Letting Love

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Can you let Love lighten
a heavy load?

When fear and doubt,
worry or pain
make you feel the
that life can bring,
what to do with
these burdens,
that weigh you down –
how can Love lighten
your heavy load?

Does not Love surround you,
is it not even in small
that are pleasing to the
that bring a smile
but does not Love
have the power to transmute
even greater energy –
can you let Love lighten
a heavy load?

Yes, you do all that
you can
to control the life
you are in,
action and reaction
are part of this
earthly plan,
but is there not relief,
is there not freedom,
when you know
that your most powerful
is to express Love,
to Be Love –
to shine your Light
again and again?

Does Love and Light
not change the energy –
might you begin
with you?
It may not seem easy
until you try it –
shining Light on everyone,
no matter what they “do”,
is not Love always
the answer
to every question
that is asked –
can you let Love begin
to lighten,
all heavy loads?

You need not have
all of the answers,
though you think you
have to try,
is there not power
in surrender,
relief that you do
not walk alone,
can you take the hand
of angels,
who are always here
for You –
can you let Love help
you feel lighter,
letting Love transmute
your heavy load?

As you are all connected,
will not others
feel this, too –
can you be a shining star
that shines a Light
when it is dark,
Love is not a single
can it not heal
any wound –
can you let Love
transmute all energy
and might it begin
with You?

Let Love,
let Light.
Be Love,
Be Light.
Let Love
lift you,
let Love
dance you –
You Are Light
and You Are Free.

Be With Love

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Find your breath.
Be with it now.
Your mind loves chasing
after stories,
creating new scenes
to try on for size,
but as you center
in the quiet,
leaving behind all of
the noise,
there is rhythm
in the breathing,
there is simplicity
in only this.
Be with you now.

Sense your heart.
Be with it now.
It can race when
it feels excitement,
it can feel pain
when sadness comes,
it is a barometer
of your emotions,
but does it not beat
like a steady drum,
sending out the perfect
connecting you from
Here to There,
there is magic in
your heartbeat.
Be with you now.

When you wish to strip away
the drama,
when you wish to simplify
can you not tune into
what breathes you,
what does your heart remind
you to do,
is it not Love that
is always present,
that carries on when breath
is done,
does Love not eternally pump
through You,
as you beat with the heart
of One,
are you not always surrounded
with Love –
Be with Love now.

There You Are.
Be with You.
Always Love,
so very Loved.
Be with Love now.

No Resistance

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When you bump into
is not the first inclination
to push against,
then does not your
brain engage,
to look at all angles,
to problem-solve,
there must be a solution,
if you can find out why,
might you be able
to push through
what may be resisting

But before you begin
to place judgments on,
the resistance you feel
may not be right
or wrong,
might it be to
nudge you in a
different direction,
to make an adjustment
or to change course
in a bigger way,
can you look at
as a navigational tool,
that is not rejecting,
but helping you?

You may have in your
what something “should” be,
you may wonder,
why did this happen
or “how does it affect me?”
Can you feel with
your heart,
can you sense with
your soul
and ask –
where does this wish
to take me,
to get back into the

Does not resistance
help you to find
what you resonate with –
do you not wish to find
and the Peace that goes
with it,
you may prefer for all
rides to be smooth,
but what gets your
what motivates you –
when the path becomes
do you not look for
a new way,
one that helps you to
move forward
with Love lighting
the way,
some changes here,
a turn towards there –
can you have Gratitude
for resistance,
that brought You
to Here?

Breathe in.
Look with the
Eyes of the Soul.
Feel where there
is no resistance,
sense where there
is Flow.
Do not look to where
you think you “should” be.
Be Here
with Love
and therein
lies Peace.


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Can you feel Peace
running in the background
of your mind,
is it not a steady hum
that sometimes is
hard to find,
but when you quiet
the noisy static,
you need not find Peace,
it finds you –
is it not the quiet
that You Are Love
and Love Is You?

You need not perform
in order to earn it,
is Peace not here
whenever you need
to steady yourself,
to be grounded
like a deeply-rooted
Peace can be in the
tones of music,
or be felt when
chanting om,
it is a current
that runs through you,
it is when you feel
as One –
when interference
leaves you scrambled,
how do you get back
to resonance,
find the harmony
in your heart –
where there is Love
is there not peacefulness?

When out of sync
do you not look
for what brings you
back to You,
when Love brings you
back Home,
in your heart you
know what is True –
is not Peace
always there waiting,
reminding you
what you are made of –
let Peace wash over you
when you remember
You Are Love.

Bask in Love

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Bask in Love.

As Love is in every
can you wrap yourself
in it,
like a favorite blanket
that is soft
and worn from the Love
it has held within it,
are you not comforted
and warm –
bask in Love.

As You Are Love’s
once the doors of
Love open,
does your heart
not keep it flowing,
what to do with
all this Love –
do you not sense that
you must share it,
send Love.

Does Love not Light up
all connections
that you may know –
some you may not,
are you not part
of a greater grid,
does Love not help
connect the dots,
once Love is spilling
out of you
as you bask
in its loving glow,
you need not know
where to send it –
just Be Love
and let it go.

As all turn up
Loving Lights,
can you not feel
Love’s energy,
as You Are part
of a connected web,
do you not feel Love
that is shared,
when you bask in
the Light of Love,
are you not One
with the Light of All –
Be Love.

Sense Love.
Be Love.
Light up the grid
with Love,
as you sit with
and bask in Love.

