Beyond Words


Question your thoughts.
Do they not
only know
how to talk 
“about” you?

Now, listen to You.
Is this not a feeling,
a sense,
something you breathe 
lean into,
are there usually 
no words,
but a knowing,
a feeling, 
that This Is You?

Yes as human,
you wish to 
understand You –
and words,
even thoughts 
are ways to 
define you.

But you are 
so much more 
than a definition
that can be placed 
in a box,
with a label,
a description,
yes, the human mind 
wishes for structure –
and is there not 
a beautiful structure
to the miracle 
of You?

You may love words,
the language of 
this existence,
there is much beauty 
in what they can 

But you are beyond 
or thoughts,
your Spark of Light
invites you to 
dance and play.

This freedom 
Is Love,
your Essence 
Is your heart,
your Truth,
your soul 
knows All 
of This – 
Here You Are,
magnificent You!

A Loving Answer


From the human perspective
you may ask why,
wishing to understand 
the cause, effect,
is it not tempting 
to look back,
in order to predict 
what has not happened

Here is a simpler,
natural process,
though it may not 
make complete sense
to you,
accept, allow this 
present moment,
let Love’s forgiveness 
wash over you.

With no judgment,
guilt or blame,
Love flows freely
without, within,
there is release 
in this surrender – 
Love assures 
there is nothing 
to forgive.

Soak up now 
this loving promise,
sense your heart 
complete and whole,
here is the answer 
you have been asking,
You Are Loved so!

A Masterpiece of Love


You may not see 
the bigger picture,
from your perspective 
as the painted scene,
but as You Are 
the creative Artist,
are you not always 
able to create again?

Beauty is in the eyes 
of the beholder,
might you have faith
and trust in the 
Eyes of Love,
accept, allow – 
you need not struggle 
what bubbles up 
to be let go of.

As creative art 
are you not constantly 
to Love’s perfect 
allow All to see 
your outside beauty,
as it reflects eternal 
Love inside.

You are not an 
isolated portrait,
you are All colors 
in this Palette of Love,
mix, blend and 
play with All of 
Love’s Creation,
the Masterpiece of You 
is a miracle of 



Unfoldment is eternal,
there are no limits
to you,
this need not mean 
you look to future,
All is happening
at once,
as You.

Evolution is not always
there may be no 
beginning, during 
or end,
yet layers continue 
as you experience 
in time, 

Do not place limits
on your unfoldment,
as you open to 
All That Is,
All of Love 
is All of You,
inviting you to see 
You Are 
All of This!

Becoming Peace


Peace becomes you.
You Are Peace.

Take a moment,
step away,
from what your 
thoughts are trying 
to say,
feel this deeply,
You Are This – 
Peace becomes you,
You Are Peace.

Between the gaps 
of space and time,
Peace does not follow
a linear line,
there – that moment,
Here – with you,
Peace becomes you,
You Are Peace.

A relieving breath,
a surrendering sigh,
a reassurance that 
everything is alright,
in this moment,
with your sacred soul,
Peace becomes you,
You Are Peace.

Glorious You


With Gratitude,
may you receive,
with Love,
may you give –
such is the 
Cycle of Love.

Be Love’s vessel
in this Cycle,
with no outcome 
to expect –
Be Here in this 
sacred Flow of

With Humility,
shine your Light,
as you give 
do you not
receive –
behold this is 
standing with Love.

May Peace 
be the harmony
that resonates 
through the Whole 
of You –
Here You Are,
Love’s perfect 
expression of 
glorious You!

With Loving Grace


Be Love’s purpose 
where you are.

Does Love not connect 
the Whole of You?

Yes, the body 
may feel at times,
that it is struggling 
its purpose to find,
as you rejoin as 
One with Love,
do not all parts 
of you,

Allow the body 
to help you sense,
where flow has been 
bottled up – 
ready to dispense,
with Love, with Faith
might you lovingly
transmuting all 
that is asking 
for Grace and Ease.

Your purpose is 
all Love 
that is You,
may loving Grace 
lovingly remind
that Love’s miracle 
is You!



The flowing water 
that creates river,
it does not think about 
where it goes,
there may be places 
where it’s redirected,
but water carries on 
with the flow.

Water and rock 
make up this river,
rock does not impede 
or stop water’s flow,
is there not beauty
that is created,
where water flows,
where it needs 
to go.

There are no judgments 
made or comparisons
rock and water are 
when friction gives way
to this flow,
is there not creation 
in space and time?

You may resist 
even your resistance, 
but is this not 
opportunity for you,
to sculpt, create 
a new path forming,
where friction and 
surrender wishes 
to take you.

You are of water,
wholly and Holy,
with unlimited Strength
that flows always 
in you,
tap into your eternal 
Life Force,
Love’s constant flow 
is the Love 
in You.

No Other


See each other 
as no other,
with the Eyes of Love,
might you then 
truly see?

You may think 
you need to 
look beyond,
letting go of judgments,
of what is right 
or wrong,
but is not True Vision 
looking deeper within,
seeing All as Whole 
with no beginning 
or end?

Begin with Love 
is This not your 
flowing like water 
is your eternal 
Life Force,
the world you see 
is made up of 
the Truth of You 
is not what your 
mind thinks. 

Let your heart 
join with sisters,
brothers Here,
You Are Home 
as Love is 
beyond belief 
is You,
at your core,
unite with 
All Creation 
of Source.

This Prayer of Love


Blessed Be,
beloved child,
You Are Loved 
as You Are Home,
lay down your 
Love is with you,
come and rest 
your weary 

Here is quiet, 
Here is Peace,
Here is Love 
always with you
All you Love 
here in your heart,
are ever-present
and always near.

This Prayer of Love 
is yours forever,
Blessed Be,
Beloved Child,
you are cradled 
in Love’s sweet arms,
let Peace and Love 
carry you awhile.