A Season of Love

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Through every season
in every cycle,
Love Is Here.

As you see beginnings
and therefore endings,
you ask, can Love
truly be Everywhere?

blessed Child
of Love,
You Are This
This Is You –
Love is
Who You Are,
before this life
and never through.

Be Love,
Be comfort,
to All you Love,
passing through –
the seasons may
be changing,
but Love is
always, forever,
with You.

Precious One

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No matter the path
you make,
fast or slow
or which direction
you take,
all roads lead
to You,
and Here Is Love.

Your mind may be
filled with chatter,
you may grow weary
of ego’s banter,
but is it not You
that is listening to you?
And Here Is Love.

Awareness may fluctuate,
come and go,
you may at times remember
and then, not know,
let your heart,
your breath
bring you to You –
and Here Is Love.

Precious One,
You Are so Loved,
Love Is You,
not far away or above,
your Light shines
and you are held
so tenderly,
All Is Well
as You Are Love.


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Begin anew.

Let each breath you take
celebrate the
Eternal You.

May Now contain your
limitless palette
and may This Breath
be your blank page,
are you not in this
Moment of Creation,
what do you wish
to create today?

Begin, again
and repeat the
whole day through –
the ripples of All
You Love,
will return a thousand-fold
always to you.

When you create in
this vibration,
are you not eternally creating
the Essence of You –
and as Love is
your Eternal Nature,
is not every moment
beginning anew?

Celebrate You.
You arise each moment
of every day,
breathe in this sacred
moment of Love,
yes, Love arises
within You,


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Let Love be your
be your touchstone
when you roam,
no matter your earthly
are you not always,
always Home?

Love is the Eternal
that gives life
to All You Are,
and when you harmonize
is this not the music
of the stars?

There is Love in all
you do,
there can Be no other
find the current of Love
that exists in everything,

Let Love be your guide,
tuning in to your
Love Song,
Love is all around You,
Here with Love
is where you belong.


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You cannot set limits
on Love.

So, as You Are Love,
why set limits
on You?

As Love is the Creative
behind everything
you are,
does Love not have a
limitless reach,
far beyond the farthest

Might you let go
of “what” to create
and let Love bring
limitless possibilities
to you,
when Love is what
you freely give,
do not Gifts of Love
come back to you?

Do not box Love
into a form,
Love’s shape encompasses
beyond what you see,
when you follow Love
down any path,
are you not letting Love
show you how to Be?

There are no limits
to Love,
thus, no limits are
in place for you –
Be a loving, Creative
and see what Love
has in store
for you!

Thread of Love

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Follow the Thread
of Love.

You may see it,
feel it,
know it,
it weaves throughout
the tapestry of You,
connecting All to
One magnificent web,
follow the Thread
of Love.

Your path may have
twists or turns,
you may not remember
how you arrived
but be assured that
All Is Well,
as you follow the
Thread of Love.

And as You Are Love
do you not add to this
glorious Web,
shine your Light
for others to see,
keep weaving your
magical Thread of Love.


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When you release
what you hold
be it an object
or belief,
you may question Trust
within this process,
feeling like an autumn
falling leaf.

You may not see
a bigger picture
than the one
before your eyes,
but letting go
to Love’s sweet
is surrendering to
All Love inside.

Like leaf,
you are part of
an eternal cycle,
you may think it
has a beginning
and an end,
but beyond your
human perspective,
leaf goes to the earth
to rise again.

The leaf, the trees,
the earth are
your roots are deeper
than you know,
the sky above you
has you hoping,
when your autumn
that is where you will

But you as Eternal Be-ing,
has no here nor there
to Be,
for You are Always You,
connected with Love

Release what you hold
Love Is Everywhere
You Are,
You Are expansive,
You Are forever,
from magnificent earth
to shining star!