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See with your soul,
feel with your heart,
you are more than
your five senses,
so instead of experiencing
as separate parts,
might you Be
your complete self
as the Whole of
Who You Are –
no need for comparing
or contrasting,
You Are One
bright shining

Listen with your
that inner voice
that speaks to you,
pay attention when
a thought
drops in,
that you never
thought you knew,
you may think that
you create
all that forms within
your mind,
but you have constant
with you now and
all the time.

It is a lot to juggle,
in a world of
this and that,
keep moving toward
that shows itself
when you relax,
quiet your mind,
tap into the
expanded Sense of
might the Whole
of Who You Are,
embrace all
these parts
of you?

See with your soul,
feel with your heart,
let Love be the glue
that connects
All of your
beautiful parts.


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Be it for
days –
gift this to

Yes, do this for
your body,
but does not
your soul
when you
are able to let
soulful thoughts
slip past the
mind and all
you “do”,
when you rest,
and relax,
is this not when
your soul

The Life Force
that flows within
can bring you the
energy you
it is not only
the rest
that reignites you,
it is the connection
that you have
to your soul,
to your purpose,
to what passions
drive you –
as a Team of
body and spirit,
is there not anything
you cannot do?

the three “R”s
may help you –
sense the power
of your soul,
as you add Love
to all you do.

Love’s Delivery

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Find the steady current
of Love
that flows throughout,
even when you are
not sure,
trust that Love
will work it out,
you may not see
all results
of any actions
that you take,
but might you
in Love’s delivery,
in the ripples
that Love makes?

When you do
anything with
do you not open
many doors,
are there not countless
when Love opens up
for more,
it may look different
than what you thought,
you may not see
the end result,
focus on the Love
of Who You Are –
and Trust that
will always help.

You may not know
the bigger picture,
it may be beyond
what you are to
but with Love as
your co-pilot,
might you bring
Love to all
you do,
with Faith and Trust
can you let go
of every outcome
you wish to see –
there is much that
is happening,
as Love works
its magic,

Sense the steady current
of Love
that flows through
You –
You Are an instrument
of Love,
sing your Love song,
so strong and True!


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Step away from
the clutter and
that may come up in
your day to day,
is this not the way
of life,
that may not always go
“your way”,
you may have an
you may wish for
all things
to go smooth,
but can you see
from a different perspective,
what role an experience
may play out for you?

Your ego may ruffle up,
and tell you stories that
are not true,
thank ego for the input,
then dive more deeply
into the peaceful You –
there may not always be
an answer
directly to your search
for a definitive “why”,
upon your search do you
not discover,
Love is everywhere
you look,
when you see with
loving eyes?

Do your best
with a heart full
of Love,
let judgments go
and be kind to
have compassion for
that is the greatest gift
You can give to you,
when you accept All
That You Are,
will you not see others
in this loving Light,
accept all facets
that life may bring,
keep shining on
with your beautiful Light!

A Perfect Balance

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Do you not look for
the perfect balance
between your inner drive
and letting go?
The human side may
wish for certain outcomes,
your knowing soul knows
All Is Well,
if you think you need
to decide
between which voice
you listen to,
might you tune in
into the one
that brings Peace
and calm to you?

There is a rhythm,
there is a flow,
when you trust
that what you need,
is being worked out
even as
your human side
wishes to believe,
there is congruence,
there is coherence,
when the Whole of you
works as One,
know your heart
is part of the plan,
even as you may not
know the outcome.

Let the still, small voice
within you,
be your guide on
what to “do”,
find the sweet spot,
find the balance,
between your soul
and who you call
you may look at life
as a puzzle,
that you need to work out
on your own,
but when you surrender,
when you let go,
might you see
you are not alone?

Keep moving,
change is constant,
this is not about
stopping flow –
tap into the ebb and flow
of life –
the perfect balance
between human
and soul.

A Body of Love

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Listen to your body,
what is it trying
to say?
Does it need food,
rest, warmth,
or is it ready
to laugh
or play?

Honor your body
upon this journey,
it is the vessel
that brings life
to you,
and though You
are Everlasting,
in this moment,
your body is how
you experience

So be patient
with this vessel,
be kind to it
as well,
surround yourself
with compassion,
listen to what your
body wishes
to tell.

You are a part of
a Team,
that is both here
and there,
and even when dwelling
in your body,
You still exist

Listen to your body,
and to your soul –
they dwell beautifully
for You Are always,

Remember, Love

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Remember Who You Are,
you are a bright Light
that shines,
when your focus
gets pulled away,
you can reset
at any time,
it takes a blink
of an eye,
to remind yourself
it is true –
reconnect with

You wonder how
you could forget,
as Love is what
breathes you through
the day,
but do not opportunities
await you,
to see Love in
a thousand ways,
you may forget temporarily,
so that you can be in
wonder when it does –
do you not remember You,
when you remember,

It may be small,
it may be large,
the perfect cup
of tea,
or being with a friend,
when Love is what
they need,
is Love not what keeps
you going,
even when life sometimes
frightens you –
Love is always
loving You.

Love is Who
and What You Are,
relish each moment
you create,
You Are a bright
and shining star!