As Love


You need not use 
to change your 
but as the 
Essence of Love,
what miracles 
may you find!

You misunderstand 
that is the ego’s 
clutching grip,
when you loosen 
and let go,
is there not allowance
to what Is?

In an instant,
with no thought,
are you not One 
with All That Is,
this is the miracle 
you pray for,
and You Are always 
All of This.

It is murky,
hard to see 
with Vision 
through thinking 
is there not a clearer 
within your core,
that is You,

Be aware of thoughts 
that run from programs 
long since made,
create fresh,
begin anew,
your soul’s purpose 
is As Love,

With Purpose


Be you present
connecting with stars 
at night,
as your purpose 
Is Love,
how brightly shines
your Light?

You are an integral 
of infinite synapses
you may not see,
might you Trust 
that You Are part 
of a vast web 
of Love’s electricity?

As your vibration 
does this not turn 
up the Light,
your soul already
knows this,
but in your awareness,
is there not joyful 

Your soul knows its
you need only listen 
to your heart for Truth –
You Are part of Love’s 
woven into the 
Essence of You!

Naturally, You


Trust You.

Your ego voice may 
be loud and bluster,
it likes to drown out
all other sounds,
but there is Truth
that softly vibrates,
that your soul hears 
no matter what else
is around.

Words and worry 
can go in circles,
but in your heart 
You Are at Peace,
discernment helps you 
to discover,
beyond ego’s voice 
is You, naturally.

Yes, you may tune 
into your body,
as part of your Team
it can serve you 
it may show you 
where you are 
it may release 
when you know 
All Is Well.

Simply Trust and 
know You Are 
there is no earthly 
complicated test,
partner with your body
for earthly functions
and allow your soul
to handle all the rest.

Trust – 
You Are always 
One with the Light 
you seek.
Shine on, 
Beloved Child,
Here You Are,
Home eternally.

A Sacred Exchange


You are like the living,
breathing ocean,
waves that roll upon 
the shore,
there is an exchange of 
sand and water,
then wave returns to 
home once more.

You are porous,
as form yes,
but so much 
you are energy 
does not ocean 
create the shore?

You are a living,
breathing vessel,
but so much more
than earthly shell,
Divine Source flows
always through you,
as this sacred exchange,
know All Is Well.

Love’s Perfect Song


You are the perfect 
for all notes of Love 
to be played.

Is this not how 
you resonate 
with loved ones,
with infinite melodies
to be made?

And though you may 
think you are 
in this world 
or far beyond,
do not your harmonies
flow together,
always creating 
Love’s perfect song?

You may wonder 
where is here,
is there a place 
where you reside,
it is your frequency,
that takes you on 
a dimensional ride.

And as you are 
all instruments 
playing together in 
you are able to 
be Here – 
which is All places
through infinity.

So know you and 
your loved ones 
are playing together 
with perfect resonance,
You Are the note,
the chords,
the harmony
of Love’s 



Where does inspiration 
come from,
might there be infinite
for you to sense
a flicker,
a spark,
as you release 
your mind to play.

You may think 
you know what 
to do,
but ideas often 
come out of the 
you may think 
you are not 
but is Love not 
what created 

Inspiration need not
be material,
you need not make 
something to sell,
is not inspiration 
the flow,
the bridge 
of what your soul 
has to tell?

In spirit is where
You always are,
tap into this loving,
breathing flow,
Be inspired by 
your True Essence,
so very loved 
and always Home.

One Mind


Are there not times
when time stands still
before you,
at other times,
does it not fly by,
is this not a
perfect example 
to show you,
time is a perception,
neither wrong 
or right.

Ideas, beliefs
build up barriers 
that make it 
hard to see clearly
with your human
within your soul,
beyond all perception,
is your knowing 
We Are All Love 

Yes, you live in a 
world that highlights
so many comparisons
but time and space 
is but a perception,
the Infinite You
is One Mind,

As human,
walking on a timeline,
may you pause 
and remember 
Who You Are,
you are connected 
to all souls 
as One Love –
awaken in your
of how
Loved You Are!

A Sacred Being


Let your Be-ing
replace your 
it is the quiet 
you may not hear,
your doing-ness
looks at lists,
at time,
your Being-ness
draws what you need

You may have flashes 
of insights sudden,
you may experience 
knowing as 
unfolding Truth,
be it a deluge 
or subtle miracle,
the Miracle of You 
is always Here 
as You.

Yes, you have options 
in this world a-plenty,
but tune into 
your simple Truth,
as Love’s precious,
sacred Be-ing,
Be the Presence of Love 
that shines so brightly
in You!

A Loving Awareness


Be aware.

And in that 
is not your mind
quick to judge?

Your mind,
your soul 
may both 
be observing, 
what goes on in 
the physical world,
be aware of your
own judgments 
that come up now
to be heard.

Be loving,
give and receive,
may the Balm 
of Love 
ease collective 
yes, you are all
part of a story,
in a month that
closes with 
giving thanks. 

In this moment
with breath 
and pause,
what might your soul 
say to human you –
You Are Loved,
All Is Well,
no matter the story,
Love is eternally,

Beyond Choice


Breathe in the air 
around you,
though you do not 
see it there,
is not Love freely 
much like the 
ever-present air.

You see the matter 
that makes up your 
and gives the form
to what you see,
might you believe in 
the Love of You,
though yes, at times 
this is hard to see.

Your mind has 
made up quite 
a story,
your ego believes it 
to be true,
you may think 
Love is a choice,
but truly Love is 
All of You.

Yes, in this story 
you do have choice,
but with Eyes of Love 
see beyond and through,
to every One of You 
shining brightly,
infinitely mirroring 
the Love of You!