Love’s Experience


All that you 
think you need
is based upon your 
human perception.

All that you truly 
All That Is.

You flow in the
same energy 
as your guides,
your Team,
your beloveds.

You experience from 
the human perspective,
but You Are 
Love’s Experience.

Never doubt where
or who you are,
Here You Are as Love,
Beloved One.

Love’s Purpose


Be a purpose of 
Love today,
this may be a choice,
extend a quiet calm
in a day that is often
filled with noise.

Love’s purpose flows
within you,
there are moments 
you know this Truth,
when you quiet 
to sense this stillness,
is Love not always Here
with you?

Let go of judgment 
of choices past,
no need to dwell 
on what may come,
the human life has 
many contrasts,
but are you not always 
Divinely One?

Be Love’s purpose in 
this moment,
extend Love that is 
innately You,
be purposeful in choices
made today,
allowing Love’s purpose 
to flow through you!



Embrace the creative you.

This may cause you pause,
ego drags its feet,
if it cannot be seen,
how do you complete?

How many leaps of faith
have you completed 
so far,
put your faith 
in You,
you need not make 
it so hard!

Yes, you wish to control 
what appears to come 
to you,
my dear,
create, expand,
project what flows 
through you.

Embrace with your 
whole heart,
this creative You,
it may ask you to 
a new road to 
find you.

But will you not find 
no matter where 
you go,
Love embraces you 
completely dear,
You Are Loved so!

A Walk of Purpose


Rise up to your 
soul’s purpose,
you need not know 
all that it is,
accept, allow
the gentle nudges,
even as your mind 
may question this.

It is not the outcome 
that is the focus, 
are you not experiencing,
remembering, You?
in linear time
it is the journey – 
every step as meaningful 
as the first.

Shine bright your Light,
let fear and doubt crumble,
your foundation, 
Love holds All that 
is You,
from your Higher Self’s 
do you not see a different, 
expanded view?

Does not this awareness 
bring sweet clarity,
as the clouds grow
thin and disappear,
when you rise above 
and see with Eyes of 
the Soul,
do you  not know 
your soul’s purpose 
is forever Here?

There is no need 
to measure distance 
on your journey,
the map you walk 
may not in human terms
make sense,
know you walk with
angels beside you, always,
dear one,
your soul beams Gratitude
for your magnificence!

Fly With Me


Fly with me,
Love says softly,
did you not know 
you have wings to 
Let me take you 
by the hand,
let me be the 
reason that you

See, we always are 
still together,
you may feel me 
with a different 
your search for how 
has you on a journey,
are you not lifting
a veil that used 
to be so dense?

Let us explore together 
Love says with purpose,
this Love we share 
is for eternity,
Love lifts you up
to take you higher,
to Love’s Reunion,
infinite and free!

A Road to Peace


You need not construct 
the road to Peace,
Peace resides always 
in you.

You may experience
obstacles, bumps,
the road of Life 
is far from smooth,
but throughout each 
and every endeavor,
is not Peace available
to you?

Acceptance and allowance
may grate upon 
your ego, true –
but does this not reveal
where friction lives,
inviting Love to
gently smooth?

Ask to see things from 
a different perspective,
your Higher Self has 
an infinite view,
this road to Peace
is yours to follow – 
always bringing you
back Home to You.

This Faith of You


A leap of Faith
is not a great distance,
do you not exist 
on both sides you 
Is your heart not 
already the bridge
to what you know 
beyond what you 

You need not make 
this leap any harder,
it is something you 
can do with ease,
you are already 
completely connected,
let this wash over you 
and bring you Peace.

Any chasm you see 
is from human eyes,
your self believes 
struggle is the way 
to go,
but are you not 
lifted by angel wings,
supported by loved ones
who Love you so.

Yes, Faith may appear 
as a leap to you,
for you as human 
wish to know 
what is True,
my dear,
your Soul sees 
your wholeness united,
the hand you reach for 
is the Eternal Hand 
of You!

A Choice of Love


Choice begins within.

It may be tempting,
less personal, 
to place blame
and point fingers out,
as human,
is it not easier 
to cross one’s arms 
in an egoic pout?

Yes, in life there are 
many opportunities 
that you experience 
throughout the day – 
you may rank them
based on justification,
which ones will you 
let go of or 
dig in to stay?

Regardless of the 
power of emotion 
that you attach to 
each story lived,
could you not trace 
each to a core belief
that questions your 
worthiness for Love 
to give?

Yes, there is choice 
in the world of 
you may be weary 
of the to and fro,
but what may help 
is knowing beyond 
You Are Well 
You Are Loved so.

Allow this deep knowing 
to reassure
and help you to make 
your choices clear –
how would Love choose 
in this moment,
Love chooses you,
my dear!

Love’s Exploration


You may feel something 
is insurmountable,
but have you not 
risen before,
from your vantage point 
of looking up,
an obstacle may seem 
tall to you upon the floor.

But take a look at 
the bigger picture,
taking in with Vision
what you see with 
wider eyes,
you may not understand
all that your are seeing,
but from the soul’s 
you need not ask why.

What you think may 
be an obstacle,
may be a route to 
freedom not yet 
when you embark 
upon an exploration,
is not the point to explore,
as curious, you roam.

Pull from your Strength,
your Courage is always 
joining you always 
on adventures, too,
keep your True Focus
on the map of your
all experience brings 
you always back Home
to You!

An Angelic Song


Peace is the language 
of angels,
do you not long 
to hear their song?
My dear,
you need no translation,
in the arms of angels 
is where you belong.

It may be hard to 
sense this rhythm,
though your heart 
knows completely 
this tune,
with trust and faith
might you acknowledge,
that the music of angels 
always plays in you?

Peace be with you,
you are eternally 
surrounded by Love,
though your feet 
walk upon this earth,
your soul sings in 
harmony with 
the angels above.