A Loving Trust

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What is Trust?

Is Trust not more
than a wished for
or assurances to
be made,
is Trust not knowing
what you are made of,
All of This,
that is You,

Is Trust not the
union of your
heart beating,
with the rhythm
of All That Is
Trust is your
eternal nature,
beyond the stars
that shine above.

Trust Is Love
that flows through you,
you need not ask
for it to come,
Trust is You,
blessed child of
always safe
and forever Home.

You may think Trust
is a bridge
that takes you
to where you may
not be right now –
dear child,
Trust is the sweet
Here You Are
as Love,

Love’s Rainbow

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Love all sides
of you.

As you have earthly
do not all mirrors
look back at you,
you are a spectrum
as each reflection,
Love and accept
all sides of you.

Emotion is made up
of many colors,
does not color
appear in Light,
You Are a rainbow
as Love’s Expression,
Love and accept
all sides of you.

Marvel at the many
but are they not created
from One Light,
life is the canvas,
Love is the Artist,
Love and accept
the All of you.

Create and play with
many colors,
your palette is yours
to mix and match,
see beauty through the
eyes of the Beholder,
Love and Rejoice
the Whole of You!

Knowing Awareness

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Is there an awareness
to knowing?
Is there not Peace
in what You know?

Your human mind
may understand
what it thinks it
sees or feels,
but as pure awareness –
your heart knows.

You may feel friction,
bumping up against
what you should or
should not do,
may you be guided
without decision –
your heart knows.

Deep down inside
there is awareness,
it need not be
questioned or analyzed,
Here is unity,
your soul’s expression,
your heart,
with Love –
forever knows.


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Let spirit guide you
this is your soul
that wishes to
you may listen with
your heart,
you may resist
where Love may

There is no secret
that is kept from
All of Truth is
always present
no matter what
your story tells
your soul sees Love

Your angels, guides
and loved ones
are ever-present
in Love’s connectedness,
your soul is woven
through it All,
You Are part of
All of This.

The Voice of Love
may whisper,
or at times it
may be quite strong,
this is Love gently
You Are always Home
where you belong.


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Wrap your self in
Love’s sweet blanket,
set the intention
to receive this
you may think that
Love is distant,
as you sense struggle
in time and space.

This well-spring of Love
is forever flowing,
it invites you to
know this Truth,
there is no-thing
that can stop this
receive and let Love
shower you.

Let go of what you
may resist,
reach out and accept
Love’s eternal hand,
you already are
One Love is how
this life began.

No matter what is
the matter,
rejoice in Love’s
forever Truth,
You Are Love’s
magnificent expression,
you are so Loved
as Love Is You!


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The sun rises. . .
in your perception,
though does the sun
not ever set?
Yes, rays of sun
bring hope to day,
but you as Light
never forget.

You are eternally
a new day dawning,
the Light of Love
showing you the way,
as Love’s creation
may you shine brightly,
creating this moment
with Love, always.

Be graced with Love
as you receive,
what you so lovingly
give as You,
let this Light of Love
with eternal Peace,
gently surround
and cradle you.


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From the ego’s
the path ahead
is often filled
with fear,
watch out for that,
be careful there,
keep yourself hidden
so things do not
come near.

Ego does not like
new beginnings,
when you may upset
the apple cart,
but are you not free
to pick and choose,
as you create
with your heart?

From your human sight
you may not see
what are next steps
to take and how,
but as you create
your steps with Love,
might you illuminate
your journey somehow?

Faith is Here
on a road less travelled,
Love is in every
step you take,
let This Light
illuminate all fear,
so you may walk
with Courage
and not feel afraid.

You Are Here
as Love’s sweet
expand with this,
let your constrictions
let your loving Light
show you the way,
in This Light of
yes, You Are Free!


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Even as change
happens around
you as You
remains unchanged.

Yes, you sense
growth and evolution
on the linear path
you walk,
as you experience
time and space,
it may be a challenge
to understand it all.

You identify
with situations
or in relationships
you make,
but it is in your
with Love,
that your experiences
you create.

As Love has no
as it is the
ultimate Truth,
the changeless part
of You,
is simply Love
through and

So step into any
let relationship
bring experience
to you,
what is constant,
ever-lasting –
Love Is Here
Here Are You!

This Dance

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Might you accept
Love’s hand before
that invites you
to This Dance,
a Dance of Life,
This Dance of
might you accept
and take a chance?

You may not know
which way to turn,
or what steps next
to take,
is there not wonder
in this learning,
as you allow Love
to show the way?

A new dance you
may learn,
but Love is always
Here with you,
hand in hand
you dance together,
let Love lead,
Love will see you

This Dance of Love
is ever-lasting
and when you find
it hard to move,
let Love lift you
with gentle Grace,
Love will always
carry you.

Trust the music of
This Dance,
its rhythm beats
within your heart,
as you accept
the Hand of Love,
know All Is Well
as the Love You Are!

The Strength of You

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Let Love hold you
very gently,
let Love melt
the walls you
Here with Love
you are protected,
there is no hole
that Love can’t

When you reach
for external promise,
yes, there are times
it may come back
but at your Source
Love is never-ending,
no matter the story
you signed up to be.

Finding You need
not be a struggle,
though you sense
your Courage and
you need not fight
an internal battle,
it is only a reaction
of what you think.

The Strength of You
is Love’s pure knowing,
as you stand tall
as the Love You Are,
you are surrounded
by This Love,
you shine as bright
as the brightest

Your heart already
leads the way,
your intuition
knows this is True,
yes, embrace your
Strength and Courage
and believe This
that flows always
through you!