Opening to Wonder


Be open to the 
wonder of the day.

Allow your heart 
and soul to 
free your mind –
giving permission 
for you to play.

And does not play
beget more wonder,
free from past thoughts 
or what is next.

Grace your self with
your true smile,
flow with your soul,
let your mind rest.

Be open to the wonder
that Love knows always
what to do.

You Are a creation 
of wonder,
Love celebrates the 
Miracle of You!

A Journey of Love


May you receive 
Love’s eternal blessings,
may this help you 
throughout this day,
you are surrounded 
by the angels,
lovingly supported,
come what may.

May you feel buoyed
by loving hearts,
feel this connection 
as Love lifts you,
a journey you walk
is not solitary,
Love is Here
to assist you.

As you help another’s
yes, you lovingly 
make it your own,
hand in hand,
heart to heart,
you All are walking 
each other Home.

Your Compassionate Light


Be a beacon of 
true awareness,
hand in hand with 
those you Love,
may compassion 
be your language,
speak it here as 
you know it above.

A connecting vessel,
you walk this earth,
but your knowing is
from All That Is,
as you resonate with
your soul’s passion,
your purpose flows 
from All of This.

As This Joy bubbles up 
you need not wait –
do share it now,
is not the timing 
that you wish for
Divinely led,
taking care of how.

Your Light shines
as you peel the layers,
are you not seeing You
as Love’s bright Light,
forgiveness, compassion 
are your super powers,
spread your wings of Love
and may you fly high!

A Peaceful Choice


There are a thousand ways 
to chip away at 
the walls that you 
build up,
but your quest 
for Love ends 
when you say,
all else – 
that is enough!

Here is Peace,
Here is calm,
no matter the storms 
that rise and fall,
when you realize 
Love has never left,
you know You are
part of the All.

May Love melt away 
any fears or doubt 
that make you
may your only choice 
be choosing Love,
releasing with Love,
all the rest.

Your Eyes of Love 
can look through 
any barrier you 
think you see,
Love is Here
singing with Peace,
you know This Song,
You Are the Harmony!

This Trust


You may waver on 
trusting your self,
but you can always 
trust Love.

This Love,
This trust 
is your foundation,
this below is
All You Are

It is hard to trust 
but beyond that 
is soul awareness 

Here is the comfort 
that you seek,
Here is the Peace 
that flows through you,
my dear.

Love melts the layers
one by one 
that obscure your vision 
from seeing This Truth.

Your Eternal Self,
whole and complete,
says Trust in Us – 
Source, angels 
and You!


This Loving Circle


You will know what 
to do,
as time catches up 
to you,
for it is You
that is timeless,
come what may.

Give and receive,
receive and give,
create This Circle
as you live,
this flow connects 
the dots for you 
to find your way.

This present moment
is not small,
it may feel daunting 
to know You Are All,
let Love take your hand 
to guide you through 
this day.

As this day with Love 
you may be quiet,
you may be bold,
know you are cherished 
as Love’s Expression 
in every way!

Be Amazed


In This Moment,
Be amazed,
Be in wonder,
This is You.

Your eternal now 
is Here,
there is no-thing 
that you must do.

May This Presence
flow through all 
and everywhere 
you go today.

This Eternal Moment
is not time,
but time is enriched 
when Love shows 
the way.

Love is This Moment,
You Are Love,
embrace this infinite 
Whole of You.

With This remembrance,
Be amazed,
the Joy you seek 
is your Eternal Truth!

Here is Peace


You may think 
you need to do 
shifting from
me and you
to One,
from the human 
this may be daunting,
but only when you 
see where you are 
coming from.

You have resonance,
soulful remembrance,
this is not a place 
you travel to,
it is helpful to change
human awareness,
but it is your soul 
that knows what 
is Truth.

In this upside down 
you seek the Peace 
that you know is Here,
you will not find it 
in this world, eternal,
but may you feel it 
as you Be it, dear.

Be a beacon of Peace,
do not other souls then
recognize themselves,
as you all speak this 
unspoken language,
is This not how Peace 
assures All is Well.

Recognize This Peace,
This Love as You,
residing in the souls 
of All you meet,
may the powerful resonance 
of Love Eternal,
provide the rhythm of
deep, resounding Peace.


Believe and Know


May you sense the
precious moments,
when your loved one 
is by your side,
your human self 
may not quite feel it,
but your souls share 
this sacred Light.

It matters not if 
its been short or long,
Love is timeless in
its scope,
eternal Love fuels 
you at present,
your Team,
your loved ones 
help you to know.

You are never alone
upon this journey,
you need not worry 
where you belong,
Home is Here 
always beside you,
inviting you to 
play along.

See your self 
as Love sees you,
know this Truth 
that speaks from
your soul,
Love surrounds as 
Love is with you,
believe and know!

Love’s Invitation


Let Love soothe 
your weary body,
return to Peace,
do not judge 
when ego rears 
its head,
looking for some 

When friction 
or resistance
makes you feel 
a path is hard,
might you ask 
what is your struggle,
are you pushing against
Who You Are?

There are changes 
that you make
that may not set 
with ego well,
might you accept,
allow these moments,
that remind there is
more to heal.

Be gentle upon your
when there are bumps
that disrupt your ease,
answer the call of 
forgiveness knocking,
accept Love’s invitation
to Peace.