Gratitude
be the Gift,
that beams its Light
through denser air,
may it shine on
simple Truth,
that dispels
worry, doubt
or fear.

This Gift may come
or in each prayerful
breath you take,
as You Are a
Gift of Love,
are you not
a blessing of Love,

Allow Gratitude to
transform all energy
to its core,
your very essence
is always Love,
you hold the Gift
you have been
waiting for.

May Gratitude’s Gift
and ground you to
this simple Truth,
as you give and
receive Love,
You Are the Gift
of Gratitude!

One Voice

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We are the Voice
that whispers softly,
yet we often speak
both loud and
the static, noise
within your head,
may sometimes make
us hard to hear.

Yes, the voice you
call your own
cannot be separate
from Love,
does not the Truth
of All That Is,
rise up within
and not from above?

You are always tuned
in to this vibration,
yes, static certainly
can interfere,
but as you focus
your attention,
do you not lovingly
feel us draw near?

You imagined you
were separate,
but is it not a
relief to know
the Truth,
We Are One,
blended perfectly
in Love’s masterfully
seasoned soup.

You, we, or me
are worldly constructs,
One Voice,
One Mind,
is All There Is,
One Voice speaks
eternally for Love,
All hearts rejoice
in All of This!

A Bridge Across Forever

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Let us walk
the bridge
across forever,
where you and
I may always
my hand,
your hand,
always together,
forever as
we will always

Our souls are
eternally connected,
Love has created
this eternal bond,
as close as
perfect harmony,
blending together
in Love’s angelic

With no beginning,
with no end,
be it heaven
or earth,
do we not
I am in every
breath you take,
we share as
always Whole,

Let us Be
the bridge
across forever,
this is not a
place that
is far away,
let us Be
This Love,
this moment,
knowing Love
is always Here
to stay.

I Am, You

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I Am
before time
started ticking,
I Am
beyond the horizon
in your view,
time or space
does not affect
the sacred Truth
that I Am,

You may change
the path you take,
you may change
the clothes you
identity is temporary,
but I Am
always is

Life may show up
life may turn you
upside down,
at your core
you have all you
Love is Who You Are
and always surrounds.

Look into the mirror
look beyond
your exterior view,
Here You Are –
changeless and
I Am This
I Am You.

A Common Connection

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Let Love be the
common language
that all aspects of
you understands,
does Love not smooth
out any disruption,
does Love not connect
any perceived
loose ends?

You may think you
have many hats
you wear,
but are not all
your experience
of Love,
Love is the foundation
of all expression,
even when a part
of you feels
stuck in the mud.

Let Love flow throughout
your experiences,
let Love be the common
connecting thread,
Love is the super-
conducting platform,
that helps you untangle
all of the wiring in
your head.

Integration is a
simple surrender,
allowing Love to do
what Love does best,
with Gratitude,
Joy and wonder,
answer Love’s
with a resounding

Checking In

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Check in.

Allow your breath
to help you discover,
where constriction
may slow
the flow,
you need not
race to points
check with breath
before you “go”.

Is not your body
part of this flow,
from cellular
to your fingers
and toes,
let breath assure
that all is well,
check in with body,
mind and soul.

For every rise in
when information,
disrupts your peace,
your breath is
key in connecting
the Whole of You,
from atom to Source,
You Are One
and One is You.

Check in with Love,
Love breathes you
to let you know,
the Whole of You
is One with Love,
You Are Loved so!

A Remembrance of Love

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You may wonder why
you seek connection,
of course it is easy
with loved ones dear,
but socially are you
not wired,
to interact with others

Now physical distance
does not matter,
your technology
draws others close,
you find you can dance
with those most
like you,
some trigger emotions
that you wish to

Yet every connection
has its purpose,
are all not mirrors
of aspects of you,
in this Web of Life
are you not always
even as you wonder
who is who?

You may still compartmentalize
and label,
in this opportunity
of equality,
yet is there not a connecting
thread you call
is this not when Love
flows unconditionally?

You need not understand
why you seek
it is the Remembrance
of Love you know,
accept your beloved
brothers and sisters,
as you link hearts and
walk each other
lovingly Home.