Your Spark of Love


Your Spark of Love 
connects Everything 
to you,
you are a part 
of All of This,
this circle of Love 
flows eternally 
through you,
build your awareness 
to sense this bliss.

Set your intentions
with a broader focus,
ask and receive 
within your soul,
the story details 
may not match this,
but know your soul
with Gratitude unfolds.

You Are as One 
with your Team,
your helpers,
your Spark of Love 
burns forever bright,
sense Love’s power 
lifting you up, 
dear one,
We see You,
fellow Beautiful Light!

In the Quiet


In the dawn before 
break of morning,
in the pause before 
dark grows light,
you accept that 
sun is rising,
in its own timing 
morn replaces 

No matter the pause 
or phase of life,
your eternal Light  
is much like the sun,
it rises, reaches through 
any darkness,
a familiar beacon 
when you are in need
of one.

Like fireflies or 
moon glow shining,
Light surprises when 
you need it most,
receive the gifts 
of others shining 
their Lights for you – 
a gathering of souls.

In the quiet of 
any morning,
before the noise 
of break of day,
Beloveds all whisper
to you gently,
All Is Well,
we will Light 
the way!


Photo: David Gipson

Your Loving Purpose


There is purpose 
in this lifetime,
but it may not be
what you think,
you need not analyze 
or configure,
there is no map 
you need to bring.

Follow the guidance 
of your heart,
your soul will always 
speak to you,
know that mixed in 
with life’s experiences,
Love is Here to 
shine through.

The human default
may be tricky,
ego is wired a different
it likes to distract you 
with the details,
your soul looks for 
a simpler way.

It need not be a huge 
Love shines with each
choice you may make,
when you choose Love 
as your simple answer,
has not your purpose 
shown you the way?

Love is purposeful in 
your experience,
may you ask your 
soul today,
help me to fulfill 
my loving purpose,
to see the Light 
of Love, always!



Speak your heart,
let fear release,
Love opens a path
always for you,
Love assists with 
words you need,
Love lights up the 
connections that flow 
through you.

Open your heart to 
what you know,
there is no-thing
truly unsaid,
uncover what you 
may resist,
is this not where you 
are being led?

Look through the veil
before your eyes,
your heart brings Vision,
Love’s way to see,
as Love be fearless 
in This Truth,
The Truth of Love 
will set you free!



Unite as Love.

Mix and match 
your colors 
yes, many parts 
make up You,
sometimes you wish 
to be more muted,
at other times you shine
your brilliant hue.

Rainbows are magical 
in their spectrum,
coming together to 
build a bridge,
no matter the color 
today may bring you,
you may mix any
color that you wish.

your palette of colors,
yes, they are limitless 
in their hue,
unite as One Light
reflecting Love’s
behold One Love 
that shines always
through You!

Beautiful Light


You are a keeper of 
the Light,
does not All Light 
flow through You?
You are a part of 
this grid,
a web that connects 
Source to You.

You need no bargains 
or promises made,
Light is simply 
Who You Are,
a keeper of Light 
is Love’s illumination,
you are Love’s 
wish upon a star.

The angels love to
dance with Light,
ask and receive 
their loving caress,
in Love’s simplicity
be reassured,
beneath angel wings 
may you rest.

Release your struggle
and your pain,
let Light transform 
and transmute,
you are Home and 
Beautiful Light,
O Beacon of Light,
this Love is You!

Your Heart Song


May Love be the  
song you hear
from your heart.

Does it not join 
with melodious 
bird song,
that invites you 
to this day,
may you join 
with the melody 
of your heart.

Do trees not gently 
sway with branches 
that are One with 
a cleansing breeze,
may you dance 
with the rhythm 
of your heart.

Does not the sky with 
sun and clouds 
create a kaleidoscope 
of art,
may you create 
with the rainbow colors
of your heart.

May you add to this
fine day,
Love’s vibration that 
creates from You,
may Love play 
your unique song,
from your loving,
amazing heart!

Divinely Open


Constriction may be like
a familiar blanket,
one you think gives 
you formation,
a familiar structure,
with specific edges,
all for the purpose 
to keep you safe.

What could you possibly 
hide from,
you are All of the 
your reach is through 
there are no secrets 
in the Face of Love.

With this awareness,
when you sense closing,
when constriction begins 
to shut all doors,
remember You Are 
Love does not run out,
there is always more.

You are wrapped divinely 
in Love’s sweet arms,
able to extend and
shine your Light,
as you are part of 
this loving flow,
this requires no thinking,
no wrong or right.

Let constriction be 
a reminder,
what is asking now 
to be set free – 
open all doors to 
Who You Are,
safe and at Home,

The Rhythm of Love


Find your rhythm,
your vibration,
that connects you 
to your Peace,
this flow lifts you,
moves you forward,
there is no struggle 
with grace and ease.

Do not despair if 
there are moments,
when you bump up 
into walls,
you may need to 
find another way 
to circumvent a 

Tune into your higher 
that is always by 
your side,
is it not ego that 
often chooses 
the most rocky 
and bumpy ride.

But underneath all 
of the noise,
Love hums a beat,
a familiar tune,
join in with this 
loving rhythm,
that is ready to 
accompany you.

Let the wellspring 
of Love lift you,
as you move within 
Love’s sweet flow,
join with the beat 
of Love’s vibration,
you are in harmony
with your soul!

Forever Bridge

For 6/01/21 – Here is a message from 2019


Is not your heart
a bridge,
to those you hold
with emotion,
with Love,
do you not draw
them near,
there is truly
no separation,
though in your life
you sense this
might you build
a bridge
with your loving heart,
letting love lead
you across?

With Love you are
always connected,
yet your five senses
may question this,
life around you looks
oh so different,
and there is so much
that you miss –
but your heart
knows the Love
that has no beginning
and thus no end –
is it not Love
that draws you close,
and with Love
do you not meet

Love is the bridge
that connects your
precious ones
to you,
there is no need
to cross any chasm,
that you think may
separate you,
you are always together,
feel with your heart
that this is True,
through emotion
and with Love,
are they not One
with You?

Once you are aware
of this Forever Bridge,
do you not delight
to see –
the bridge is always
in your heart,
together, yes,
you will always