Everything, Everywhere

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As the sun is
always here,
as the moon
does not disappear,
Love is constant
and always with you,
Everything Is Love.

On the darkest days
does not the sun
still shine,
on a cloudy night,
do not constellations
fill in their lines,
All Is Well,
as Here Is Love
all the time,
Everywhere Is Love.

And when you see the sun
at break of dawn,
when your heart swells
with the birds’ morning
when moonlight caresses
your peaceful sleep
all night long,
bask in this Truth –
You Are Love
and so very Loved.

Love You

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Love You.

When ego wishes
to pull you back
from your peaceful,
grateful state,
know that All of
You is Love,
as Love is This
and Love is That,
you may shift
your perspective
to see more clearly
through the muck,
you are constantly
never, really,
are you stuck.

Timing is an
illusory process,
yes, you need it
when you are here –
but do not focus
on the timing,
all unfolds
even if it is
not clear.

Trust Love,
trust You,
when day begins
to when it is through,
know All Is Well
in every moment,
Love Is Here
as Love Is You.

Love You –
You Are
so very
Inside out
or outside in,
feel Love’s embrace,
again –
Love You.

Your Neighbor, Yourself

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If you can Love
your neighbor,
you can Love

When you lift
the hood
on humanity,
you may wish
to close it
sometimes you
recognize yourself,
but it may not
always last.

In this life
there are comparisons,
preferences for this
or that,
but not too far
beyond the story,
is All not You
as You Are That?

Is not Humility
an equalizer,
combining with Love
for you to see,
it is not who is
good or “better”,
All Are One
in the Eyes
of Humility.

Glean the lessons
from all experiences,
are there not opportunities
at every turn,
not to change another’s
but to look inside
at what there is
to learn.

When you turn
your pointed finger
and point it squarely
back at you,
yes, when you see
and Love your neighbor,
are you not extending
Love to you?

It need not mean
you do not have
or causes that you
but might life unfold
a bit more smoothly,
when brothers and sisters
are who you see?

When you Love your
are you not loving
All parts of You?
Source resides in
All That Is,
the Power of Love
breathes All of You.

Showing Up

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Be Love, today.

Yes, a more direct line
might be –
show up, today.

And might showing up
be the perfect place
to start,
but what do you show up
to share,
might you share
what is in your

Might you shine with
what begs to play,
this Light in you
that lights the way,
Be Light,
Be Love,
in a playful way,
show up, today.

Do not be afraid
to play
and might you be loving
in what you say,
tell someone
that you think
they are fabulous,

Does not the energy
lighten up,
when expectation
you release,
other than showing up
with Love,
is all not possible,
are you not free?

Be Free to
Be You
and what is the
first thing you
might do?
Show up as
Who You Are –
Being Love,
Being Courageous,
Being You.


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Love is present
wherever You are.

There are days
when you may
feel closer,
sensing Source
in All That Is,
there are times
when separation
rears its head
as you compare
all of this.

Of course, it helps
to find the balance
and does not Love
help you to see,
Love will always
come to meet you –
Love is present
wherever You are.

You may think that
this awareness
only happens when
in a certain state,
you may wonder
how you recognize
this –
with the so-called mistakes
that you think you make.

But Love is Here,
always flowing,
even if your knowing
Love is near,
never far –
Love is present
wherever You are.

So why not open up
your heart,
so you may feel closer
to All of This,
Love exists within you
even if it is hard
to sense this bliss.

You need not go out
to find Love,
it is not a distant star,
the Light of Love
shines brightly within
Love is present
wherever You are!


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Let your Light
shine bright,
let your heart
sing its song,
it matters not
if sometimes it
is dark,
or if no one else
sings along.

When you stand
in your Truth,
does not your Light
light your way,
and do not other
recognize their own
in their own way?

Let Love shine
through you,
look for Love
in others, too –
it may look different
or the same,
there are myriad
of Love’s Refrain.

Look beyond
the human story
and see how your
connect in Truth,
There You Are,
your soul sings
I Am Love
so Are You!

The Gift

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Gift yourself
the Truth
of Love,
let it permeate
your thoughts,
let it be
a part of
what you say –
Love Is
Who You Are,
so why not
share it with
All of You,
might you expand
your beautiful heart,
letting your loving
come shining through?

Do not your human
give you opportunities
to find,
where Love is needed
or when Love appears
at the perfect time,
do you not have
a sensor
that alerts you when
you know,
Here Is Love,
your heart is telling you,
Be that Love
wherever you go.

Gift yourself
the Truth
of You –
in the peaceful,
quiet moments,
is it not apparent
to you –
any minute of
any day,
might you step into
this moment
Be Love,
Be You,
You Are
the Gift,