One Heart

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Take a breath
be One with Me,
do we not sing
together in

I Am You
and You Are
One with the
beating together,
in sync.

We share
this moment
as One,
no matter
day break
or when day
is done.

I see you,
brothers and
sisters, come –
our hearts together,
our footsteps

With Eyes of
the Heart,
with knowing
Love exists in
This Breath,
Love is forever,


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You may feel limited
in form,
but are you not
limitless and free,
might imagination
be the magic carpet,
that takes you anywhere
you wish to Be?

This is not a flight
of fancy,
does not your soul
know how to
let your soul
on wings of Love,
demonstrate to you,
you are so much more.

Instead of perceiving
is this not a time
to open doors,
reprogram how you
used to do things,
outside of your box,
may you then soar!

You are the master
of your experience,
what do you wish
to create today,
your soul is a willing
explore together
and be open to play.

Your eyes may see
a certain picture,
but your Vision knows
so much more,
be open to all
possibility –
body, mind
and soul,
as Joy,

One Voice

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We are the Voice
that whispers softly,
yet we often speak
both loud and
the static, noise
within your head,
may sometimes make
us hard to hear.

Yes, the voice you
call your own
cannot be separate
from Love,
does not the Truth
of All That Is,
rise up within
and not from above?

You are always tuned
in to this vibration,
yes, static certainly
can interfere,
but as you focus
your attention,
do you not lovingly
feel us draw near?

You imagined you
were separate,
but is it not a
relief to know
the Truth,
We Are One,
blended perfectly
in Love’s masterfully
seasoned soup.

You, we, or me
are worldly constructs,
One Voice,
One Mind,
is All There Is,
One Voice speaks
eternally for Love,
All hearts rejoice
in All of This!

I Am, You

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I Am
before time
started ticking,
I Am
beyond the horizon
in your view,
time or space
does not affect
the sacred Truth
that I Am,

You may change
the path you take,
you may change
the clothes you
identity is temporary,
but I Am
always is

Life may show up
life may turn you
upside down,
at your core
you have all you
Love is Who You Are
and always surrounds.

Look into the mirror
look beyond
your exterior view,
Here You Are –
changeless and
I Am This
I Am You.

Checking In

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Check in.

Allow your breath
to help you discover,
where constriction
may slow
the flow,
you need not
race to points
check with breath
before you “go”.

Is not your body
part of this flow,
from cellular
to your fingers
and toes,
let breath assure
that all is well,
check in with body,
mind and soul.

For every rise in
when information,
disrupts your peace,
your breath is
key in connecting
the Whole of You,
from atom to Source,
You Are One
and One is You.

Check in with Love,
Love breathes you
to let you know,
the Whole of You
is One with Love,
You Are Loved so!


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Do not begrudge the ego.

As you live in time
and space,
ego maneuvers in this
comparative place,
yes, ego brings up
many questions to
and does it not want
the answers fast?

But from your Higher
Perspective view,
intuition, knowledge,
is able to get through,
do not answers to
questions asked,
do these not appear
to you, at last?

Yes, you may awaken
from your sleep,
does your soul not
whisper to you, softly,
when ego takes center
is it not hard to hear
other parts in this

Do not judge when you
feel out of sorts,
here is healing for parts
that are sore,
shine Love’s Light on
programming of past,
transform, transmute
joyfully with Love,
as you dance.

You may balance
with every breath,
a walk, the stillness,
is your soulful friend,
your soul never tires
to remind you that,
Here I Am,
yes, You,
are That!

A Virtual Be-ing

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Do you know how
expansive you are?

One single place
or any space
cannot contain
the All of You,
as you are connected,
One Web of energy,
Love flows through
every one of

You may see
physical distance,
but is this not
helping you to
beyond your
proximity of
are not these
experiences here
to teach?

You are a creator,
when one door closes,
might you open to
so much more,
you dreamed of
special keys that
might unlock
what you are looking

But might you open
to your Essence,
that is neither
here or there,
you always are
a virtual Be-ing,
for You exist
truly Everywhere.

Expand with Love,
the technology of
the infrastructure
is You in space,
Love connects you
to this Web of Love,
your heart,
your soul
is This
Loving Place.

A Perfect Blend

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With change does fear
not look to fill
in spaces,
that your mind
thinks should work
a certain way,
as the mind seeks
to organize perceived
does fear not wish
to turn your attention
its way?

Yes, friction is an
here is space
that wishes to be
dear one, may Love
help you to remember,
every space of You
is lovingly filled up.

No matter what
is happening
around you,
yes, thank your mind
for working details out,
but you do not
walk alone in
these endeavors,
human and soul
are always blended

Let your breath
return you to
let soul awareness
surround you with
your blended Self
rejoices in this
the Whole of You,
always together,

A Graceful Move

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What do you identify

What do you clutch
and hold tightly,
for fear of letting
but do you not marvel
at fall leaves,
their brilliant colors
dancing to and fro.

Do they not make up
the fertile ground
that nourishes All
in all cycles of life,
have you not often
re-created your self,
as your Self marvels
with loving delight?

Might you loosen your
grip on what
should be,
and even the term
of “letting go”,
might you turn
from what may
be changing
and move with Grace
into Love’s Flow.

Ride this wave
of Love’s True Essence,
this is a familiar
place to Be –
from drop to wave,
You Are the ocean,
beloved and held
always with Thee.

Identify with your
True Essence,
from seed to leaf,
you are the tree,
your roots are grounded
in this Truth,
as Divine Source,
You Are limitless
and free!

Your Leap of Faith

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Sometimes your footing
may feel unsteady,
the rocks on the road
sometimes break free,
is there not always
another layer,
another path for
you to be?

And while your attention
is drawn to looking
at how your path
may often change,
are you not the
of your journey,
you do not create
to remain the same.

Shift often your focus
to the potential
that every moment
brings with Love,
you may tighten your grip
on what you hold,
but when you let go,
might you soar above?

Your human side will
work out the details,
let them come to you
in the perfect time,
lovingly embrace
your on-going creation,
there is no limit
to the limitless Mind.

Be aware of what you
hold onto,
with a leap of faith,
step through this
creative door,
yes, you have feet
that walk this
but with Wings of Love,
you may soar!