The Rhythm of Love


Does not your heart
know the rhythm
of the Eternal beat
of Love,
As You Are infinitely 
are you not below 
as you are above?

Walk in rhythm,
believe and trust,
take in signs 
along the way,
those in spirit,
in tandem with you,
are part of your 

May instinct guide you,
intuition speaks,
listen with your heart,
your soul,
may earth’s ancient,
grounding rhythm,
help you align,
trust and then 

Part of Love’s Team,
may you walk 
of your place 
in All That Is,
follow your heart,
guided so gently,
in Joy and wonder,
You Are All of This!

All Hearts


Are not All hearts 
beating as One?

This makes no sense
in a world
that celebrates 
but even as the 
costumes change,
All hearts are beating
as One.

Hurt and pain 
may feel unique
to one’s story 
as it unfolds,
but what unites
in shared compassion – 
All hearts beating 
as One.

Ego sets up many 
pitting “us” against 
might you begin 
to see beyond – 
where All hearts 
beat as One.

Release the need 
to know all answers
to questions that 
honor separateness,
share your Light,
embrace This Truth – 
All hearts are beating
as One.

Be a beacon of 
spread Love as 
a healing balm,
may Grace remind you
Here is Peace,
as All hearts beat 
the Truth of One.

With Awareness


You Are awareness.
Become aware 
of where your 
focus is.

Ego may wish to 
have you scattered
with thoughts of 
past or future near,
but Love’s power 
is in the present,
with awareness,
return Home to 

Note the feelings 
and reactions 
when your mind 
is on replay,
might you create 
a new loving moment,
with awareness of 
each breath you take.

You have the power 
within your heart,
your soul is joyful 
to share This Truth,
take the reins of 
your awareness,
with Love see 
the Miracle of You!

This Loving Voice


You need not talk 
yourself into
anything with your
own mind,
release your hold on 
and with Love may 
you align.

This vibration will feel 
it is your natural state
to Be,
your ego mind may miss
the noise and constant 
chatter you do not 

As ego rushes to fix 
a problem,
might you change 
your point of view,
may a perceived 
hard situation
be what is helping you
to find You.

You need not turn 
off the chatter,
but as you listen 
with your soul,
does this Loving Voice
not remind 
that You Are always
complete and whole?

May you walk with confidence,
may you trust what next
to do,
angels, guides and 
loved ones join
with your soul
forever loving you!

Your Healing Light


Share your healing
though unique to you
it connects to All,
might you listen 
to your soul,
that nudges you to
answer Love’s call.

Is not sharing when
you extend,
knowing what you give 
do you not receive,
you do not do this 
know angels and guides 
in you, believe.

Your healing Light 
ushers in Peace,
as you align with 
Love as Truth,
Be This Presence,
trust This Love
that is at Home
in the heart of

To Spirit


Give of your heart 
to spirit,
this is a natural state
to Be,
does not This Love 
flow back and forth,
a perfect dance 
performed elegantly.

You think you meet 
between two worlds,
but boundaries do not
exist, my dear,
spirit is Everywhere 
at once,
you need not search 
as Love is Here.

Simply open up 
your heart,
to hear the angels 
that sing to you,
give of your heart 
to spirit,
and return Home 
to the Truth 
of You!

Love’s Soft Strength


As thoughts get 
loud or out 
of sync,
the softness of 
Love soothes 

Breathe Love in 
and make a shift,
ask soul,
ask spirit to 
help with this.

There may be 
problems still
to solve,
but your soul’s 
perspective helps 
you sort through 
it all.

Set aside the noise,
find the stillness
get quiet so Love 
is what you can 

Tune in to You,
where softness 
is your Strength,
allow breath 
with Peace,
breathe you, 



May you align 
with the flow
of your soul.

You may think 
easier said than done,
as ego fights the
concept of One,
may you align 
with the flow 
of your soul.

Letting go,
letting loose,
might feel precarious 
to you,
may you trust 
in the flow 
of your soul.

Discernment paves 
the way of knowing,
your awareness evolves 
and is ever-growing,
may you know 
within the flow
of your soul.

Watch for breadcrumbs,
see the signs,
your soul is with 
loved ones and guides,
your Team is You 
forever flowing 
with your soul.

Trust and have Faith
there is no wrong or right,
Be the experience 
of Be-ing Divine,
You Are One 
as you forever flow
with your soul.

Divinely Connected


Journey with those 
who have passed 
before you,
though beyond time 
they are never gone,
your loved ones and
Team are right beside
always together,
working as 

You delight when 
connections are 
do you not feel 
your spirit lift,
the soul of You 
is always Here
at Home,
this evolving awareness
is one of Love’s 
sweet gifts.

Yes, you seek all 
tools to use,
but You as Soul
have all you need,
may you be guided 
for the greater good,
your prayer to help 
is all that Spirit needs.

With Trust that you 
are divinely connected,
how could you Be 
anything but This,
your loved ones and
Team join with you,
so grateful,
rejoicing that together
You Are All of This!