The Integrated You


Find the sweet spot,
here is balance,
as you wrestle with 
yes, you as human
make decisions,
but you are also 
an integrated soul.

There is no one or
the other,
but who has control 
of the reins?
Your letting go may 
have you frightened,
your human self 
wants to control 

Your soul is not
off in the distance,
it is at Home as 
the root of You,
as your ego takes 
a back seat,
Love navigates this
vessel of you.

You need not take on
all of the burdens
that ego wishes 
for you to hold,
extend your hands
palms up,
ask what shall we 
experience today,
dear soul?

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Hi, my name is Sandy. Welcome to You Are Love Now! On my journey of Awakening, in meditation, I was nudged to begin writing what was coming through my consciousness, from my Higher Self and beyond. This happens almost daily and I have been encouraged by those who read these inspired messages to share them with a wider audience. These messages come through me, but they are received from a Higher Source than what my mind could create on its own. I present these Poems of Awakening to you, dear soul, as we travel this spiritual journey together. And the message that I always feel from these writings? You Are Love Now. Perfect. Whole. And always so very loved. If these messages speak to you, I invite you to follow this blog so you may receive the ongoing messages as they are posted.

6 thoughts on “The Integrated You”

  1. “extend your hands
    palms up,
    ask what shall we
    experience today,
    dear soul?”

    Easy peasy!!

    Thanks S and S for the reminders of how simple it is!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈

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  2. I love this image of palms up, receiving, and on the same token, giving. I think this, not only as I perceive receiving and giving as the same, but because human hands are unique in that they have chakras and are capable of conducting healing energy, ie: Reiki for instance.
    I like to hold gemstones to activate my palms, their chakras, for Reiki and meditation. This a new thing for me in the last year and I’ve found it to open communication channels with my soul Self and other being of light.
    As mornings are difficult for me emotionally, seeing this image in the poem is comforting, and a reminder of what myself and Self already knows and experiences together at times. I “need” these reminders now, so thank you, Sandy, for sharing.

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