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Yes, you like predictability,
there is comfort
in the status quo,
but are you not always
and is it not change
that invites you
to grow?

You need not think
of it as pushing,
forcing you to
completely change,
might you think
of change as
beckoning you
to explore a different

You may make changes
in the physical,
but do not your thoughts
also evolve and grow,
is it not when you
change your thinking,
that what is around you
joins in this flow.

And as Love is your
you need not feel
lost or alone,
as Love is You
from the beginning,
Love is always your
sacred Home.

So answer any changing
flow with what beckons
you to try,
you can change again
if it does not speak
to you,
or if it does not
feel right.

Be willing to adjust,
are you not malleable
like a ball of clay,
You Are Divine Possibility,
what do you wish
to create today!

Strength, Love and Joy

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Start from scratch,
clean the slate,
what do you wish
to create today?

There may be discomfort
to start anew,
but does it not
open up
all possibilities
to You?

Are you not innately
a creative Be-ing,
able to create,
adapt, adjust
to most anything?

You may dismantle
so that you may see,
how all parts fit together,

But as the Whole,
can you now let go,
of what you think
may be saying “no”?

Let Love and Joy
build the power within
so you may see the
that you have always
believed in.

You may have used
to get beyond your
as Strength is your
you have felt it through
your tears.

Strength, Love
and Joy
are always with you,
trust in You,
does not a path
always appear?

Walk with Love
on every journey
that you take,
you are held with
in every moment
you create.

Be Amazing

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Rise up to any challenge,
is that not an opportunity
to grow,
when you are comfortable
do you not gravitate
to what you already know?

Think of the push and pull
of growth
as loving hands
reaching out to you,
will they not lift
you up
and help you see
another side of you?

Be willing to stretch yourself,
it may be a little,
it may be a lot,
but do you not often
surprise yourself –
it may not be as
hard as you thought.

And if you travel
in a direction,
that you wish to change
partway through,
you can alter your course
to realign with what
speaks to you.

With Gratitude and
might you let a challenge
help you to see,
you are always creating
with Love that
lovingly pushes you
to Be Amazing!


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What is Strength?

Strength need not
be an act of
are you not brave
every day of your

Strength need not
squeeze out
what you are
are you not Strength
experiencing what
comes your way?

Strength is you
arising each morning,
knowing you have
what you need –
strong as the tree
with sturdy trunk,
knowing when to
in a strong breeze.

Strength may be quiet,
it may surprise you,
you may not know
from whence it comes,
but does not Strength
arrive with Love
and is not Love
what you are made of?

Embrace the Strength
in you,
let it be the fuel
for what you need,
do not be afraid
of your power,
with Love and
Strength do you
not see –
with Strength as your
and with Love as
your guide,
go forth in this
life’s journey,
buckle up
enjoy the ride!


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Be open to new
create yourself
anew each day,
you have choices,
you are Strength
and Courage,
and with Joy
do you not know
how to laugh
and play?

You are a mixture of
infinite combinations,
with new ingredients
you may not yet
have tried,
mix something new
into what you
are creating,
if you do not like it
you can start over
and choose again.

With many layers
life can be so
very serious,
you may feel
not knowing what
next to do,
but with a heart
full of Love
are you not fearless,
when you embrace
the infinite aspects
of You?

Be open to all
of your directions,
no matter what path
you travel
you will find,
there is purpose,
There Is Love
at every turn,
You Are Loved,
Beautiful Light,
You Are Divine!


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Stretch outside
your comfort zone,
be open to what
is Here,
Here – is possibility,
that invites you to go
beyond any fear,
trust in what your
might present for
you to see,
be open to creating
from all limitless

You have help,
you are supported,
the Universe is working
with you,
yes, as human,
you make choices,
sometimes you balk
at something new,
do not judge yourself
too harshly on the
timing of this or that –
set your intention
on the bigger picture
and trust what unfolds
out of that.

Set your intention
with Love,
indeed you are
always returning
the ebb and flows
upon this Journey
has you sometimes saying,
“I don’t know”,
you need not know
all of the answers
to the questions that
you seek –
trust Love,
trust You,
set your intention
for Love
to Be.

Stretch yourself
so you may know
another aspect
of the Divine You –
You Are Love’s
express the Love
that always flows
through You.

Your Beautiful Heart

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Become reacquainted
with your heart.

If you have felt
the need to
block off,
wall in
or protect a battered
is not the heart
also where
your Strength
and Courage lives?

Does the heart
not symbolize duality,
the Balance of Life –
the very part of
you that may feel
is this not where
your Strength
can arise?

Does not the greatest
Love or Joy
arise from taking
a chance,
does not a Leap of
Faith originate
from a loving moment,
it is your heart
that drives emotion
and emotion is the
to Who You Are –
Love and Joy,
Strength and Courage,
speak to you
from your heart.

Become reacquainted
with your heart,
give your mind
a rest,
listen to Who You Are,
let Joy and Love
come out to play,
let Gratitude show you
the way,
listen to,
lead with Love,
with your beautiful