Your Beautiful Soul


Love helps you find 
your way, dear one,
when the path is 
steep and rough,
may angelic arms 
and loved ones
help you when you 
say, enough.

You have what you 
need within you,
though sometimes you
may have doubt,
Love reminds you of 
your Strength
and believes in you 
as you work things out.

Trust can be a slippery 
as the external has 
shifts and change,
but dear one,
Love trusts in you,
your heart and soul 
are One and the same.

Love lifts you up 
when you are weary,
go to your heart 
to embrace this hope,
bask in the Love 
of your beloveds,
believe and trust 
in your beautiful soul!

Your Self


Let go of struggle
you need not resist 
your self.

Let friction invite you
to realize,
it is fear that separates you
and everyone else.

Let Love as healing balm
remind you,
begin with you, dear one
and see.

In Love’s flow that 
breathes acceptance,
Here is where you 
return to Peace.

You may feel you 
need to battle 
to hang on to what
you have here.

But Love is always 
with you, dear one,
this Self of You 
is forever Here.

In You, Believe


Trust your intuition,
resist the stories 
that ego weaves,
you may trust what 
spirit gives you,
Trust in This Vessel,
yes in You,

When you detect that 
fear is present,
might you lovingly 
be aware,
as human,
this is a familiar hum,
that sometimes drowns out 
what your soul 
may share.

What to do – 
there must be 
a way,
indeed, may you shift
to the core of You,
Here is where Truth
waits patiently,
as you sense 
and know 
this You.

You need not push 
fear away,
it brings to you 
what you think 
needs healed,
remember healing 
is your awareness,
that beyond fear 
is your perfection

Trust in You,
beloved dear one,
may Faith bring you
to Grace and ease,
return Here with 
Love’s reassurance,
always and forever,
Here is Peace.

Reframing for Rebirth


Is there not a picture
in your past,
that comes up time
and time again,
your human brain uses
this for fodder,
to keep you distracted
in an endless spin.

Might you let go 
of specific details
and sink into the 
emotions here,
what is familiar 
in this story,
what repeats now 
that takes you there.

The human mind will 
search for reasons,
looking for fault or 
who to blame,
you may point at yourself
or outward,
your ego looks at these 
the same.

Might you give Gratitude 
for feelings 
that come up to be 
seen and heard,
you have all you need 
within you,
to create a story 
of your re-birth.

Might you reframe 
any of your pictures,
may you now see with 
awakened eyes,
may forgiveness create 
the space 
for you to know 
and realize.

May you take the hand
of loved ones,
angels, guides that are
Here for you,
see your Self in 
Love’s perfect picture –
this is how Love 
always sees you!

A Sacred Peace


Does prayer not merge you
with your loved ones,
be they here or 
forever Here,
with intention,
is not Love easily shared
in This Everywhere.

Gifts of Love given 
so freely,
cannot help but 
return to you,
those you bless with 
so much Love,
do not their souls 
reflect it back to 

In this sacred exchange
of Love,
is this not what a 
miracle is,
it is not tied to 
it freely is given 
from All That Is.

Do not angels freely 
in This Sacred Space 
of Love,
This vibration,
pure and prayerful,
calls upon All Lights 
below, above.

Know your Gifts of Love 
are always felt
and received with Grace 
and ease,
you, too, sense 
This loving vibration,
it returns to you
as Sacred Peace.

This Peace


In the pause
beyond the breath,
Love is always Here
with you,
holding you close
with gentle arms,
Love reassures 
and comforts you.

Your vibration 
naturally aligns,
with the Source of 
Who You Are,
you need do nothing,
but rest assured,
Love showers you 
with the Light 
of stars.

Precious child of 
All That Is,
you exist wholly,
perfectly complete,
You as Love 
are blessed,
receive This Truth
and know This Peace!

The One of You


Look beyond 
the forms before
see with the clarity 
of your soul’s 
what you look for 
is within,
and exists in All 
as eternal Lights.

Be the eyes 
of one who 
cannot see,
Be the heart 
of one so lost,
there are no 
separate ones
as You Are All 
This One 
who then forgot.

Human reactions 
will occur,
in a world that
makes no sense,
but see the bigger
every judgment 
erects a bigger

Love is the healing balm
to pain and hurt
that separates you all,
send Love with no 
strings to you,
then extend this to
any who have taken
a fall. 

You cannot change 
the outside world,
yet Truth is always 
Here with you,
return to your soul,
always connected
to One Love,
the One of You.

Forever Home


Remember your way
back Home.

Home is You 
as Love,
though the world 
can make you 
the Truth of You 
is Here,
to show you your way 
back Home.

There is no need 
to atone,
atonement is 
receiving This,
leave your judgments 
where they fall,
Love lifts you upon
your way back Home.

Fellow Lights help
you remember,
see your Light 
reflecting in them,
in Love’s Oneness,
You Are Whole,
as you remember 
You Are Home.

Precious child 
may you say yes
to what is True
and cannot change,
Love surrounds 
and reassures –
You Are so Loved 
and forever Home!

Your Evolution


What beliefs 
do you hold 
do they make up 
your identify,
check into what 
has you resisting,
turning from another 
way to see.

You are fluid,
constantly creating,
be open to what 
flows your way,
your soul loves 
this part of the 
when you are open,
willing to play. 

You are eternally 
choices may change 
based on your Truth,
Be compassionate,
Be kind,
Be generous with these
to the human you.

You need not dig 
your heels into 
what you believe 
is set in stone,
Be amazed,
Be in wonder,
Be authentic,
in your Truth 
of Home!

Being Helpful


Be rooted,
Be you grounded,
as you extend your
hand of Love,
take good care
of your self
to Be Strength below
as You Are above.

Ask the angels,
always with you,
to assist you 
when you believe,
in another who has
lost their footing,
remind them 
All have the Strength
of Tree.

All of You 
All of This,
Be the remembrance 
for one who may 
not see,
soul to soul,
All do remember,
Be helpful,
Be Strength 
and as This Love,