Whispers of Your Soul


May you listen 
and hear the 
whispers of 
your soul.

Take Love’s hand,
open your heart,
your loved ones 
are Here
and never far,
believe this Truth
that is whispered 
from your soul.

Life can be hard,
roads may be 
you may say you
have had enough,
know Love surrounds 
and holds you gently,
beloved soul.

Love is eternal,
it never dies,
your connections,
reach beyond 
the skies,
rejoice in Love’s 
eternal dance
of your souls.

Listen with your heart
your soul gently 
helps to guide
the way,
may you find Peace
listening to the 
whispers of 
your soul.

A Loving Healing


Healing is Love,
Love is healing.

What Truth do you 
return to,
though in life it appears
a choice,
in This Truth there 
is no decision,
healing is Love.

You may get glimpses of
your wholeness,
the body is not the
focus Here,
but why not share 
in life’s expression,
healing is Love.

Healing is the question
in your search for 
what is True,
Love is the answer,
dear one,
healing is Love.

As Love’s gift
you are so cherished,
in this life you need
whole and complete
is your True Nature,
perfect in Oneness,
already healed 
as Love!

Love’s Eternal Grace


There is a flow 
and Grace to 
much like a dance 
that invites you,
to join in this 
eternal connection,
an infinite flow of 
Love to you.

You are surrounded 
by This Grace,
it is wholly 
Who You Are,
a part of Love’s 
angelic dance,
with loved ones near
and never far.

Your human heart 
misses their presence,
but a graceful rhythm 
beats Love’s Truth,
together you are joined 
in this eternal dance,
All who you Love 
who Love you.

Love’s eternal Grace 
is everlasting,
take Love’s hand,
it is Here for you,
Be in Love’s flow with 
hearts always connected,
All who you Love 
dance always with You!



Open a door to 
though as human
you may shut it
Love expands,
invites with 
your human-ness
may think that 
you must fight.

Might not working 
turn to play,
when you let go 
of defined goals,
what shows up 
in your present,
that past or future 
may not know?

Set expectation 
to the side,
have faith,
your soul knows 
what to do,
be open to Love’s 
receive what Love 
wishes to share 
with you!

Forever Home


You belong with the
Angels of Love,
You Are at Home 
wherever you rest
your head,
may this promise 
of eternal Peace
comfort and surround 
you as you lie 
in bed.

May you be aware 
of Love throughout 
your day,
may you remember 
this eternal Truth,
your soul is connected 
to All you Love,
may you sense their 
Love flowing back 
to you.

The world,
this life 
can sometimes 
cloud your lens,
but your soul reminds 
what you already know,
you are never separated 
from Source,
You Are with Love 
and Peace,
forever Home.

Love’s Adventure


Fly with me,
your loved ones 
above the earth,
beyond the sky,
the stars,
we always are 
as close as 
your breath is 
where we are.

Do we not share 
all worlds together,
Love has no boundaries 
or limits Here,
you need not worry 
you are on this earth,
our souls are connected 
and always near.

With Love as our 
joint purpose,
may we explore 
together always,
sharing Love’s gift 
of eternal connection,
upon this adventure,
Love Lights the way!

Still, Here



With you,
close as 
your breath,
Love is always

Set noise 
check your 
Love is 
with you,

Nerves may 
get rattled,
the body 
Love answers 

Loved ones
you miss
sing  with 
your heart,
its rhythm 

Here as 
receive Love’s 
You as Love 
are still,

A Grateful Release


You Are limitless
and eternal,
you are beyond
a limited thought,
yes, your body may be
a catalyst,
to help you remember 
what you forgot.

Yes, listen to your 
but explore deeper 
than what you think,
what is the 
programming that runs 
without thought and 
rules everything?

You have a master switch
that has the power to change 
what no longer serves,
might you dive deep 
into your center 
to bring to Light 
beliefs you have heard.

With Love at the helm,
let Love transform 
what are false beliefs,
give Gratitude to 
your body, 
the earth – 
for being a platform
for this release.

Healing is the realization 
that there is no-thing 
for you to heal,
Love waits always with 
open arms,
ready to surround what
you wish to reveal.

You are with this body 
upon this earth,
as ego wishes for you 
to sleep,
let Love awaken you 
from your slumber,
You Are This Love,
forever healed 
and free!



Love is your anchor,
it is your touchstone,
Love grounds you 
if you feel adrift,
the world around you
may seem chaotic,
but Love as Peace 
is your innate Gift.

Yes, you as human 
may bounce on waves,
as these experiences 
roll on through,
but You as Soul 
have an inner guidance,
that re-adjusts 
and re-calibrates

Your ego wishes for you
to stay small,
turning up its noise 
to drown Love out,
but at your center 
Love is not deterred,
its power is stronger 
than any fear or doubt.

What feels upside down
will turn right side up,
hand over any tumult
to Love’s healing grace,
You Are centered
always connected,
forever Loved 
and cherished, 
dear one,