Your Shining Soul

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Let your soul
lead the way,
this is Who You Are,
all of
I Am.

When your thinking mind
gets tied into knots,
patiently your soul
smooths out each
when you lead
with your soul,
might you see
more clearly
and understand?

Your soul is always
with you as you
try on new things,
the journey that you
is full of surprises
with what life brings.

Your soul will help
you glean
many insights and
meaning from
this life,
and when you
step back a bit
to trust,
might soul help
you deal with
perceived strife?

Let your soul be
your comfort,
as You remind you
Who You Are,
you have a built-in
connection to Source,
as your soul is the
of a million stars.

Let your soul lead
the way,
as you take your
cues from Love,
let your Light shine
so brightly,
illuminating all
that you dream of!

Heart Song

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What rises up
within you
that makes you
want to push
or defend,
what strikes a chord
that no longer
reflects the place
you are in.

The more attuned
you are,
the more you notice
the sharper notes,
but as all notes
make up the
Scale of Life,
might you dig
deeper into what
you notice most?

Might all of these
Songs of Life
help you to develop
your own tune,
when you harmonize
with Love,
does not Joy
fill up the room?

There are sharp and
flat notes
that are needed to make
up a scale,
find a key that resonates,
but know there are
others you can experience
as well.

At your core you are
an instrument
that is able to play
many songs,
and when you join
with others,
as an orchestra,
is not a Joy to
play along?

Keep tuning and
keep experimenting
to find what resonates
within you,
and remember there are
infinite notes that
can combine to play
a beautiful tune.

Explore the songs in
your heart
that speak the Truth
of Who You Are,
and experience all of
the limitless ways
to sing with Love
as the Love You Are!

Clear Vision

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Get to know
All of You.

In this linear world,
yes, you can go back
to what has happened
in the past,
situations, experiences,
have made impressions
on you that last.

But is not your Strength
in this moment
and while your journey
has brought you Here,
you are not only
the integration of
this lifetime,
You Are a soul
with vision clear.

So get to know
the Whole of You
and do not limit
what you see –
with clear vision
might you see
beyond any walls
you think there
may be.

Allow your soul
to introduce you
to the You
you are getting
to know,
get to know
All of You,
believe and listen
to your soul.

Keep pushing beyond
your comfortable boundaries,
rise above any walls
that you may see,
there is a purpose
to this journey,
let Love lift you
and set you free!

Your Spirit Within

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You may look up,
you may look within,
does inspiration not come,
when you find
the spirit within?

Is not Love
the Living Force
that moves you
and propels you
are you not a
of Love’s vibration,
playing the music
of Infinite songs?

Get in tune,
be in touch
with what your heart
has to say,
your inner voice
and knowing is
might you trust
and allow

The inspiration that
you seek,
that lifts you up
and lights up
your mind,
is the Force
that reminds you,
on Wings of Love,
yes, you may fly!

You may look up,
you may look within,
believe the Truth
of your Spirit

The Language of Love

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Connect with Love.

You speak this language
of connection,
it is native to
your soul,
when you wish to learn
about it,
do you not realize
it is what you

All are made up
of Love’s vibration,
you and everyone
you know,
be they here upon
the planet,
or vibrating elsewhere
with their soul.

You cannot help but
be connected,
even as a human
you may not know,
but rest assured
you are connecting –
with the Language of
within your soul.

You are connected
with Love,
there can be no other
your Higher Self
speaks this language,
are you not aware
of guidance
that has a lot
to say?

Know that your loved ones
you cannot see,
are fluent as well
in the Language of Love,
connect with Love
to draw them close,
your hearts sing
as One,
with Love.

The You of I

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If your thoughts
become twisted
in knots,
trying to make sense
of the stories
in your world,
might you follow
the strands
that Light the way,
in quiet reflection,
do they not unfurl?

Yes, it is easy
to get caught up
in endless loops
that take you for a
but do you not find
the You
of I,
when you touch
and believe
your soul

There is a knowing
as you look beyond
as you look within,
it is all the same,
the You that writes
the words,
is the You that reads
them later,
with a different name.

You need not understand
all of the “how”s,
for you to know this
Truth –
God, Source, Divine,
whatever label you use,
is the Force of Love
that flows through You.

Yes, you may experience
me, you and we,
walking your journey
one step at a time,
but know that You Are
always Home,
Love is within
every story
of I.

Remember, You

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You may remember
many memories,
that you have created
along the way,
but you may not
have a memory in
your mind,
as you

Beyond a memory,
is it not a feeling,
a knowing you are
more than meets
the eye,
instead of seeing,
might you sense it,
as you

You exist before
your beginning,
you live on after
your story is through,
it is not in the
it is in this
moment –
that you,

Everyone you have memories of
are also present,
with Love there can
truly be no end,
All those you Love
are with you
in this moment,
as you

Remember with Gratitude
Who You Are,
remind yourself with Love
when you forget Who,
throughout the day
might you check in
as you