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Take a breath,
take care of you,
might you make
a priority –
and take some
to be with

In human terms,
you may think it
is “selfish”,
but when you nurture
your beautiful self,
are you not able
to bring your
best self forward,
sharing your Light
with everyone

When you rest
and restore,
can you not feel
your energy
you may think
nothing is going on
as you are so focused
on what you create.

But it is important
to take some time,
to let things simmer,
to integrate,
have Faith and Trust
that the quiet
is as powerful
as any sound
you make.

There is a balance
you will find,
when you listen
to body and
recognize both,
honor the journey,
be it fast or
be is slow.

Take a breath,
honor You,
for every moment
you create,
Be kind,
Be compassionate
with the Whole of You,
Together as One,
in this peaceful state.

A Filter of Love

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Let Love be
your filter –
does Love not
When you tune
into Love’s
does not the
Miracle of Love
work through

Does Love not have
the power
to transform,
any energy
that does not
feel good to
you need not
find this Love
does not Divine Love
always flow
through You?

Let Love be
your filter,
have faith and
trust in
the Love
That Is You,
like a cleansing
in the springtime,
might you let Love
wash over
and rejuvenate

With no judgment
and with so much
ask Love to
transmute what
no longer serves,
is Spring not
the perfect reminder,
that with Love
new growth
is ready to

Let Love be
your filter,
create and change
with the Love
That Is You,
You Are a powerful
let Love be
the Truth
that flows
so lovingly
through You.

A Moment of Love

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In this moment,
Here Is Love.

It is yours
to claim,
as choosing Love
is a perfectly
natural thing –
you may wonder
about the past,
or what the future
may possibly bring –
what if you knew,
that in this moment,
you have access
to Everything?

The healing Power
of Love,
knows no limits
of space or time,
and as a Be-ing of
might you let Love
take your mind
to another
moment of You,
that you wish to
bathe in Love,
might you let Love
transmute the energy
of beliefs that you
think of?

In this moment,
Here Is Love,
You Are limitless,
in this moment
are you not
with all that may
have happened
or all that you
wish to Be –
Be it All,
in this moment,
choosing Love
that sets you free.

All That You Are
is Love expressed
so you may find –
Here Is Love
when you wish to
claim it,
Love Is Everywhere,
and All Divine.


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Does it not make
sense to retrain
your brain,
so it can experience
what is in
your heart,
as you create
from the
there may be patterns
you may need
to learn about.

What does your brain
tell you,
you cannot do,
what limitations,
does it place
upon you –
know that these
are wonderful
to rethink,
to retrain,
to see all
soul working
in harmony
with your brain.

Know that your
is Here
and always
get your brain
on board,
by diving in
to what thoughts
and beliefs,
you think are
true –
your Truth
is in your heart
and your soul
knows what to do.

Integrate all parts
of Who You Are,
retrain your thoughts,
so that they match
your heart,
as you are an aspect
of the Whole,
You Are a blessed
Divine soul,
create from this
this Truth,
from the Love
That Is You.

With Gratitude
for every part,
integrate All
That You Are –
express the
of the Love
That Is You!

Circle of Love

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You are in the
of a Circle of
when you feel
you are on
the outside,
is this not
when you judge?

Sometimes it is
easier to extend
giving out
than to receive,
but does it not
begin within,
as you accept
and believe?

Your inner critic,
when turned loose,
can cause havoc
and stir up doubt,
but even that
part of you
knows inside,
what Love is all
about –
like the child,
who is testing,
to make sure
You are there,
might you surround
your inner child
with hugs,
and Love
and tender care?

When you center,
when you balance,
do you not see
with new eyes –
Love is your center,
Love is your purpose,
and there are endless
loving ways,
to show Love,
to Be Love,
but might you
begin with
you –
surround you
with your Circle of
holding close,
the Magnificent You!


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Living your story,
you may have built
walls to keep
you safe,
but are you not seeking,
finding ways,
to let Love in?

When you shed
protective layers,
is it not Love
then that you see,
looking back at you
in the mirror,
is not Love
in thee?

And when you rise
above your story,
catching glimpses
from your soul,
in an instant
you are not separate,
do you not feel
complete and

With Gratitude in
your heart,
and a touch of
to remind you,
You Are Strength,
You Are Courage,
All of Love
resides in You.