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Patience may feel
like you are waiting,
but is it not
of the next thing
that is part of –
the Flow of
All That Is,
does not patience
bring you to
All Is Well?

Does not patience
help you Be in
this moment now,
you can still create,
move freely,
but without expectation
that makes you
does not patience
help you savor
All That Is?

Patience need not be
a waiting game,
does it not allow
you to Be,
present with what
presents itself
does not patience
help you be
where you wish
to Be?

Be patient.
Be present.
All Is Well
with All That Is.
You Are present
as in each moment
You Are Love.

Your Path

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As you follow the path
you are on,
you have choices
which way to walk,
some roads may be
and plain to see,
others may be obscured,
not as clear as you
wish it to be,
but does not someone
have to walk it first,
to blaze a trail
with steps you
walk with Trust?

As you follow from
your heart
and not your head,
does it not feel different,
as you trust that
you are led,
you may not know
every turn that
presents itself,
but is that not
an adventure
that you wish to
Your Self?

Some days you follow,
other times you lead,
as you tune into
your intuition,
does it not guide you
to what you need –
there is no need
to turn away,
from a path that is
not marked “go this way”,
you are an explorer
at your core,
able to open
any door,
blaze your trail,
make your mark –
Be You with Love,
a Creative Spark.

Blaze your path.
Trust Yourself.
Never alone,
you always
walk with Love.


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When rain and fog
come in to stay,
do you not look
for the sun
in any way,
one glimpse of Light,
one shining beam,
does that not brighten
a cloudy day,
are you not grateful
for the sun that shines,
even more when sunlight
seems to go away?

But of course the sun
is always there –
if it is day,
the sun is shining
somewhere –
might rain need to
cleanse and wash away
what has been building up,
getting in the way –
after a rain
and when fog clears,
does not the sun sparkle
on the leaves
and even in the air,
do you not welcome
with open arms,
blue sky again,
and Light of Sun?

Have Faith your face
will again
be kissed by
the sun,
when Light is dim,
can you turn up
your shining Light some?
Be a beacon of Light,
let your Light glow,
let it cut through
the fog
and the rain that
comes and goes,
your Light is steady
and strong as the
sun that always shines
through any rain,
denseness of fog,
through Eternity,
Light always shines.

When it is hard
to see Light
with your eyes –
go to your heart
to let the Spark
of Love and Light rise.
You shine always
like the sun that
forever shines –
You Are Love Eternal
beyond space
and beyond time.

Growing Trust




Is it not a delicious
to see baby birds
from hatchlings grow
into adolescents,
out with their parents
now with wings that
let them go
in the open
to explore,
to fly,
as they navigate
their world –
does not their world
as they learn
to trust?

Can you look back
from where you are –
has not trust
played a part
where you are
trust opens up
the next door,
the great unknown
that you may fear –
but every moment
you are in,
did not exist
a second before,
are you not perpetually
stepping through
what you think
you do not know?

You have trust
in your breath,
and when breath ends,
do you not live on,
can you find comfort
in the trust,
that As Love,
You will carry on,
when you live from
your center,
as your awareness
of You grows,
can you expand
your world,
your trust,
as the baby birds do
as they grow?

Trust in Love,
let it bring you
and Trust
keep you moving on.
Trusting in Love,
means having trust
in You.
You Are a Gift,
as You Are Love.

Something New

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Give something new
a try.

Try it on,
take it out for a spin,
wear something new
even if you don’t
wear it again,
step out of your
stretch yourself
to see You,
might you still
recognize yourself,
even if you step
into something new?

No matter the identities
that you try on
for size,
and yes, you all
have had a few,
as you think back
over your life –
you will always
Be You,
no matter the story
that is told,
do you not feel
the same at 12,
no matter what age
you are old?

So discover more of
as you let yourself
out to play,
it need not be too
to try something new
you will always be
a magnificent expression
of the Divine,
so stretch yourself,
step out,
give something new
a try.

See You at your core,
no matter what you
put on,
each moment is new,
and Love is always
where you belong,
the yin and the yang,
is the Balance of You –
You Are Love
in all expressions
of You.


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Do not the answers
to your questions
rest within this
silent space,
if you can think
to pose the question,
might you not know
the answer,
be it from analyzing
or through Grace?
You can think
and plan
and work out
what your human side
will “do”,
but does it not make
to get quiet
and listen to the
soft voice
within You?

It matters not where
answers come from,
are you not part of a
connected web,
once you open up
a gateway,
your quest for knowledge
will be fed –
be guided,
be led,
by the
still, small voice
it will sound even
when you tune in
and then

Will you not hear
and feel connection
when you open up
this door,
once you ask your
can you be still
and wait for more –
the answer may come
to you quickly,
or may be in
when you feel
in the flow,
is this not how Guidance
can help you

in the stillness.
within your heart.
Listen to the beat
of the rhythm
that guides you
from the start.
Listen between
the words
that cannot begin
to tell the Truth.
and let Love
play its Song
of Love
to You.

The Rhythm of Love

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Be flexible,
Be adaptable –
does not energy
move in waves,
much like the ocean tide
with its ebb and flow,
is there not motion
in the rhythm,
that it creates?

You may move forward,
step back to pause,
as inspiration pulls
you forward again,
yes, your footprints
that you left
may have been erased
by moving sand,
but you are
constantly creating
with every step
that you take,
let your steps
carry you forward,
being present with
each footprint
that you make.

You make a difference
Be-ing You,
a magnificent expression
of Who You Are,
each step you take
with Love
honors you
as it honors All,
life is not about
what you leave
or what you wish
you could do –
life is about
Who You Are
right now,
in every moment –
Love Is, too.

Keep flowing like
the waves
that remind you
of the power of –
each drop in the ocean
is like everyone
of You
combined in Love,
some days you need
to crash upon
the shore
to be heard,
some days are you not
content being quiet
and reserved?

Be flexible,
Be adaptable –
like the sand
and ocean’s waves,
working together,
creating beauty,
both the same
and changing

As Love is
your constant rhythm,
celebrate the Love
You Are today.