A Gift of Gratitude


How does Gratitude 
feel today?

A warming cup,
the song of birds,
welcoming in the 
sun at dawn,
thanking body 
for its teamwork,
invite Gratitude 
in today.

A nice clean slate,
begin This moment,
sharing Love within,
may inclusion 
end separation,
Gratitude helps 
to pave the way.

How might Gratitude
help you create,
it is powerful in 
its scope,
what might you wish 
to transform, transmute – 
Gratitude is Here 
to show the way.

How does Gratitude
feel today?
Tune into this 
healing balm,
mix Love’s patience 
and compassion
with Gratitude – 
Love’s Gift today.


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Hi, my name is Sandy. Welcome to You Are Love Now! On my journey of Awakening, in meditation, I was nudged to begin writing what was coming through my consciousness, from my Higher Self and beyond. This happens almost daily and I have been encouraged by those who read these inspired messages to share them with a wider audience. These messages come through me, but they are received from a Higher Source than what my mind could create on its own. I present these Poems of Awakening to you, dear soul, as we travel this spiritual journey together. And the message that I always feel from these writings? You Are Love Now. Perfect. Whole. And always so very loved. If these messages speak to you, I invite you to follow this blog so you may receive the ongoing messages as they are posted.

4 thoughts on “A Gift of Gratitude”

  1. The summer of 2013 I would wake up every morning just bursting with gratitude. I felt it so deeply from the depths of my being – from my soul to my toes. This was one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life. And I wasn’t even keeping a gratitude journal or deliberately focusing on practicing gratitude. It just showed up with a blast, but it didn’t last. I’m not sure how it left, or how to get it back.
    Evidently, as the poem says, by Love’s strength. Thank you. Because this reminds me that i don’t have to rely on myself alone for anything. I can ask for help. Co-creating is the only creation anyway. And that’s gratitude.

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