A Peaceful Presence


Do not fear emotions
that you feel,
yes, ego may use them 
to draw judgement 
you as human know
cause and effect,
are you not familiar 
with “what may happen

Break ego’s cycle of 
you judging  you,
your foundation is Love,
this is your identity, too,
you need not carry 
what is not yours,
freely give to Love,
what you need no more.

Love transforms,
transmutes what does
not resonate,
you need not analyze 
all decisions that you make,
choose Love and let Love 
gently show you how,
to see clearly – You,
that exists eternally Now.

You need not wait 
for a future You,
in All moments
You Are Love,
Be-ing You.
Give freely to Love 
what you wish to release,
and with your open heart,
Be the Presence of Peace.



What is relationship?
Is it not relationship
with you?

Are you not having 
your own experience,
All of You 
in life?

There are countless 
to extend Love and 
forgiveness, too,
you may think relationship
is of another,
but is it not joining 
you with You?

Some days it is hard,
sometimes it is easy,
you may have noticed 
what is so True,
when you withhold 
Love from another,
are you not judging also,

Look beyond the details 
of the story,
this is ego’s distracting trap,
interactions and experiences,
can bring to the surface 
your healing map.

Keep it simple,
true and pure,
no judge or jury
is needed Here,
answer each cry 
for Love,
with Love – 
no “why”s or defenses 
are required, dear.

You Are relationship 
with Love,
is not Source experiencing
through You,
you have access to 
All That is Love,
as One, 
All Love is You!

Healed Always


You are whole
and complete,
healed always 
as Love.

The body is very 
requiring attention,
this is true,
care for this temporary
but know it is not 
the Real You.

With tenderness 
and great care,
give all the Love 
that you can,
but the barometer 
of Truth,
comes from your 
everlasting I Am.

Yes, you compare with
your body,
your ego loves to 
keep score,
how does it feel,
how does it look – 
do I need to do 

You have relationship 
with your body,
on earth this is one
way to see,
perfection is not in 
this vessel,
perfection is the Whole
state of Thee.

Might you perceive healing
as washing
your self with Love,
and as you are 
All of This,
are you not the vision 
that you dream of?

To heal is to know
there is nothing 
to forgive,
receive Love’s 
Eternal Blessing,
Beloved child
of All That Is!

Love’s Infinite Light


Find what is beautiful 
with Love.
And with Love,
is not all beautiful?

As beauty is in the 
eye of the beholder,
might you check to see 
what filters you may 
have on yours?

Yes, the world may be 
a scenario of perception.
What perceptions might 
you question as you 

Let your Light 
see All the Light 
in your sisters and 
your perception 
may judge who may 
shine so bright.

Dear beloveds,
You Are All 
this Light,
shift your perception 
and look beyond to
Love’s Infinite Light.

Know all is beautiful 
with Love.
And with Love,
may you know the beauty
of All of You!



Love is forgiveness.
Forgiveness is Love.

Move beyond the 
human story,
Here is Love
already here,
when you resonate 
with this vibration,
forgiveness is Love.

You need not work 
out specific outcomes
of what has been 
or might be now,
beyond time,
beyond place,
forgiveness is Love.

Is not your soul 
already of This,
inviting you,
beloved human,
Here – 
be awash in this 
healing Light,
forgiveness is Love.

Love is forgiveness,
it matters not 
what words you 
You, dear,
create this 
sacred space,
knowing forgiveness 
is Love.

No-thing can harm 
your True Essence,
You Are the Love 
you give and receive,
bask in this infinite 
flow of Love,
is eternally, You.

A Promise of Comfort


Precious one 
in need of 
let Love wipe your
weary brow,
angelic arms are 
here to hold you,
let Peace soothe you
in this now.

Take this moment 
to remember,
upon your breath
is a promise made,
your Light shines 
beyond the eternal,
your Strength pushes
all fears away.

You are Loved 
as you are sacred,
may Love remind you
of This Truth,
you accompany 
the angels,
Love is at Home 
in the Soul of You!

A Body of Love


Listen to your body,
what does it have 
to say?
You may feel at times
as if body is wishing 
to be obeyed.

As all is a wider extension
of you that is part 
of this world,
is body not checking in 
so that with Love,
may it be reassured?

Let go of the cycle 
of cause, effect,
there is no blame 
to be handed out,
body is simply another 
for you to shower Love
within, without.

Recognize relationship 
with your body,
extend This Love 
as you give and 
let Love’s reassurance 
help you to know,
in the Whole of You,
may you believe!

A Loving Review


does this not bring 
reactions up,
when past meets 
looking at future,
does this not stir 
the ego’s pot?

In reviewing,
with reflection,
you may experience 
familiar themes,
ego jumps on this 
as proof – 
do you not want 
all to stay the 

Let past emotion
come to the fore,
the details differ,
but the feelings 
do not,
all are cries for Love
to gently reassure
and to undo what 
you have been 

Readdress with loving 
write a new page for 
this Truth,
Love patiently, 
eternally surrounds you,
so you may believe 
this Love is You!

The Joy of Laughter


Love is laughter.
Love is Joy.

Yes, there are many emotions 
that capture
the spectrum of feeling 
in a human heart,
but does not time 
stand still when 
you melt,
into laughter,
being Joy.

Yes, laughter may be 
followed by your tears,
an opening heart 
opens all channels to
your connections with 
your loved ones,
in precious memories,
Here is Joy.

Let laughter bring you 
to this present,
allow your body to 
remind you –
your heart sings with 
Love Eternal,
it gives permission 
to laugh,
embraced with Joy.

The smallest thing may 
tickle you,
or you may not take 
yourself so seriously,
what bubbles up is 
a form of surrender,
Love is safe,
Love is Joy.

You are fierce,
you are courageous,
and when you relax
may laughter and tears
knowing Love is 
your True Nature,
welcome laughter, 
You Are Joy.

A Healing Heart


Healing is in the heart.

Relationships help you
to see,
does Love flow freely
or have difficulty?
All to help open
where Love may flow –
healing is in the heart.

You need not look 
for an external source,
you need not wait until
you deserve it more,
you have all you need
right Here – 
healing is in the heart.

And does not your heart 
know this is True,
Love ripples out far 
beyond this “you,”
always connected 
You forever are –
This Truth is in the heart.

Receive This Love that 
is Here with you,
your own forgiveness 
is Love’s simple Truth,
Love is eternal and 
so are You –
healing is complete,
forever in your heart.