Love’s Awareness


Honor what bubbles up 
from within,
it may appear in 
different ways,
internal struggle,
external actions,
some you wish 
would go away.

You need not know 
the origin,
but do not emotions 
listen with your 
awakened Self,
as This Truth of Love,
what does your heart

So much of life is
judge and jury,
be gentle with 
your human self,
from your perspective 
as Love’s Awareness,
know Love is Here
All Is Well!

From Friction to Freedom


Do not take friction 
it may be showing you 
another way to 
an experience 
may be smooth 
or rough,
if something doesn’t fit,
what else might 
there be?

In life’s experiences 
you are quick to 
why is this happening 
to me,
does this not bring up 
old paradigms,
are not punishment and guilt
asking to be freed?

In any moment 
ask Love to unwind,
any past beliefs 
that are tied 
in knots,
you need not analyze 
the how or why –
only now remember 
what you forgot.

Let Love remind beyond
cause and effect,
your Wholeness is 
Eternal and already 
when friction finds you
in this earthly life,
readjust and remember
Love is You,
my dear!

Your Truth


Untie the knots 
of your story,
smooth these out 
with tender care,
bring to Light 
what asks for Love,
loosen, relax
and clear the air.

It matters not the 
how or why,
what within you 
wishes to know
that Love is Here 
in every moment,
with every breath 
you are loved so.

Ego may wish to 
invent stories,
but they are not 
the truth of you,
your Truth is Love,
bring All to Love 
to see this through.

a recurring story,
that simply asks 
to trust and know,
Love responds always,
dear Child of Love,
You Are Loved so!

A Breath of Peace


Come back,
to the Peace 
of your breath.

With eyes above,
see All bright Lights,
Be Here to focus 
on Love’s web.

Set your intention 
upon this day,
choose Love again
if you stray.

Be a billion Lights 
that shine,
lighting Love’s path 
along the way.

Answer Love’s call,
it comes from You,
your soul honors 
your human life.

Join Love with breath,
your focused intent,
returns you Home, 
One with All Light.

Fiercely, Wholly Love


In the safety 
of Love’s Arms,
what comes up 
to see and feel?
There is no-thing
to be ashamed of,
there is no-thing 
for you to heal.

Is not healing 
your awareness
that all transpires 
for you to see –
the parts you think 
are separated,
are Wholly Love,
fitting perfectly.

Set your sights 
on your True 
gather all of you 
into Love’s fold,
see and feel 
with Love so 
that your heart 
feels it may 

Love is Strength,
your heart is 
Gratitude is the 
sacred glue,
joining All of
You together,
see, feel,
behold the 
Whole of You!

Love’s Grace


Love reminds 
when you have 
even in a moment 
of pain or regret,
there is no-thing 
that Love cannot
Love adds to 
and never 

Each discovery 
you make with 
does it not emanate 
from You,
do you not rejoice 
in the realization – 
your heart,
your soul,
is where Love
loves to come 

Extend Love when
looking in the
what might Love 
bring today to
honor you?
Allow Love’s Grace 
to surround 
and soothe –
forever as Love 
is the Truth
of You!

Walking With Love


You may walk a 
different road
from where you
with eyes open,
are you not able
to see more Light?
With purpose in your 
step are you not 
by This Truth that 
now has given you 
new sight?

At times you may 
only be aware of 
your own footsteps,
yes, there are shifts 
that peel away what 
you thought you knew,
yet no space can now 
contain what you 
are sensing,
Love is not lost,
All who you Love 
are always with you.

Allow your journey
to unfold with 
perfect timing,
with Grace,
listen to your heart
that knows This Truth,
your loved ones,
draw so close
to whisper softly,
we are walking 
this road together,
always with you!

Loving Compassion


Give support to your
brothers and sisters,
in Truth,
do not disagreements 
there are many ways 
to ask for Love,
the world provides 
limitless ways 
to evolve.

Let compassion be 
your guide,
what feels right,
what ties you in 
let Love co-create 
with you,
breaking chains of 
past stories driven
by “not.”

Might you be open 
to say yes to Love,
Love is inclusive 
and not on its own,
your soul knows this
infinite web,
even when you as human
sometimes feel alone.

What you give do you 
not receive,
what sharing of Love 
might you experience 
reach out your hand 
with loving compassion,
your grateful heart 
will show you 
the way!

Sharing Kindness


Share kindness.
Let Love show 
you how.

Let loving eyes 
help you to look
beyond a story
that you see,
you may only 
see a portion
of a script
and not the 
whole story.

It is easy to judge,
you do it often 
to yourself,
what if you were 
to extend kindess,
beginning with you,
then to someone 

Does not kindness
help to soften
prickly edges that 
you may feel,
the parts of you 
that bristle defensively,
do these edges
not wish to heal?

Sharing kindness
is meeting others
wherever they are 
with your heart full,
embrace this kindness,
let it wrap its 
loving arms around
the Whole of You!

Love’s Voice


Let Love lift
your voice,
dear one,
what does Love 
wish to say?
Listen also 
with your heart,
be a compassionate 
listener today.

Let Love’s awareness 
guide you to
highlight connections,
Be a Beacon of Light
for a brother or sister,
to find a path 
more clear.

A journey may feel 
unique to you,
but as All share 
this sacred way,
let Love remind 
your hearts are One,
let Love lift 
your voice,