An Invitation


You Are Courage,
You Are Light,
you may be used 
to putting up a 

Yes, ego’s reaction 
is to keep you safe,
but is there not 
another way,
to get through the day?

As a seed through 
is buried deep in 
the snow,
does it not trust 
that sun and rain 
will invite it to grow?

Your soul carries 
this invitation,
beckoning you at this
present time –
come play with me,
beloved child,
your purpose is Love,
the same as mine.

Your Light is the sun,
your tears are rain,
your soul is the 
for you to bloom 
once again.

Precious Child,
you are watched over 
by the stars,
the Universe sees 
this Truth,
of the Love You Are!

A Balance of Love


Is there not a balance
to be found,
between standing up
or backing down,
might you discern
from which eyes you see,
ego’s power struggle 
or soul’s neutrality?

A situation may come 
your way,
to shed light on 
a role you play,
ego wants you to
jump into the fray,
are there not plots
to stories 
that get in your way?

Might you ask spirit 
to see beyond this 
what is deep within,
wishing to be seen,
on the surface you 
may feel defensive,
but might this be a request
to know Love inside?

Yes, you may need to 
heed actions of this 
but your reactions 
need not cause you 
allowance need not 
add to any blame,
let Love and Peace 
transform any judgment 
that remains.

Stand firm and grounded 
in the Truth of You,
this balance is always within
the soul of You,
you need not balance 
the external view – 
This Peace,
All Love is always 
in the Heart of You!

A Bridge of Love


Be a vessel,
hold the space,
be a Bridge of Love 
beyond time and place,
your soul knows only 
this point of view,
might your human
begin to see this, too?

You need not work
to change each other,
simply know you are
your sister and brother,
as your soul knows 
All Are One,
might you release 
your human projection?

A leap of Faith 
is all you need,
let the Bridge of Love 
close any gap you 
when you see with 
your True Vision,
do you not understand 
and know Source 
is within?

Join hand in hand 
as hearts All are 
as Love’s Bridge,
reach out to 
All are welcome,
do you not all
as One with Source,
are you not already 

As Love’s vessel 
you are this 
Bridge of Love,
be Love’s shining Light,
projecting below 
what is above,
hold this space 
for Love’s Light 
to shine through,
as you remember 
You Are Love – 
the One of You!

Help Is Here


Help is Here,
sun reminds gently,
for sun has not gone 
your perception may 
go through cycles,
but sun remains 
be it night or day.

Always True Light 
shines within you,
though at times it may 
be hard to see – 
see it reflected in 
those who love you,
as well as strangers,
all souls see Light 

Allow Love to carry you
when you are weary,
to comfort you in 
times of stress,
the body wishes to 
be in charge,
let your soul tell you
what is best.

May Love surround you
precious child,
reminding you how 
much you are loved,
always held gently 
by Love’s angels,
together below as 
you are above!



Take a break,
surround with comfort,
let your body
rest with ease,
there are times 
when you extend,
now take time 
to simply Be.

You may do this 
with your body,
but does not ease 
correspond with flow,
might you accept,
what gently emanates
from your soul.

You may have a 
million questions,
you may wish to 
know it all,
my dear,
knowing is internal,
more is revealed
when you let go.

Take a break,
a breath,
let Peace
trickle down 
like soothing tea,
let Peace and Love 
be your comfort,
cradled by Love,

The Whole of You


Be the Whole of You.

Yes, your mind 
is able to break 
down and analyze 
disparate parts of 
but in alignment,
working together,
does not your 
life force come
flowing through?

You are greater 
than the sum 
of your parts,
yes, you have heard 
of this truth,
place your intention 
on your Wholeness,
let your true nature 
come shining through.

Yes, fear and doubt 
may pick apart
what has come up 
to be seen,
invite All of You 
to this chorus,
with a Voice of One,
may you sing.

Be the Whole 
of You,
your soul is ready 
for this dance,
you are wholly,
Holy One,
singing in your 

As One


Sometimes you need space.

And from the viewpoint 
of the separated self,
this may be a use of 
space and time
to take a break
from what your
your eyes,
are showing you.

Now from your heart’s 
point of view,
when shifted to the 
All of You,
might you observe 
that what you see,
that may trigger,
be painful,
causing you to flee,
is a familiar cry 
for Love?

In unity with the 
All of You,
there is no separate 
for you to go to,
look into Love’s mirror,
reassuring you,
I Am Here 
and I so 
Love you.

So take some space 
or time you need,
Love is patient,
beyond any belief,
when you see You 
looking back with Love,
as One,
so All
are Loved.

A Masterpiece of Love


You may not see 
the bigger picture,
from your perspective 
as the painted scene,
but as You Are 
the creative Artist,
are you not always 
able to create again?

Beauty is in the eyes 
of the beholder,
might you have faith
and trust in the 
Eyes of Love,
accept, allow – 
you need not struggle 
what bubbles up 
to be let go of.

As creative art 
are you not constantly 
to Love’s perfect 
allow All to see 
your outside beauty,
as it reflects eternal 
Love inside.

You are not an 
isolated portrait,
you are All colors 
in this Palette of Love,
mix, blend and 
play with All of 
Love’s Creation,
the Masterpiece of You 
is a miracle of 

The Alchemy of Love


You Are Creation,
as Love is 
a Creative Force,
you cannot Be 
any-thing else,
are you not 
Love’s expression 
from Source?

All of This 
is all within
yes, you may 
question how 
to know,
beyond your mind
is your knowing,
that exists always 
within your soul.

It may begin 
as belief 
and many beliefs 
may need to go,
what is asking to 
be released,
so the Heart of You
may share what 
it knows.

Create, rejuvenate,
be an alchemist
with Love’s healing
let your heart,
your soul
You Are an infinite 
Creation of Love!

A Cycle of Love


Love is a flow 
like an endless
an eternal Source 
with no beginning, 
no end,
at any point 
in time
you have access 
to it,
though your eternal Self
bathes in this flow 
again and again.

River runs through
the earth as
part of a cycle,
rain pours from the sky 
to refill, refresh,
water then returns 
as its form changes,
to its Source to 
repeat again.

You need not wait 
for your form 
to change,
You Are This Source
it is what breathes you,
dip your toes,
your fingers,
all of you in it,
Love is ever-present 
and always available 
in you.

Bring your self 
to this loving river,
as your Self 
is wholly of this 
you are All aspects 
of this Love, eternal,
an infinite Cycle 
of Love,
complete and Holy