Heart Song

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What rises up
within you
that makes you
want to push
or defend,
what strikes a chord
that no longer
reflects the place
you are in.

The more attuned
you are,
the more you notice
the sharper notes,
but as all notes
make up the
Scale of Life,
might you dig
deeper into what
you notice most?

Might all of these
Songs of Life
help you to develop
your own tune,
when you harmonize
with Love,
does not Joy
fill up the room?

There are sharp and
flat notes
that are needed to make
up a scale,
find a key that resonates,
but know there are
others you can experience
as well.

At your core you are
an instrument
that is able to play
many songs,
and when you join
with others,
as an orchestra,
is not a Joy to
play along?

Keep tuning and
keep experimenting
to find what resonates
within you,
and remember there are
infinite notes that
can combine to play
a beautiful tune.

Explore the songs in
your heart
that speak the Truth
of Who You Are,
and experience all of
the limitless ways
to sing with Love
as the Love You Are!

I Love You

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The pesky parts
of you that
show up,
that you would
rather not think
are they not asking
for your blessing,
are they not reaching
out for Love?

You may think
that it is others,
who may look
with a critical eye,
but do you not
critique yourself,
often asking yourself

Might you try a
different approach
to the little child inside
who wants to please,
might you send Love
to All of You,
and tell your little one,
yes, You I see.

With this unconditional Love,
might you find
freedom’s Flow,
in this stream of Love
that builds you up,
do you not find
the Courage
to let go?

Might you change
the critical eye
to One who sees
the Truth in You –
You Are beautiful
as You Are,
You Are Loved
I Love You.

The Dance

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You Are a Divine
of human and
your human side
is very trainable
to what your soul
already knows.

Might you flex
your human muscles
for the heavy lifting
you may need,
but be guided
by your soul,
there is much wisdom
there to heed.

There will be many
that cycle back
so you may try,
a different approach
to a pattern
that may have you
asking “why”.

And why not do things
now that your awareness
has grown,
might you find presence
in each moment
and trust in how
it all unfolds?

You are a Team
in this incarnation,
and surrounded with
Love at all times,
give your human side
a hug,
with a heart that
It Is Divine.

Breathe in the Force
that breathes You,
remember you are
part of this
Loving Flow,
your human and soul
love to dance
You Are Free
when you
let go!

Organically, You

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Be organically, You.

In this time
of summer’s magic,
when buds and blossoms
turn into blooms,
might you learn
from nature’s bounty,
to be organically, you.

The flowers cannot help
but display their
fruits and vegetables
are bursting through,
in this season of
are you not inspired
to be organically, you?

Gift yourself the time
and patience
to appreciate all
seasons of your life,
you have roots that
keep you grounded,
nourishing you at
the perfect time.

As the sun and rain
paint beautiful pictures
on the canvas of
the sky so blue,
are you not a master,
a creator,
do you not flourish
when you are
organically, you?

Take a page from
Nature’s story,
be amazed at what
resides in you –
You Are bountiful,
You Are glorious,
Love displays its beauty,
through You!


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What is the energy
behind compassion,
yes, it is all about
but does compassion
not go beyond
with nothing to compare
below or above?

Is not compassion
experienced with eyes
that see the Truth
of Who You Are –
all fellow travelers
on this journey,
not one who is separate
near or far.

It may be fleeting,
it may be a mantra,
compassion appears
in many ways,
compassion is able to
break down walls,
that are put up
so someone may
feel safe.

Compassion is not pity,
it sees the Truth
that your soul knows,
when you see with
the Eyes of Love,
do you not help
compassion flow?

Get to know compassion
and as you experience
Love’s powerful tool,
as you gift others
with compassion,
might you direct it
also to you?

With Love expressed
as compassion,
do you not experience
this Gift of Love,
connecting you with
Love to All,
knowing the Truth,
that All Are One.

Love’s Present

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Be present
with Love.

Are there not many
that Love can take
you to,
with Love,
through emotion,
are all not available
to you?

You are part of
a greater web,
that connects you
to those you
are they not with
you in any
when you are
with Love?

Yes, you can
go back to
moments in time,
to remind you
what you were
thinking of,
but does your heart
not remind you now,
that All are present
with Love?

Let Love
take you now
to All you Love
Here and
Everywhere –
your hearts together
form the bond
and the present
Is Love.

*On a personal note, I first experienced presence sitting in a boat on a lake with my Dad. On this Father’s Day, I know he is always with me.

The Magic of One

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There is magic
in a moment
when you realize
You Are One,
yet as human,
you are challenged,
by forgetting this

Have Faith that
is always with you,
it is not a
fleeting thing,
in your heart
you know this
Love Is around
and in Everything.

When you are in
the midst of a
yes, your human
side takes charge,
feel it all,
let every emotion
flow through you
like shuffling cards.

Then take a breath,
shift your awareness,
know this is one
part of All of You –
when you balance,
can you not see
with the eyes
of the Soul of You?

You need not judge
yourself as human,
surround yourself
with so much Love,
life is challenging,
fraught with drama,
yes, you often
need a hug.

You Are magic
in any moment,
as you know
and realize the
Truth –
You Are Love
at your center,
You Are One
One Is You.