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When the child
within you wails,
and brings up stories
it wishes to tell,
might you listen
with all of your
is this not how
healing can start?

Does not your child
wish to be heard,
when feeling fear
do you not reassure,
there are tools,
that can help
for sure,
but is it not Love
that goes beyond
any words?

When the child within
is asking for Love,
might you surround
with unconditional Love,
does Love not innately
know what to do,
let Love soothe,
let Love heal you.

When you feel separated
and scattered about,
might you embrace
All of You
as the One You Are,
let Love hold you close
and let Love soothe,
You Are Loved
beyond measure –
All of You.

The Way

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Let Love show you
the way.

There are corners
that you wish
to clear out,
are there not areas
that could use more
when you are ready,
do not opportunities
appear –
let Love show you
the way.

Your heart is open,
your awareness grows,
does Light not look
to shine so bright,
let Light show you
where there is healing,
let Love show you
the way.

Even as you are ready
for spring cleaning,
you may still
not wish to see,
some areas that you
have missed,
but do they not
wait patiently?
With Faith that Love
is always with you,
with Trust that
each and every day –
you never walk alone,
let Love show you
the way.

You need not know
all of the answers,
but do not the questions
lead you Here –
shine your Light
on your next step,
yes, Love will show you
the way.

A Light for Love

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Be the Light,
when one is in
the dark,
sit with one
who thinks
they have lost
their spark,
see the Love
in another,
when they think
they have lost
their way,
hold space for
in a thousand ways.

And in this
Space of Love,
do you not also
find You?
Is that not
when the magic
Love Is Here
for you, too,
you can receive Love,
you can give Love,
but no one owns
this precious
Love Is Here
for All –
Love and Light
are within
All of You.

Shine your Light,
begin by opening
your heart,
it may be hard
if it is hurting,
but with Courage,
light a spark –
when you share
your loving Light,
will Light not return
to you ten-fold,
Be Light,
Be Love,
let the miracle
of You

There is a space
where Love
will meet you,
it has always
been there –
go to your heart,
sit with Love,
You Are Love
and Love Is

Knowing Love

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Let Love flow
and Love knows
where to go.

You need not guide
will Love not guide
Love is like a flowing
you may or
may not recognize
its source,
but it has purpose,
a direction,
it affects all
that are on its

When you open to
Love’s flow,
is that not when
you realize,
that it is Love
that courses through
you can see it
in your eyes.

Yes, the blood that
flows through you,
keeps you alive
in this current state,
but Love is Who
You Really Are,
an eternal Be-ing,
that Love has

Let Love flow
and Love knows
where to go.

Might you ask Love
to help you
see It,
bring a mirror
to complete
this task,
the best way to
look at Love –
it may begin
when you ask
the reflection in
the mirror,
who is looking
back at you,
when you look
with the eyes
of Love,
is that not Love
looking at you?

You Are the
Flow of Love,
Love is as close
as your next
you can trust this,
you can believe it,
you are as close
as you can get –
ask Love to help
you see it,
find it deep within
your soul,
trust that You Are
a Divine creation,
you seek the Truth,
because This
you Know.

This Is Love

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This Is Love.

Be it family
or friends,
the loving ties
that reach across
the miles that
separate you
or a veil
that appears
hard to cross –
forever, always
you are together,
with hearts of Love
that are opened
can you not feel
the Love surround
from above,

This Is Love,
yes, sometimes
your hearts may
but Love is
as Love can soothe
when there is
Love will always
connect you
to loved ones
you know so
when you miss them,
know they are
with you,
this is Love,
yes, you can

This Is Love.
Feel it welling up
Love is what you
are made of,
sometimes you run,
but you cannot
hide –
Love shines
ever so brightly,
even when you
feel your Light
is dim,
the Well of Love
is always full,
This Is Love –
and within.

Your Limitless View

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Which window do
you wish to look
there are many rooms
you occupy
from which to view.
With intention,
can you not choose,
the view which
you wold like
to use,
are there not myriad
that are part of

You may feel
you have lived
several lives
in this lifetime,
yes, change and
growth is a part
of this path,
but is not what
helps to make you
is seeing situations
from all sides,
and seeing yourself –
in all of
this or that?

In this life
you have perspectives
that you look from,
but know that
are a part of
so much more,
you are not only
a room in a
you are the ground
it sits upon,
you are the sun,
the stars
that shine,
and yes, beyond
where they reside –
is not your perspective
when You can

Do not limit
into one room,
open up the window
and expand into
your limitless view –
even as you work
on parts of one
who sees the self,
always know
that You Are One
with All of You.

Love Is Always

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dear one,
that All Is Well.

This does not mean
that there won’t
be times,
when you rail
against what appears
to be unfair,
or against what
you do not wish
to understand –
the “whys” may
elude you
in the human suit
you wear,
but on everybody’s
yes, Love Is
always There.

Love never leaves
though there are times
you feel it does,
your human side
knows only here
and wishes for the
physical presence
of Love,
on your journey
will you not question
and will not Love
keep answering you,
“are you here?”
you may ask –
and yes,
Love Is
always There.

You need not like,
to accept,
you need not
be okay,
even as you allow,
but when you come
to an understanding
that Love never leaves,
might you now
begin to shift your
so you may see
what surrounds You –
Love is in This,
always with You,
Love Is
always Here
and You Are, too.