Love’s Elegant System


Give Gratitude 
to cells in your
they are working 
on your behalf,
as a “cell” in the 
what might you give
then sense it coming back.

Yes, your biology 
can teach you 
where does anything
begin or end,
as life is cyclical 
in its nature,
systems work together 

You see your Light 
as separate in 
this world,
but your Light 
cannot Be alone,
it is the life-force 
of All That Is,
you as one expression 
are always part of 
the Whole.

Give Gratitude to All 
expressions of One Love,
You are All manifesting
as One,
explore, rejoice 
in your own 
and know your Light 
forever shines 
at Home.



Let Love help you Believe.

You wish to know 
without a doubt,
that your loved ones 
are all about –
let Love 
help you

They will send signs
your way,
or be a presence felt
while children play – 
let Love 
help you 

They have not missed 
a single thing,
milestones celebrated,
what Joy they bring – 
let Love 
help you 

Trust your connections,
sense with your heart,
there is no-thing that 
can keep you apart –
let Love
help you 

Love is Eternal,
believe this, too,
always together are
loved ones and you –
yes, Love
knows you 



Here with you always 
is your Home,
might you sense this 
throughout your day,
see Love in a sky 
so blue,
or in dance of leaves
that wish to play.

Allow your breath 
to bring you Here,
let comfort wrap 
around you now,
even on darker,
rainy days,
might Love not hug you
as the clouds.

No matter the time 
or earthly space,
Love permeates and 
is always near,
You as Eternal,
infinite Love,
bless every moment 
as You Are Here.

The Alchemy of Gratitude


Reshape your reality 
with the power of 
it responds immediately 
when called upon,
this loving Gift 
is always Here for 

There is much in the 
earthly life,
that makes it hard 
to sit with Peace,
does not Gratitude 
bring you to your 
returning you gently 
to ease.

Gratitude is a super 
it is your alchemist 
shift Here when you 
wish to return,
to Joy,
as Peace,
with Love,

Love’s Embrace

10/18/22  from 10/18/20

Spread your wings,
you will not falter,
Love is Here 
with open arms,
to lift you up
when you feel 
to believe in you
and cheer you 

Here are angels 
with you always,
your loved ones 
see the steps 
you take,
your journey may 
be yours to walk,
but help is Here 
with decisions 
you make.

Never alone,
Love is always 
with you,
you sense and know 
that this is True,
be held,
be cradled in 
Love’s embrace,
forever connected
is This Love 
to You!

Love Sees You


You are part of 
Love’s flow,
life can hide what 
your soul knows,
trust in You,
beloved one,
Love sees you.

Ego manufactures
worry and doubt,
making you question 
what you are about,
in your breath as you
walk each step,
precious child,
Love sees you.

You may wish for 
more control,
the world is tumultuous,
this you know,
Peace is Here
within your heart,
in all moments,
Love sees you.

There is no-thing 
that you must prove,
be gentle,
embrace this 
aspect of You,
Love has never 
left you, dear one – 
Love sees you.

Generate Love


Generate Love.

You are a master 
what do you wish 
today to share,
what fuel will you 
use to create 
hope, compassion
and tender care.

Love is the driving 
let your soul 
lead the way,
you as human 
know Love is 
may Love help you
always with what
to say.

Love is the spark
that ignites you,
Love is the Light 
you wish to see,
generate Love in 
every experience,
Love is your soul’s fuel
through Eternity!

Of Love and Hope


In the turmoil of 
nature’s power,
or during transitions 
of seasonal change,
what gets uprooted,
what draws your 
as you look with eyes
not the same.

Get to your changeless 
Point of Be-ing,
the very foundation 
of What Is You,
from this anchor you
experience Love’s balance,
share This Strength to 
help others get through.

In collective times 
of unease, unrest,
may you return to 
what your soul knows,
sense This Peace that 
passes all understanding,
share This Light 
of Truth, 
of Love,
of Hope!



It may be hard 
to trust what flows 
within you that 
you cannot see,
but when something
feels so very right,
when you know,
do you not see?

As human there are
conflicting signals
that can make the 
noise so loud,
it is difficult 
to let go,
as you ponder the 
why or how.

You need not figure out
every step,
like breath, Love helps 
you walk with ease,
tune into your inner 
your soul helps you
most purposefully.

In life, yes timing
plays a part,
but You as soul 
are timeless, dear,
trust and know
you are supported,
Love walks with you
truly Everywhere!

A Sacred Journey


You need not prepare 
for a sacred journey,
you have all the 
Light you need,
your heart with beloveds
is always connected,
always Here even 
as they leave.

You walk with purpose,
with Divine timing,
Love brings you Strength 
as you ask help, please,
dear one,
you see with Love’s 
soft eyes,
your compassion shared
brings comfort and Peace.

Life prepares you 
for a sacred journey,
with Love you 
accept this walk 
with Peace,
your heart knows 
Love knows no 
as hearts connected,
Love sets you free.