The Colors of Love

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The bright blue sky
is big enough
for the sun,
as well as for
the clouds
that fill up,
so that rain
can come falling down,
is there not a cycle
to releasing
what builds up
to then let go,
are not drops of rain,
part of the cycle, too,
and when the sun
comes out,
might a rainbow
link the two?

The bright blue sky
is always there
behind the clouds,
and when nighttime
is sky not a palette
for the stars?

Is not the space
you call a sky
always there
through day or night,
much like You,
your Soul,
your Essence,
always You
in the dark or Light –
can you not fill
your sky
with the brightest
of Lights,
even as sometimes
there are clouds,
that filter the Light,
but is not the sky
so beautiful
before and after
a storm,
when the air is crisp
and clear,
when sometimes a
rainbow forms?

Are not the colors
of a rainbow
always there,
even if you cannot see,
does it not sometimes
take rain
to bring them out,
to see all of their
as Love is your essence,
are not these colors
always within You –
as you know Light
as you know rain,
does not Love know
what to do –
move with the cycles
that beat with the
Rhythm of Life.
You Are sun.
You Are the stars.
You Are morning,
You Are night.

The bright beautiful
Sky of Love
is the canvas
for You to Be.
Be Light.
Be Love.
Be every color.
Be Free.

A Miracle of Flight

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When you feel heavy,
tethered to the ground,
when the gravity
of the earth
weighs you down,
how light must a
butterfly be,
to flit and fly
almost joyfully,
does butterfly
not draw your
eyes near,
to join in its dance
here and there,
through the air?

And Butterfly has
a purpose
as it flies,
from flower to flower,
though its path
may seem erratic
to passersby,
but might its purpose
also be,
to remind you of
what can be –
to be Light,
to be free,
like Butterfly?

Yes, Butterfly has a
story to be told,
of change,
of transformation
to behold,
but does not Butterfly’s dance
in the flowers
give you the chance,
to soar on wings,
to fly with Joy,
to feel free?

Let the miracle
of Butterfly
help you to see,
who you think
is gone,
is in another phase
of their life
you may not see,
but when Butterfly appears,
is it not because
they are near,
wishing to remind you
All Is Well
as they fly free?

Does Butterfly
not remind you
that you are, too,
as free as Butterfly
appears to you –
though you feel
that you are here,
with your loved one
over there –
might Butterfly remind you
that All exist
in The Everywhere?

As caterpillar may not know,
that butterfly wings
are what will grow –
have Faith,
let Love
show you the
Miracle of Flight,
let Butterfly
turn up your Light.
Fly Free,
with Love,
fly free.

Strength and Courage

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Be Strength when someone
needs it,
though are you not showing
them so they
may see,
they have all the Strength
they need within them,
are they not Strength
when they can Be –
reminded of what
flows within,
does Love not come
with all you “need” –
Strength and Courage,
Grace and Gratitude,
will these not lift you
and set you free?

You need not walk
in another’s shoes
to sense or feel
when a Light grows
you need not fix
or erase what they
are walking through
on this path of theirs –
might you turn
up your Light,
which will in turn
help Light their way,
will the Light of Love
not remind them,
that Strength and Courage
is innately with them
each and every day?

Hold the space
for Love,
let another see
your Light,
you can spark
the Light of Love
that All possess,
even in times
of dimming Light –
see the Strength
that may be hiding
beneath a story
that is hard to bear –
There Is Courage,
There Is Gratitude,
and in Grace
is Love not always

Be a model,
light the way –
let another see
what They Are, too.
Strength and Courage,
Grace and Gratitude –
You Are Love
and Love Is You.


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Do not affirmations
validate what is
already in your
does not a name
spoken out loud
validate that they
were here,
but in the realm
of Everywhere,
do you not sense
more than a name –
do not connections
of the heart,
tell you who is
with you
and always near?

Yes, validate the story
that has brought
your loved one
to you here,
but as Love Is
do you not feel
the bond
as they draw near,
you may need to
change your perspective,
as your relationship
appears to change,
but as the story
drops away,
is it not the Love
that stays the same?

You may wish for
of what you know –
there is no need to
let another tell you,
what your heart is able
to show,
the Gifts of Love
that you receive
are affirmations
of what is always
in your heart –
you are connected,
always together,
side by side
and never apart.

You may ask Love,
“Are you here?
Why do I feel you
over there?”
Meet Love where
Love resides –
in your heart
and Everywhere.

Winds of Love

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In the world of duality,
you may forget,
indeed not see,
“you” may see this,
“they” may see that,
do not emotions flow
from any spat,
when there is friction,
can you look beyond
the story –
where there is no “right”
or “wrong”,
beneath the story
is where Love prevails,
how do you get the
wind back into
your sails?

Might you need to
turn your boat,
adjust your course,
to see where the
Flow of Love
can lift you up,
your body lets you know
what feels good,
what does not feel
let the Winds of Love
show you the way,
might you ask Love
to show you
the best course to sail
each and every day?

There are times when
the seas
are too rough to sail,
you may need patience,
waiting for Winds of Love
to prevail,
but even when you float,
is there not a Current of Love
that holds you up,
are you not always connected
to the Flow of Love?

When you lose track,
when you get off course,
the Winds of Love
always have your back,
tune in –
set your course
for Love.
Sail on,
riding with the
Winds of Love.


20180517 XPicture


Fruit growing on a tree,
be it apple, peach or pear,
is it not a miracle
to behold,
when you see the branches
from these woody starts
fruit grows,
beginning as shoots,
then buds
to blooms –
opening magically in
the sun,
when you look at
an apple, peach or pear,
would you think
it could come from there?

Does not the miracle
of a fruit tree,
help you to see
you never know,
what may be the result
of miraculous growth,
at any stage you
may not see,
what the end result
may be –
and even what you think
may be the end,
will not the seeds
grow again,
into another tree,
more blooms to sprout,
as the shining sun
kisses ripening fruit?

Fruit growing on a tree,
does not this miracle
help you to see,
with patience,
nurturing and care,
the tree will grow
with fruit to bear,
thriving in the dirt,
with rain and sun,
Tree does not do this
all alone,
does not the miracle
of fruit occur,
when the conditions are
ripe for growth?

Be patient.
Be nurturing.
Be caring.
Be Love.
Hold the miraculous
space for growth.
Be the dirt,
the rain,
the sun –
see what Love
can become.
Each step of growth
contains the
Miracle of Love.

A Sweet Spot

20180516 XPicture


When you can “hear”
the silence,
is that not when
you are in a
receptive state,
is that not Be-ing,
without seeing,
going beyond
your senses five –
is not this state
of floating,
gliding upon
the Wings of Love,
is this not a natural
State of Be-ing,
that helps you feel
so very alive?

Might you ask Love
to Be with you,
no matter your
rocky road,
You Are Spirit,
You Are awareness,
You know this
when you reach
this state –
merging the two
as you navigate
this role here
that you play,
is that not the
Sweetest Spot
that helps you
Be Love

Keep merging,
keep blending
all aspects of You
in all you do –
There Is Love
in every corner,
as you shine
your Light
on You,
let go of judgement,
let go of “should”-ing,
let Love rise up
in every way,
when you shine your Light
into the darkness,
does not the darkness
go away?

Find the perfect spot
that fills you up
with so much Love –
this is a natural state,
not one that you
need to make up
or only dream of,
let Love guide you
through all paths,
be they rough
or be they smooth –
follow the still small voice
within You,
turn it up
and listen to You.

Beyond what you think
you know,
there is a Knowing
that you can trust.
It is the Love
That You Are,
gliding on your
Sweet Spot
of Love.