Your Essence


Bless and honor your
earthly body,
it has tried to be 
so strong,
with all the contrasts 
in the world,
it may not know 
where it belongs.

You as Source knows
of Truth,
now as your wholeness,
embrace you,
your body holds 
your little child,
let this one know 
Love shows up 
for you.

Listen to what the 
body tells you,
it has tried to keep 
you safe,
return the favor,
whisper softly,
as you reassure 
there is another 

See your self 
in your wholeness,
human and soul 
make up this You,
with This Alignment
may you balance,
letting judgment go,
accepting you.

Bring all parts of 
you together,
Love knows always
what to do,
see your body as 
this beautiful vessel,
who says yes to
Love’s Essence of You!

Love’s Tender Comfort


Feel Love’s softness
flowing through you,
sense the opening of 
your heart,
in this tender,
safe experience,
might you know 
the Love You Are.

May strings of music
play Love’s vibration,
reminding you of 
family past,
these bonds continue 
to sing Love’s song,
Love of generations
forever lasts.

May you feel cradled 
in Love’s sweet hands,
nestled in this 
Simple Truth – 
in All Ways,
always are you 
Be well and know 
This Love is You!

Believing Trust


When you find your 
self in another’s story,
what comes up for 
you to see,
relationship is 
life’s experience,
providing you with 

In a world that 
is contrasting,
add in time that goes
from here to there,
you may sense what
churns so deeply,
emotions, feelings 
that are hard to 

Rise above details 
of the story,
what core beliefs 
are you thinking 
with no judgment,
see these clearly,
are they not asking –
where is the Love?

From the perspective 
of the story,
yes it is hard to sense
a greater Truth,
might you go to 
your heart and open
to the Power of Gratitude.

Ego’s food is guilt 
and shame,
these get passed on
in the human realm,
cleanse your palette 
with Gratitude,
Love’s super power helps
you to be strong.

Take back your power,
it is innately Here,
as you surrender 
perceived control,
trust your soul to guide
you in This Moment,
Love has your back and 
You Are Loved so!



Rise up with Love.

You look up to the 
you look up at 
the stars,
the moon and sun 
shine for you,
though at times Light 
seems so far.

You have this pull 
within you,
it cannot be 
Love is the essence of 
your True Nature,
say yes to This
and rise.

As human you are 
not perfect,
perfection is a 
as a Whole, complete
celebrate this wondrous 

For every thought 
that bubbles up,
trying to keep you
as Love, there is 
no stopping you,
Love comforts 
and surrounds.

Look up in prayer 
and wonder,
what might you see 
beyond the sky,
Here You Are  –
Love’s invitation,
say yes and 
forever rise!

Keep Shining


Observe with Love
those you care for,
and as you are able
lend a hand,
Love has built 
the bonds that 
connect you,
but do others not have
their own earthly plan.

In life experiences may
highlight for you,
what wells up in you 
that causes strife,
dive in deeply to bring
to the surface,
what within you 
wishes to see more

As a Beacon of Love 
shine your Light brightly,
do not fret if you feel
your gift of Love 
to another is precious,
know beloved souls 
receive All Love sent!

With Care


Take care of you.

There is a well-spring 
of compassion,
that is available 
for All of you,
begin within,
say yes to This – 
and take care of

Kindness extended
is not hard
when it is felt
within, without,
be kind to your
self today,
taking care of 

You are precious 
and beloved,
you need not wait
to sense this Truth,
breathe This in,
feel Love surrounding,
showering care for

What You Are is 
a gift to give,
begin by giving 
to your self,
Love honors you
in this endeavor,
soak up Love’s care
for you!

Conflict Resolution


May Love be a balm 
when you are hurting,
when another strikes
with their own pain,
conflict is ego stirring
the pot,
to direct away,
to find someone
to blame.

When you find yourself 
might you ask spirit to 
help you see,
another strikes out 
from their own hurt,
not knowing they 
are loved,

Different scenarios may 
pop up daily,
does ego not love 
the chance to fight,
might you let emotion
bring up defenses
that are asking for 
more Light.

Be Love’s balm
to another,
it is up to them 
to receive,
but in the giving 
of This Love,
you are released,
peaceful and free!

Momentum of Love


Let Love be your 
momentum of motion,
this flow of Love 
is Who You Are,
You Are Love’s Purpose 
in your Be-ing,
return to This 
when things feel 

May Love’s flow
help you align
to All You Are
and what you know,
your ego sometimes 
has you spinning,
keeping you in place,
afraid of your growth.

Take the hand of you
as your story,
with Love,
with compassion
help you to see,
no part of you 
is left behind,
your Wholeness grows

Rejoice in this forward
each step is made 
with Love’s sweet 
Truth –
You Are All of This,
trust in Love,
Love believes 
in you!

The Breath of One


Be the help where 
help is needed,
Be the hope when 
Light is dim,
Love works through 
all expressions,
see This Love,
in others,

What you give,
do you not receive,
this care begins
always with you,
as Love flows freely
within, throughout,
Be This Expression
of Love,
This You.

Trust that what 
is needed,
is given,
a bigger picture 
you may not 
yet see,
the world itself 
may not make 
but You know 
a Greater Reality.

May Love help bring you
greater ease,
share this lovingly 
with All you see,
when you unite 
with fellow Lights,
may the Breath of One
help All Be Peace.

This Light


There is no stopping 
a Light of Love,
This Presence felt
is never gone,
yes, in the physical 
your heart may break,
but This Light assures 
you are not alone.

Eternal bonds stretch
but never break,
your Light of Love
is with you Here,
you sense their presence,
believe This Truth,
This Light loves you 
and is always near.

You see the signs 
that are for you,
take comfort as 
you smile and know,
your loved one’s Light
is with you now,
together, always,
This Light, 
your soul.