All Hearts, One Song

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Hear ye Love,
you know this
sing out one note,
do not others
sing along?

Let Love add sweet Harmony,
a symphony of Love
is oh so strong,
may you sing with
One Voice,
all together as
One Song?

Hear ye heart
that beats with
what is True,
when All Hearts
beat together,
is there nothing
you cannot do?

Let Love remind you
of the rhythm,
follow the beat
of what you know
is True,
Here is Love,
playing sweet music,
and the music
Is You!

Where Love Is

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Where You Are
Where Love Is.

Does not your
Strength come
from this Power,
you have the Strength
to change the world,
might it change
from your perception,
no matter the story
that unfurls.

Are there not many
people hoping
for Love to calm
their rattled nerves –
You All as One
are this spark Divine,
comfort each other,
share soothing words.

See Love, your Self
in your brothers and
yes, fear may act like
a connecting thread,
but Love is patient
for your awakening
to it,
sending out waves of
as Love connects,

Where You Are
Where Love Is,
You are All connected
beyond this time
and space,
You are the
Strength of Love,
what does Love
wish to see,
from this Loving place?


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Be aware of
but even that
you need not
yes, as human,
you may experience
openings and closings
on this earthly sphere.

Let emotion be a
bringing awareness
to what lies deep,
let Love embrace
all parts of you,
that make up
the Whole of

Let Love wash over
your earthly being,
knowing you do the
best that you can
do –
and know that you
exist beyond
all doing,
Here Is Love,
always flowing
through You!

One Heart of Humanity

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You are connected.
The All of You.

Might you open up
your perspective,
to see Love in
All you see,
as You Are Love
from Love’s True
is Love not also
the person standing
next to thee?

You come together
then isolate,
are you not aware
of this social
ebb and flow,
do you now realize
you are All Together,
even as individual aspects
of a greater Soul?

Is there not a blurring
of the lines
that you may have
carefully drawn in,
Love may never be
it is the Force
that exists without
and within.

You Are your brothers
and sisters,
old or young,
same or differently,
This Love flows throughout
this you and you,
you think are not quite
connected to “me”.

Are not All of You
the All of Me,
This Love you long
to finally meet –
are not the doors open
no, you cannot hide –
Love exists in
One Heart of

The Little Self That Could

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You do not need
to convince
your self
of any thing,
for is it not
your self
who pushes back
on so many things?

From your perspective
of Higher Self,
yes, you see that
this is True,
your self has created
many stories,
to convince itself
that they are true.

So instead of trying
says the little self
that could,
would you,
could you
Love me anyway,
no matter what I
think I should?

Please remember,
little self,
you are All This
that I see,
We are in This Love
I Am You
You Are Me.

Let Us play and
dance together,
let Us dry each
other’s tears,
let Us hug when
we need comfort,
let Us choose Love
over imagined fear.

Little self,
I honor you,
for all experiences
We get to do,
you help Us grow
to Be This Truth,
You Are Love
I Am You!


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Listen to the body,
what is it trying
to tell you,
is it not one
aspect of the
human condition,
letting communication
come flowing through.

Keep diving to the
depths of your
does your awareness
not give you clues –
it may feel ungrounding
to question beliefs,
but how do beliefs
work to influence you?

Love is the Center
of Who You Are,
all earthly steps
walk with Love,
you are grounded
in This Truth,
wherever you are,
Love flows through

Listen to your earthly
body with
compassionate ears
to what it has to say –
then reassure your
earthly presence,
as Source,
always Love
shows you
the way.

Love’s Answer

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Does not looking
for what you need
indicate you know
not want you have?

Blessed One,
Blessed You,
do not let your
eyes deceive,
as you See with
the Eyes of Love,
does Love not
reflect back

Let your knowing
be your anchor
as you sail on
life’s rocky seas,
you are Love’s vessel
upon the water,
you are the waves
that meet the
sandy beach.

Love is the touchstone
of your soul,
in any experience
you may seek,
you need not look
outside to find This,
knowing resides always
in thee.

When words or actions
into a puzzle
that you cannot
beyond language,
Here is knowing –
Love is the answer
to it All.