A Perfect Balance

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Do you not look for
the perfect balance
between your inner drive
and letting go?
The human side may
wish for certain outcomes,
your knowing soul knows
All Is Well,
if you think you need
to decide
between which voice
you listen to,
might you tune in
into the one
that brings Peace
and calm to you?

There is a rhythm,
there is a flow,
when you trust
that what you need,
is being worked out
even as
your human side
wishes to believe,
there is congruence,
there is coherence,
when the Whole of you
works as One,
know your heart
is part of the plan,
even as you may not
know the outcome.

Let the still, small voice
within you,
be your guide on
what to “do”,
find the sweet spot,
find the balance,
between your soul
and who you call
you may look at life
as a puzzle,
that you need to work out
on your own,
but when you surrender,
when you let go,
might you see
you are not alone?

Keep moving,
change is constant,
this is not about
stopping flow –
tap into the ebb and flow
of life –
the perfect balance
between human
and soul.


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Align with You,
align with Love.

And as you are
an individual aspect
of All That Is,
can you not align
with You,
as you align
with Love?

And it may not matter
which may happen first,
for as you are never
truly separate
from your loving Source,
when you align with
your true nature,
do you not align
with Love?

And during times of
growth or change,
when you may miss
the status quo,
might you welcome
the opportunity
to re-align
with You?

Align with You,
align with Love.

Always back to your
true center,
which is a constant
your whole life through –
you are always aligned
with Love,
now with awareness,
know this is true,
you always work together,
synchronizing with Love’s
constant flow –
when you align with Love –
There You Are,
and welcome Home!

Your Voice of Love

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In the midst of
all the noise,
there is one Voice
that you hear,
sometimes you need
to strain to hear it,
sometimes it comes in
very clear,
when you set a loving
do you not clear out
a way,
to be connected,
to recognize,
that Love speaks
to you each and
every day.

Some days may feel
more hectic
and if you do not
take time to
you may fall into
old patterns,
letting fear bring in
some doubt,
do not let time
become your master,
do you not always
work things out –
and listening to the
still, small Voice
within you,
is that not what
Love is all

Turn up your inner
the one that whispers
in your ear,
it sings with the
beat of your heart,
it is the Voice
that is most
you may waver
in your attempts
to tune into
this steady beat,
but when you find it,
save the channel,
it is the only Voice
you need.

Sing with your
Voice of Love,
let it affirm
what you have
come to know –
when you listen
to Love,
and speak your Truth –
O the places
you may go!


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Allow your soul
to guide you
though your mind’s
intentions do
mean well,
your soul will guide
you in the present,
but does not your mind
in past or future dwell.

You may not
the meaning of
it does not mean
that you are giving in,
is it not a form
of allowing,
the All of You
to step into
your power within?

Your soul and mind
need not battle,
they work together
on this planet earth,
there is much to be
though you question
some of its

When in doubt
of your direction,
when you begin
to wonder why,
surrender to your
innate Knowing,
that Love is with
at all times.

You might accept
this basic tenet,
you have an underlying
that Love is
Who You Are,
at any time,
you can surrender
to this.

and allow
are words your mind
may not compute,
but your soul
knows how to
to any song
that plays
this tune.

Allow your soul
to lead your
trust that you
already know
accept each moment
of your discovery,
that You Are
a miracle
of Love, now.

Today, Love

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Be Love.

You may look back
at what has transpired,
you can speculate
what may happen next,
but as you are
in this present
moment –
Be Love.

There are cycles,
there are season,
time ticks by
in this present
but when you are
in your State of
Be-ing –
Be Love.

When fear or worry
has you troubled,
when there is
about what to do,
remember Who You Are
and with intention –
Be Love.

Step into this
present moment,
meet Love Here,
Love is always
with you,
let love remind you
Who You Are,
you cannot help –
Be Love.

Yesterday is but a
tomorrow is not yet
be your magnificent
in every blessed
moment –
Be Love.

Your Limitless View

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Which window do
you wish to look
there are many rooms
you occupy
from which to view.
With intention,
can you not choose,
the view which
you wold like
to use,
are there not myriad
that are part of

You may feel
you have lived
several lives
in this lifetime,
yes, change and
growth is a part
of this path,
but is not what
helps to make you
is seeing situations
from all sides,
and seeing yourself –
in all of
this or that?

In this life
you have perspectives
that you look from,
but know that
are a part of
so much more,
you are not only
a room in a
you are the ground
it sits upon,
you are the sun,
the stars
that shine,
and yes, beyond
where they reside –
is not your perspective
when You can

Do not limit
into one room,
open up the window
and expand into
your limitless view –
even as you work
on parts of one
who sees the self,
always know
that You Are One
with All of You.


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When you ask,
are you not ready
to receive,
opening up to
this may come through
as something you
but are you not often
at what you get,
is there not delight
in the process of,
seeing the beauty
of the Miracle of Love?

Does not Love
at times unfold
with Grace,
when you open up
to receive
in a loving space,
making room
can help you to
clearing out thoughts
that make it harder
to believe –
yes, You Are
One with
All That Is –
with Grace and
are you not
unfolding to
All of This?

With Gratitude,
keep looking
for the bread crumbs,
that show you
to evolve,
to grow,
and to have fun,
yes, there are times,
when growth will
make you stretch,
but with Faith
and Trust,
are you not ready
for what happens

Let Love
open up all
of You,
unfolding perfectly,
with Grace,
and Gratitude.