Dance of Life

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There is a rhythm
in life,
know when to push,
when to be still,
there is movement,
there is quiet,
interactions that may
test your will,
life is a dance,
you learn the steps,
you create anew,
you change the tune,
and do you not learn
with every move
across the room?

Some moves are choreographed,
others are impromptu,
you may have many
different partners,
you may dance a solo, too,
what is the music that
you follow,
to feel the rhythm
in your soul,
what moves you to
take a chance,
what can lead you
to let go?

Listen to your inner music
that plays a song
that sets you free,
some tunes make
you feel like dancing,
sometimes still is what
you wish to Be,
your rhythm may some days
beat loudly,
some days you only need
to sense the pulse,
but your soul is always
with the song you need
to hear the most.

Let Love lead your dance,
even as you know
the dance may change,
you are partners in
this life,
but through Eternity
you dance again,
do not be afraid to learn
a new move
or try a different song,
the rhythm is always Love,
the beat is where your
soul belongs.

Let your heart
beat the rhythm
of your Dance with
full of Grace,
You Are beautiful,
You Are Love and
You Are Light.

Focus With Love

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When there is chaos
all around you,
when you feel scattered
with parts of you
when you feel pulled
from your center,
be it from day to day
or daily news you hear,
there will be experiences
that demand your
might you pick and choose
what and how
you focus on,
yes, put energy into
what moves you –
but remember to
focus with Love.

You might react
from fearful places,
you might feel
pushed and pulled
on what to think,
when thinking does not
serve you,
drop into your heart
to make sense of
what something means,
there are many places
for you to shine
your loving Light
on what feels dark,
when you come from Light
from your loving Center,
are you not able to
focus now with Love?

With discernment
might you focus,
coming from Strength
you do know so well,
yes, Courage is often
when experiences
can be hard to bear,
might you gather your
innate resources,
to help you see with
clarity and with Light,
from this inner Peace,
this centering place,
can you not bring Love
to the experience of Life?

Keep your eyes
on the prize,
do not let life
knock you off
what you know
is True.
Keep your Light
turned on
and focus (always)
with Love.

Winds of Love

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Imagine a ride
in a hot air balloon,
(and for some you
need not imagine,
for you have experienced
this, too) –
you may feel that
you are floating,
not moving much
at all,
but does not the
scenery change,
do you not rise up
above it all?

When you are moving
with the air,
a part of the
you are still You,
but does not the
look much different
from your perspective

Yes, it may be hard
not to look down,
to compare here
from there,
but can you Be
in the present,
as you float
up in the air –
as you feel the current,
One with the Flow,
can you not take a break
from the world,
are you not You,
minus the story,
feeling the sun,
enjoying the view?

Take a breath,
take a break,
and when you need to
you can always get
into the basket,
letting this balloon
begin to climb,
yes, you are part
of the earth,
with its responsibilities
and strife,
but you also
can take flight,
do you not exist
truly Everywhere?

When you are moving
or in the stillness,
your soul continues
to grow,
and Love always
is surrounding you,
always more than
you know.
Settle in,
enjoy the ride,
know you are moving
right along.
Soak it up,
flow with it now –
you are riding
the Winds of Love.

Peace and Love



On any day
with so much thinking,
might you focus
on the breath,
when you can be
in the present moment,
there is no need
to suppress
or forget –
the stories
and their details
are part of life
here on earth,
but might your soul
remind you Peace
is always present
before and after
your birth.

The Peace that surpasses
all understanding,
you love this phrase
and what does it mean –
you need not know
the “why”,
in any situation,
you may not make sense
of many things,
does Peace not help you
strip off layers,
to find the Truth
that is at your core,
with Love
do you not find Peace,
with Peace,
do you not sense Love
even more?

Peace and Love,
Love and Peace,
it matters not
the order you
put these in –
they are a tonic
for any discomfort,
or any imbalance
you feel within,
let Peace and Love
be a balm
that heals the
human side of You,
but remember,
always and forever,
Peace and Love
Are always You.

Reset With Love

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How do you
find balance,
when one side of
is thrown off its
does not your natural
draw all sides
back into You
and even as you
move forward,
might not experience
feel like change,
even as you remember,
are you not programmed
to create?

Your human side,
as well your soul,
knows there has been
and will be shifting,
do shifts not
afford you,
the opportunities
to adjust,
and while you may
need time for
the adjustment,
might you not see
or experience
something new,
for as you realign
to your center,
might it not bring
new awareness
back to You?

Take time when
when shifts help you
to recalibrate,
if things look or
feel different,
might it feel like
a new you
a shift helped create –
no matter what you think
has changed,
at your core
you are always You,
return to your center,
to the Love that
always breathes You.

to reset
with Love.

With Love,
find your balance.
With Awareness,
know You Are Love.

Return to You

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Where do you wish
to go today?

If you need a break,
where would you
go play,
if only in your
can you not visualize
a place,
that makes you smile,
that is a calming space,
does not your body
to where you go
in your mind,
when you wish to sense
what peaceful place
do you wish to find?

And how do you feel
when you are in
your peaceful place –
what is it about
a beach,
a mountain tall,
a forest’s calming space,
what is peaceful about
a creek,
or an ocean’s rhythmic
that helps you center
where you are,
feeling comfort all

Is it not when you are
with You –
be it physically there
or in your mind,
do you not have the
of all of nature
within You,
is it not You
that resonates
with the beauty
of All That Is –
when you are unclear
of Who You Are,
do you not find You
even in the stars?

What draws your attention
when you seek to
find Peace,
come back to you,
return to nature,
find beauty in any
the beauty that you
is all around
and within you now –
You Are Here,
You Are Present,
You Are Peace
and You Are Love.

The Presence of Love

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I am traveling early today. Here is a message from today’s date in 2016.


The presence of love
can lift you up
and bring light to shine
in the dusty corners
of a darkened room.

The presence of love
can help you reach
out your hands
to those who need
a loving touch.

The presence of love
opens the gates
to those unseen
so that you know
we are always near.

The presence of love
begins in your heart,
filling you up,
connecting you –
to All That Is.

Open your heart.
Shine your light.
Share this love.
Feel the touch of Spirit –
as You Are
the Presence of Love.