Love’s Adventure

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Let Love be the rudder
of the boat
you are on,
no matter where
the current takes
can you not make
adjustments along
the way?
The waters may be
or there may be
in your path,
but with Love as
your navigation,
will it not guide
you around
any of that?

There is a flow,
there is a rhythm
to your life
that leads the way,
do you not often
find you fight it,
closing your eyes
or turning away –
but as a boat
flows with the water,
can you not
go with this loving
knowing with Love
as your rudder,
you can make adjustments
as you go?

Yes, the waters
are sometimes choppy,
but sometimes it
is peacefully still,
the deeper you venture,
can you not find
this Peace at will?
Is there not
that you have
Everything you need –
with Love as your compass
and rudder,
might you have Faith
that Love will lead?

Let Love be the rudder
of the boat
you are on.
Be Love’s adventure.
Be Love’s Light.
Let Love guide you,
always Home.

Love Is Always

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dear one,
that All Is Well.

This does not mean
that there won’t
be times,
when you rail
against what appears
to be unfair,
or against what
you do not wish
to understand –
the “whys” may
elude you
in the human suit
you wear,
but on everybody’s
yes, Love Is
always There.

Love never leaves
though there are times
you feel it does,
your human side
knows only here
and wishes for the
physical presence
of Love,
on your journey
will you not question
and will not Love
keep answering you,
“are you here?”
you may ask –
and yes,
Love Is
always There.

You need not like,
to accept,
you need not
be okay,
even as you allow,
but when you come
to an understanding
that Love never leaves,
might you now
begin to shift your
so you may see
what surrounds You –
Love is in This,
always with You,
Love Is
always Here
and You Are, too.

A Touch of Grace

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Be patient.
Be present.
You Are
where You Are
are not sometimes
the greatest gains
made when you,
the human,
are not aware?

With Grace,
may you,
and with Gratitude,
Be the Love
That You Are,
and when you look
can you not see
that on your journey,
you have traveled

Continue giving
and yes,
setting coordinates
to Be in Love’s
do not use markers,
that look at outcomes,
be your guide
as to where to go –
ask what feels loving,
what feels right,
in any moment –
Love lets you know.

Be patient.
Be present.
You Are perfect
Where You Are.
With Gratitude
and a touch of Grace,
might you believe
that Love Is You.


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Is not life an
of your human-ness
and your soul,
with infinite possibilities,
things to choose,
ways you may
there are myriad
for you to
as you decide,
“do I turn
in this direction,
or do I let something
pass me by?”

Yes, there are choices
that go with planning
as you map out
what you may want,
but are you not
often given options,
that arise at any point
on the road you are on,
might you check in
with who is driving,
be it human
or your soul –
and might you
check in with your
to decide if you
or if you go?

The more you lead
with You,
letting intuition
show you the way,
might there be
less intersections,
maybe less questioning
to go or stay,
when you are in
the Flow of Love,
is not the road
smoother as you cruise,
and do you not
discover the Truth
that all roads
always lead to You?

To find Peace
upon your journey,
you need not always
question you –
with allowance
and acceptance,
discover Here
is the perfect You.

Clearly, You

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When trees stand tall
in fall,
when leaves have fallen,
leaving tree limbs
are you not now able
to see through
the trees,
your view not encumbered
by the cover
of leaves,
in their vulnerability,
do you not see
their Strength
and marvel at
how many limbs
a tree does

Is not each limb
an extension
of one,
do not all roots lead
into the earth,
connected there,
as exposed as
each tree appears
to be,
do you not marvel
at the Strength
that you now see?

As you cycle through
seasons of your
are there not times
when you feel exposed
and wish to hide,
but are you not
always connected
like the tree,
a part of One
even as you grow
is there not clarity
when cover of leaves
begin to fall,
are you not magnificent
in your beauty,
standing tall?

With Love always
nourishing roots
that run so deep,
You Are Strength,
You Are Love,
You Are Free!

The Shape of Love

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Be flexible.
Allow yourself
to change form,
when you relax
and lean into
might you be
surprised at what
shape Love is?

Might you loosen
your preconceptions
and be able to
heed Love’s flow,
you may not always
know what Love
looks like –
but when it
do you not know?

Be open.
Allow yourself
to change your
the more you allow
your heart
to lead,
might you not be
at what Love
will find?

Might you strengthen
your ability
to trust,
when you flex
the muscles
that are tuned
to Love,
you need not know
all of the answers,
but will Love
not Light the way
like the sun
and stars above?

There is Love
always within you,
helping you create
anew every day.
Let Love shape you,
let Love show you,
You Are Love’s
in every way.

Clearly Love

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The soul knows.

Step back when
you wish to see
more clearly,
when too close,
is it not hard
to see,
you may think
that you are lost,
but might you
view things
from a higher
vantage point,
might all not
come into view,
you as human
may not know,
but your soul
is always here
for You.

You wish for
answers to questions,
a happy ending
or two,
is not every step
upon your journey
an experience for
Love to come
shining through,
when you least
expect it,
do you not marvel
at what Love
can show you
you are able to
the gifts that Love
magically brings in?

Set expectations
to the side,
they may come from
a limiting view,
Love sees the
bigger picture,
might you have
that Love has you –
an outcome that
you wish for
may or may not
be the point
to see –
that Love is always
your soul knows
will always