Being Helpful


Be helpful.
Be Love.

This may be the 
smallest act of 
or extending Love 
to one you do not know,
join in the web 
of Divine creation,
Be helpful,
Be Love.

Does this not remind 
you are a collective,
intertwined as 
soul to soul,
as you face earthly
Be helpful,
Be Love.

When you help another 
you help yourself,
and is not helping 
saying “I see you,”
seeing your sister and 
brother with your soul,
is Be-ing helpful,
Be-ing Love.

You ask for help 
when you feel 
you need it,
Be in this exchange 
the whole day through,
Be-ing open to Love’s 
sweet gifts,
is Be-ing helpful,
Be-ing Love.

With Love, Your Soul


When you ask your soul
what would be helpful,
to contemplate today,
might you invite a 
State of Being,
that gives permission 
for joyful play.

Might you see 
your own Light 
reminding you of 
Who You Are,
egoic threads that 
feel constrictive
cannot hide the Light
of your shining star.

You need not solve 
all of the problems
that your mind wishes 
you to believe,
take the hand your 
soul extends,
together might you 
feel lighter and free.

See your self with 
your soul’s eyes,
with gentle kindness,
compassion, too,
may Love,
your soul 
lovingly remind,
You Are so Loved,
this perfect You!

Behold, You


Behold this moment,
does not Love join you 
in This space?
Here you let go of time,
your awareness is 
beyond any place. 

This is not emptiness,
are you not filled up 
with This Love?
Any parts that think 
of lack,
are remembering now 
what you are made of.

In linear life,
there are many moments,
but as Eternal Be-ing 
You Are but One,
hold these glimpses 
in your heart,
where Love shines 
stronger than the 

Behold You as Love’s
shining star,
may This Moment 
bring Grace and ease,
This is You,
your True Nature,
receive This knowing,
Be One with Peace. 

One Light


Meet someone 
where they are,
ask Love to help
you to see,
when you look with
the Eyes of Love,
the Lights of souls 
shine equally.

In the world of 
this or that,
you may have lines
you do not cross,
be gently aware
of what else simmers,
that with Love you 
might clear up.

Even when looking 
from a distance,
there is no beginning
and no end,
as souls you all 
are connected,
even if in life 
you are not friends.

You need not have 
all the answers,
let go of judgments 
of your self,
see you with the same
Eyes of Love,
All One as soul 
knows All is Well.

Allowing Peace


There is Peace 
no matter what 
appears to swirl
around you,
with an intention 
to find it,
does it not lead you
back to You?

Does not acceptance,
yes allowance,
help you to navigate
your way,
there are times you 
rail against it,
but Peace shows you
a smoother way.

As you release 
perceived control,
may you,
with Peace,
enjoy the ride,
you always have 
choices to make,
but let your soul,
with Love,

Here is Peace,
always with you,
it is the eye
of any storm,
at your center,
Love centers you,
in this allowance,
may you soar!

This Light of Joy


Let Joy be the 
to all of your 
it is not about 
but where 
You Are Now,

Your perceptions
may get clouded,
swayed by what 
you may believe,
ask Joy to clear 
out this filter,
so you,
with Joy,
can truly see.

Joy is Love
forever dancing,
may you sense 
Joy’s lightness now,
open your heart 
and trust 
that Love will answer 
all of your questions

May the smile 
upon your lips,
usher in Joy
throughout this 
take Love’s hand 
as your dance 
may joyful Light 
show you the way!

Be, Be, Be


Be bold,
Be brave,
Be fearless,
Be You,
Be All of what 
Love believes 
in you.

Stand tall,
walk with 
a purposeful 
with Faith,
Be open to 
what has not 
happened yet.

Trust you,
knowing is 
what you are 
made of,
when you are 
hand it over 
to Love.

Be Strength,
Be Courage,
you know 
what to do,
You as Love 
is the Purpose
of You!

The Rhythm of Love


Does not your heart
know the rhythm
of the Eternal beat
of Love,
As You Are infinitely 
are you not below 
as you are above?

Walk in rhythm,
believe and trust,
take in signs 
along the way,
those in spirit,
in tandem with you,
are part of your 

May instinct guide you,
intuition speaks,
listen with your heart,
your soul,
may earth’s ancient,
grounding rhythm,
help you align,
trust and then 

Part of Love’s Team,
may you walk 
of your place 
in All That Is,
follow your heart,
guided so gently,
in Joy and wonder,
You Are All of This!

All Hearts


Are not All hearts 
beating as One?

This makes no sense
in a world
that celebrates 
but even as the 
costumes change,
All hearts are beating
as One.

Hurt and pain 
may feel unique
to one’s story 
as it unfolds,
but what unites
in shared compassion – 
All hearts beating 
as One.

Ego sets up many 
pitting “us” against 
might you begin 
to see beyond – 
where All hearts 
beat as One.

Release the need 
to know all answers
to questions that 
honor separateness,
share your Light,
embrace This Truth – 
All hearts are beating
as One.

Be a beacon of 
spread Love as 
a healing balm,
may Grace remind you
Here is Peace,
as All hearts beat 
the Truth of One.

With Awareness


You Are awareness.
Become aware 
of where your 
focus is.

Ego may wish to 
have you scattered
with thoughts of 
past or future near,
but Love’s power 
is in the present,
with awareness,
return Home to 

Note the feelings 
and reactions 
when your mind 
is on replay,
might you create 
a new loving moment,
with awareness of 
each breath you take.

You have the power 
within your heart,
your soul is joyful 
to share This Truth,
take the reins of 
your awareness,
with Love see 
the Miracle of You!