Be revealed 
with Love.

Are there not times you
strip off layers of
to reveal the beauty 
that lies beneath,
it may require work 
and patience,
to remove each covering 
that clings tightly.

Make-up applied for 
daytime viewing,
may be removed for 
nighttime sleep,
what do you add 
to your human body,
to provide what it is
you wish to see?

Love sees All of You
with wonder,
Love needs no protective 
yes, as human you look
for cover, 
for protection or safety 
that you hope will last.

But at your core is
the Authentic You,
this has not changed 
through eternity,
you are the same 
magnificent Be-ing,
no matter the age 
your body may be.

There are myriad ways 
that life may strip you
of who it is you think 
you are,
but as you are open 
to dive deeper,
might you discover Love 
is closer than far?

Do not fear the layers 
embrace the Truth 
of your reveal,
the Magnificent You
who has always been 
welcomes you to see 
the Eternal You!





You get glimpses 
of remembrance,
do moments of knowing
not make you smile?
It may be a synchronistic 
or when Peace comforts you 
for awhile.

When you let go of a
held breath,
when you welcome 
Love’s sweet surrender,
when you are present 
in this moment,
is this not when 
you remember?

You need not strain 
or reach,
remembrance is not a 
going to – 
in the quiet,
between thought,
in your core of 
remember You.

Here is no struggle 
or seriousness,
All that you need 
is Here for you,
soak up this Peace,
with heart so grateful,
O Precious One,
Love remembers 

Love’s Table


Pull up a chair 
to Love’s full table,
are not your brothers
and sisters here?
You need not an invite
to join this party,
your souls are connected 
in This Everywhere.

Life is a potluck 
of varied flavors,
you may have preferences 
or a favorite dish,
but no matter what 
you bring to the table,
is not Love at the top 
of Everyone’s list?

Share your recipes
as you honor life’s 
see each other in 
this colorful palette 
of Life,
may Love be in everything
you bring to the table,
see the Whole of You 
reflected in each other’s



Relationship is the 
joining of Love.

And as you are 
already connected 
to All That Is Love,
is life not the
experience of
This Togetherness?

And though the ego 
wishes to convince you
that you must carry on
might you discover
this togetherness,
always in Love’s sacred

As you are already joined 
with All you hold dear,
know no-thing can come 
between you,
togetherness is the 
constant Here.

Relationship is Love’s bridge 
to what is infinite 
and True,
as Love is sacred
and holy,
together always
with Love
is You!

Healed Always


You are whole
and complete,
healed always 
as Love.

The body is very 
requiring attention,
this is true,
care for this temporary
but know it is not 
the Real You.

With tenderness 
and great care,
give all the Love 
that you can,
but the barometer 
of Truth,
comes from your 
everlasting I Am.

Yes, you compare with
your body,
your ego loves to 
keep score,
how does it feel,
how does it look – 
do I need to do 

You have relationship 
with your body,
on earth this is one
way to see,
perfection is not in 
this vessel,
perfection is the Whole
state of Thee.

Might you perceive healing
as washing
your self with Love,
and as you are 
All of This,
are you not the vision 
that you dream of?

To heal is to know
there is nothing 
to forgive,
receive Love’s 
Eternal Blessing,
Beloved child
of All That Is!

Love’s Infinite Light


Find what is beautiful 
with Love.
And with Love,
is not all beautiful?

As beauty is in the 
eye of the beholder,
might you check to see 
what filters you may 
have on yours?

Yes, the world may be 
a scenario of perception.
What perceptions might 
you question as you 

Let your Light 
see All the Light 
in your sisters and 
your perception 
may judge who may 
shine so bright.

Dear beloveds,
You Are All 
this Light,
shift your perception 
and look beyond to
Love’s Infinite Light.

Know all is beautiful 
with Love.
And with Love,
may you know the beauty
of All of You!

Love’s Rainbow


Throughout life,
you bear witness,
to the human 
Joy and laughter,
pain and sorrow,
you recognize every 
ebb and flow.

This is a spectrum,
like a rainbow,
that contains all colors 
to be seen,
being human,
you are sunshine,
you are rain 
and all in 

Let Love be the 
be the bridge
between it All,
yes there are times 
when you have 
and other times 
you feel you fall.

May you reflect all
of life’s colors
with reassurance that
Love is Here,
it is not you who 
needs to change things,
Love is the Essence 
of all you hold dear.

You are Love’s rainbow,
you are This Bridge,
experience the spectrum 
of human life,
and know This Bridge 
is Everlasting,
you can see all colors,
as You Are the Light!

Love’s Strength and Grace


Be a Voice for Love,
a Face of Love 
for All to see.

And does it not 
begin with you,
extending Love 

Look in the mirror,
Love looks back 
at you,
receive it with 
no shame 
or doubt.

As you extend 
This Grace to you,
does not All Love 
ripple out?

You Are this 
Cycle of Love,
much like the 
seasonal changes 

Accept This Love
that nourishes you,
with Strength and Grace
you forever grow!

A Moment Blessed


Let emotions bring up 
to you,
what is asking,
where is Love?
Your human self 
likes reassurance
from your knowingness

Yes, All of This 
is All of You,
always connected,
though you may 
have doubt,
behold the Peace 
that is always 
with you,
ready to fill in 
what you think 
has run out.

There may be change 
in your surroundings,
take a moment to breathe
in what you know,
as a powerful,
creative Be-ing,
always upon your journey,
you are forever Home.

You need not quell 
your emotions,
but dig down deep 
to their roots,
is not This Moment,
with Love’s sweet blessing,
the perfect time 
to bless the All 
of You?

In this life 
there are many 
as Love is changeless,
know this Truth –
You Are blessed
in this timeless moment,
always whole and complete,
Eternal Love is You!

Anchored With Love


Let Love be your anchor,
when you feel yourself
wherever you are 
upon the ocean,
you belong as 
All of This.

You do not need 
a map to guide you,
your destination 
is always near,
look no further
than your heart,
all that you need 
resides right Here.

You may relish 
quiet moments,
you may wish at times
to pause ashore,
but deeper waters may 
invite you
to find your flow 
so you may soar. 

Let Love be your anchor,
you are You
no matter where,
You Are whole 
as Love’s sweet promise –
eternally with you
and Everywhere!