A Gift of Time

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The gift of time.

Is time not a construct
that at times
seems to impose
a false sense
of purpose,
“did you make it
in time,”
“was there time left,”
“do you have enough

And what would
having enough time
give to you,
what would you do
than you normally would –
does not the gift of time
take you to the present,
to the now,
if time stretched out
before you,
do you not begin
to think how
you could fill time,
you could pass time,
but what is here
right now –
is not Now
the perfect time
to Be you
right now?

Is not time
tied in to many
of the beliefs
that you have,
you can go back
to the past,
and re-live moments
in time,
you may worry
about a future
that you know time
will bring,
but what is real,
is that not now,
in this moment
that transcends time –
is not the gift
that time can give you
is when there is
no time?

When you let go of
what time it is,
is that not when
you are in the flow,
when you lose
track of time,
is this not when
you sometimes know –
you are not linear,
with a beginning,
with what you think
might be an end,
as you are an
eternal Be-ing,
you do not need time
to tell you when –
for every moment
at all times,
You Are always,
always Love.

The gift of time
is in this moment,
in the presence
of You.
You Are the present.
You Are the Gift.
You Are Love
and Love Is You.


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Please enjoy this post from over a year ago as I am traveling early today!



And is there
not a peacefulness
to these words –
stopping time,
knowing that
there is enough,
with no need
to search for
the missing parts –
if All is
Whole and

And is it not
hard to feel Whole –
when bits and
pieces of you
get jumbled about
as you experience
and take on
various roles
in this
School of Life?

And when you
the loss of a
loved one
in this world –
do you not
feel as if
there is a
part of you missing –
as were there
not pieces
that fit together
to make you
whole and

And if you
were completely
made up of
this world’s
bits and pieces –
yes, it would
be quite a puzzle –
to keep together all
of the parts
that you think
make up you.

May we remind you –
there are no
missing pieces
to You.

You Are
in the
Love That You Are –
as are all
of your loved ones
who reside in
One Heart,
One Love.

You Are.

The Movement of Love

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When you open up
a window,
do you not love to smell
the outside air,
what is the difference
between fresh air
and the air that is
inside –
does not circulating air
help to cleanse
and to release
what has built up
in your house,
what may be interfering
with your Peace?

When the air around you
grows stagnant,
do you not need to
make it move,
an open window,
a floor to sweep
and does it not help
for you to move, too –
as energy is always moving,
might you join in
and begin to clear,
what has built up,
what is weighing,
what do you no longer need –
energy is at the ready,
so breathe it in
and breathe it out,
it is never too early
for spring cleaning,
is this not what transformation
is all about?

Is it not in your
that you can visualize
each breath of air –
to be fresh,
to be transformative,
to clear out,
to create anew –
is not breathing in Love
the best spring clean
that you can do?

You need not wait
for warmer weather
or for the greening
to begin,
as you are a
creative Be-ing,
breathing in the Love
of All That Is,
does not every breath
bring you closer
to the wonder
of Who You Are?

Breathe in.
Clear out.
Keep it moving,
keep it flowing.
As you move,
as you create,
reveal the Miracle
That Is You.

Live Life Now

cross light in the darkness in your hands


Live life now.

In between the thoughts
and stories
that paint so many
different scenarios
and color what you perceive,
is there not life happening
right at this moment –
can you meet life,
can you Be present,
can you live life

You may not be aware
how often you time travel,
a few moments,
do you not skip
to the future,
anticipating what will happen
instead of being with You
right now,
do you not replay
what just transpired,
or what happened long ago,
are you not a product
of your memories,
but are You not Here
right now –
live life

Would not your ego
miss the drama
of what it has created
for you,
would you find yourself
filling time,
as that is what you
are accustomed to,
can you see yourself
on a timeline
and be grateful
You Are Here –
does not every minute
feel precious,
when you
live life

Yes there are events
that need thought
and planning,
but does not your mind
add so much more –
can you strip away
the comparisons,
the “shoulds” that hide
behind closed doors,
will you not have
so much more energy,
and room to
shine your Light,
when you clear out
thoughts that clutter,
when you
live life

Do not fear losing
anything precious,
are you not making room
for Who You Are?
Clear out the cobwebs
of your mind
and look for You
in all you do.
Keep it simple,
keep it flowing,
as you marvel
at every move –
is there not more room
for Life
as You Are Love
right now?

Live Life.
Love Life
by loving you, too.
Right Here.
Right Now.
Love Is Here –
always with You.


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Do you not know calm
after a storm?

Like a snow globe
when you shake it,
you can change
the scene you are in,
but when all settles down,
do you not enjoy
the calm?
Sometimes it is you
that shakes things up,
like an Etch-a-Sketch
you clear,
so that you may
start again,
beginning from a
place of calm.

When there is tumult,
when there is change,
on a larger scale
around you –
it may be hard
to find your center,
to find the calm
and sense the Peace,
but you need not be
the winds blowing,
the snow flying,
the globe that shakes.

Might you be the ground
for all to settle down,
can you visualize the snow
no longer flying around,
does not all become quiet
when the storm
has moved along,
do you not find Peace
when grounded in
this State of Calm?

Be centered in your heart,
when things shake up,
you can return.
Be grounded in the earth,
nature can show you
what to do.
There is an ebb and flow
to life,
but at your center
do you not find –
There Is Love.
There Is Light.
There Is Peace
and There Is Calm.