Angel Wings

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12/21/18 – I am traveling early today, so here is a post from 12/24/2016

From 12/24/16

Listen closely.
Can you not hear,
even sense
the soft beat
of angel wings?

And have not
all of you
been blessed with
the presence of angels –
acts of kindness
and giving –
in the form of friends,
even strangers,
or in situations
that could not
be explained?

And do you
not recognize
what you would call
angelic qualities
within another –
a loving person,
a sleeping child –
you can see
an expression of
Pure Love
on their face –
is it not the face
of unconditional Love
that you would
call “angelic”?

And how are
you able to
and see
these expressions
of Pure Love –
do they not
resonate with
a loving chord
that plays within
your heart?

And yes,
in this earthly realm,
is it not hard to
sense angelic love
at times?

So – listen closely.
Can you not hear,
the soft beat
of angel wings?
Would you not
be surrounded
by the gift of angels,
so you may
feel the presence
of unconditional Love?

Is there not
a knowing
when you have
been touched
by an angel,
no matter
what form
an angel may take?

And as You Are
to All That Is –
do you not feel
the Love of the Divine
in every beat
of angel wings
that resonates
within your heart?

Let the Love
of Angels
remind you of
the Love That You Are.


Come As You Are

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Come as you are,
to this moment,
to this day,
the human experience
may feel like a
you may not know
the ride you
will be on today –
there need be
no perfection,
you need not have it
all figured out,
but might you come
as you are
and let Love
work the details

Come as you are,
you may be rested,
you may be not,
you may be grappling
with emotion,
you may wish
for something
to get excited
might You honor
for trekking upon
this road of Life,
might you show up
as the magnificent
and continue to walk
with your
Beautiful Light?

Come as you are,
and know this will
change every day,
might you discover
something new
about you –
at any moment,
in many ways,
if you do not like
the path you are
you have a compass
inside of you –
set your direction
within your heart,
come as you are –
the Love That Is

Love’s Generosity

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Be generous,
whatever that
means to you –
you may think
time or
but might you
expand your
gifting view?

Think not only of
what to give,
might sharing be
another avenue,
when you think
of the Love
within your heart,
is it not generous
to share You?

Be present,
is this not a
all wish to
receive –
a listening ear,
a caring soul,
someone who sees
wherever you
may be.

Might you expand
to be
a non-judgmental view
with no “you” and “me”,
might you be generous
with the Love
that includes All
that you see?

Be generous,
let Love flow,
let Love set
you free,
see where it
takes you,
let yourself be
surprised and see –
as you give
do you not also
being a catalyst
for Love’s

Be generous.
Be present.
Be the Gift
that Love
knows you
to Be.

Welcome, Love

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Welcome, Love.

Might you open
your doors
and invite Love in
to sit a spell?

And in doing so,
is there not a
to this presence
that you feel
you have known
for Eternity,
though you have
far and wide,
high and low,
to find This –
when you welcome
do you now know
Love exists?

Welcome, Love,
and do you not
welcome You –
is this not a presence
you have known
your whole life
your very Essence
that is You,
before you were born
and when this life
is through,
open your heart,
feel this Love,
and welcome,

Welcome, Love,
let us sit
for a spell,
are You not the
Shining Light
that assures you,
All Is Well –
when the story falls
in the quiet
on any day –
welcome, Love,
welcome Peace,
welcome Home.

A Chapter of Love

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Might you be
for your story,
for every chapter
that it brings,
at times a page
sometimes you could
do without
some things,
and though you need
not always know why,
or would prefer
a different plot,
does not your story
bring you to Love,
that finds a way,
no matter what?

It may be an
instant or
way of life,
it matters not
how Love is
does your heart
not celebrate,
whenever Love
is all around?

There need be no
of what is right,
your heart knows
exactly what to
do –
the more you trust
your heart,
will it not lovingly
guide and direct

Build your awareness
of another way,
when your mind
tells you how
the story should read –
let your heart
bring Love to
the purpose
of Life,
is for Love
to Be.

A Loving Gift

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Be open to Love.

You need not flash
a neon sign,
but might your heart
open to imply,
as you give
may you receive –
being open to Love.

You may not think
that you deserve,
you may push back
when Love is served,
but is not part
of Love’s healing
Flow –
being open to Love?

You can practice
at any time,
Yes, sending Love
to you
might you receive
this loving Gift –
being open to Love.

You are strong
and you are wise,
no need to keep
all of this inside,
but share also
with you,
might you be surprised –
Be-ing open to Love.

Hello, You

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Hello, You.

Yes, the one
who observes
all of your thoughts,
the one who reassures,
while you wait
for the other
shoe to drop,
are You not
somewhere in between
the crowded traffic
in your mind,
say hello to You,
your soul,
who is with
All the time.

Hello, You.
Might you invite
You to play,
might things go
more smoothly,
if you are connected
with You, today –
might you sense
a loving touch,
when You Are One
with who loves you
so much –
say hello,
get to know,
your beautiful soul.

Hello, Love.
Yes, Love is with
all the time.
So much noise
gets in the way,
but can you not
any time of day,
Be your breath,
sense You,
You are always Here
with you,
find the stillness
invite All of You
to join in –
Hello You,
Hello Peace,
Hello, Love.