Beyond Possibility

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What is possible,
with Love?

And might you
move your thoughts
from material form,
to know you
are All Possibility
as you are born,
with Love,
through Love,
and beyond possibility
as Love.

Is not All possible
with Love?

And as You Are
that manifests
is not possibility
what you are
made of,
make the impossible,
with Love,
as You Are Now,
Love’s Possibility –
as Love.

This Experience

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grow –
yes, these are what
you may experience
in life,
but is it not Life
that is experiencing

And as Life
goes beyond
what you perceive
as a beginning
or an end,
do you not continue
to absorb,
learn, evolve
and grow?

Yes, this is an
amazing journey,
as human and soul
you are experiencing
but You Are This
beyond This experience,
Be-ing Joy
in perfect bliss.

grow –
Be This Experience
of Love,
creating ripples
in time and space,
as Life experiences You,
This loving moment
in the perfect place.

Love’s Reality

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Take a step
outside of time,
do not All Moments
turn into Now?
No more fleeting minutes
rushing by,
are you not beyond
time somehow?

Do not think of
a present moment
as part of this –
one that appears
and disappears into
an abyss –
as Eternal,
You Are beyond
as Love,
you are not measured
by time or place.

Indeed, throughout
any experience
you may find,
that Love is the Reality
in your mind,
believe This
and in each experience
with your soul,
might you create
a Place of Love
for you to go?

Sensing beyond,
returning Home
are the same
Love permeates
Everywhere and in
do not let
space or time
obscure your view,
You cannot Be
any thing,
but the Love
in You!

Love’s Creation

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with consciousness.

Might you visualize
a beautiful quilt,
the pieces stitched
to make up the

And beyond the patchwork
that tells a story,
does not thread weave
throughout it all,
you may not see
each individual strand,
but without it
the quilt would surely

Are you not continually
creating within
are you not connected
with Love to the
when you create with
the Beauty of Love,
might you be amazed
at what comes forth
from your soul?

You do not create
in a vacuum,
Love permeates all
around you as
co-create with
the help of many
loved ones,
weave a magnificent
Story of Love!


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When time appears to
race ahead of you
or pull you back
to the past,
yes, your perception
sees a timeline,
but you exist in
neither slow or fast.

At any moment
are you not able
to perceive Home
within your heart,
when you return from
your time travel,
is it not true –
you were never apart?

When your mind wishes
to travel
far beyond where
You Are Now,
remember All of You
resides within this
beautiful moment now.

All You Are
is Here within you,
All You Love
are always with you,
You Are timeless,
and this moment now
is the Love
That Is You.


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What is your purpose?
To Be Love.
Yes, Love may shine
a Light in many directions,
lighting up what you
dream of,
but Here is purpose
in a sacred moment –
Here Are You,
Be-ing Love.

There is no need to find
your purpose,
has it not found you?
You may not know it,
see it,
hear it,
but it beats in the
heart of You.

Here is purpose
in every breath,
in every thought
you are grateful for –
when your purpose is
Be-ing Love,
do you not find wings
upon which to soar?

Embrace your purpose,
let Love show you
Who You Are –
your Light is seen
upon the earth,
your Light is reflected
in every star!

A Loving Perspective

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Are you not able to
see the same thing
in a new way,
based on your

Is this not like
when the skies clear
or the fog lifts –
all that has always been
has now become more

And do you not have
this ability,
to change your
to shift your awareness,
to ask to see things
in a different Light,
might the shining
of Light
help to dissipate
the shadows,
helping all
to truly see?

And though you may think
that the one of you,
cannot change how
view the world –
as there only is
One of Us,
when you look at
with the Eyes of Love,
is not sight restored
to All?

Change your perspective,
shift your awareness,
will you not see Love
when your perspective
Is Love?

Be the moon beam
at night,
Be a ray of sun
by day,
as your perspective
Is Love,
may the Light of Love
always Light your way.