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It may be a slow walk,
it may be a switch
that flips,
it may be an act
of Grace,
it may be
when something
change is a constant
moving force,
as You Are a Being
of creation,
be it small
or something big,
are you not wired
for transformation?

It may be something
you wish to heal,
it may be surroundings
you wish to change,
it may be a load
you wish to lift,
to free you from
or pain,
you are a constant
wave of vibration,
looking to resonate
with what moves you,
might you move
with Waves of Love,
with Gratitude
for transformation?

And it may not be much
that really changes,
for you to feel
completely new,
to gain a lightness
in your step,
might you unlock
something deep
inside of you?

When you express
your innate Joy,
when you release
the Authentic You,
is that not a transformational
to see how bright
the Love is
That Is You?

When you transform,
when you change,
is that not simply
a return to You?
Transform yourself
into Who You Are,
You Are Love
Love Is You.

Love Is

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Love can soothe,
Love can heal,
Love can show you
it is real.

Love can mend
a broken heart,
even when you feel
it is torn apart.

Let Love be the balm,
that gives you
the Strength
to carry on.

Love can.
Love Is.
Love will.

Let Love hold you
in its arms,
always there,
always strong.

Let Love ease
your worried mind,
any place,
any time.

Let Love show you
how to Be,
lean into Love,
then let it Be.

Love can.
Love Is.
Love will.

Allowing Love

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How do you show Love?

It may be by doing,
checking off what
is complete,
to give another
of your effort,
your time,
your help,
can feel so sweet.

You may listen,
be affirming,
taking in what
one gives out,
time can be spent
it matters not
what the doing
is about.

With time,
with trust,
can you not get
to where your hearts
connect as One,
when you can get
beyond the stories
that may cloud up
the connection some,
can you let go
of the struggle,
that comes when
expectations rule,
can you tune in
to the clearer
where it is only
Love that comes

This can take
an instant,
or maybe years,
but when the
opportunity is there,
can you look in
another’s eyes
and really let them
know you care,
when your heart
can do the talking,
where you need
not win or lose,
in these moments,
can you follow
what your heart
is telling you?

How do you show Love,
can you move
to how to Be –
in this loving space,
might you open
your heart
to see,
with loving eyes
can you see another
to show,
to share,
to Be,
your most loving self

Be Love,
let Love
show you how.
Take a look at
your expectations,
then simply


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Can you feel the lift
of the winds of Hope,
when Light shines
its beam,
on what may have
been dark,
what you may
has been there all
waiting to integrate
into one Loving Song,
fear may think
you are separate,
but do you not belong
to Love,
and does not Love
always prevail?

Breathe deep
from fresh air
that gives you
the will to fly,
may your soul
may you reach out
beyond the sky,
Love is not out
of reach,
you may only need
to look with new eyes,
might you let your Light
show the way?

With feet firmly
on the ground,
are you not also
what does your heart
tell you,
can you listen
with great care,
clear out a space,
to let You
show you a way,
to be One with
that is with you

You have the power,
you are amazing,
let your creativity
You Are Light.
You Are Love.
Let the world see You
and hear you roar!

Perfectly Human

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Is laughter not
a letting go?

When you need
to disengage
from the day to day,
when taking yourself
too seriously
keeps you attached
to the fray,
can you not find
be it silly
or part of play,
to help you surrender,
let go,
letting laughter
have its way?

If not a laugh,
it may be tears,
they too can
stop you in your
but releasing is
a balm,
that can bring your
focus back,
demonstrating you are
to feel,
to Be,
in this present moment
fully human,
but not just
a part of

Let laughter or
open you up
when your mind begins
to numb,
or your heart
feels closed,
or you are ready
for some fun,
it can be exhausting,
being human,
sometimes you feel
you need a break,
can you let laughter
or tears flow,
separate or together,
for your sake?

Let go,
let it Be,
let yourself
off the hook –
succumb to
Be-ing You,
perfectly human,
yet always wrapped,
in your Magnificent


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And as your human selves
may work out
how to live together
on earth,
are not your souls
interlocked for purposes
that may be hard
to see at first,
when there are challenges
do you not grow,
are there not choices
that you make,
no choice is right
or wrong,
does it not help
you choose
which road that you
may take?

You are here to experience
to live it fully,
to stretch and grow,
you co-exist with
others who are playing
their own roles here
as well,
when you limit taking
things so personally
as an affront to
who you think you are,
if All Are Love
at the soul level,
are you not all linked
with the Arms of Love?

Your souls already
your human selves
see so many differences
and there is much
across the land,
remember you are
experiencing duality,
though in your hearts
you beat as One,
feel your human emotion,
but extend an
extra step to see –
your heart can extend
Love to a fellow soul,
even as human,
you may disagree.

You Are One
with Who You Are –
the Light of God,
the Divine Spark,
You All Are Light,
Love Is Who You Are.

Healing Is Here

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Healing is here.
In the comfort
of angels,
in the heart
that may feel
with Love and
words spoken,
healing is here.

Healing brings together
what separates you,
when you are brought
with Love,
is it not the Love
that unites you,
healing is here.

When you feel
you are separated,
from loved ones,
from You,
does Love not
bring you together,
healing is here.

Let Love gently
surround you,
let Love fill your
beautiful heart,
You Are Whole
in This Presence,
healing is here.

Healing is here –
in the comfort
of angels,
in the heart
that knows Love,
You Are One
in Love’s perfection,
healing is Here.