A Single Step


Be gentle in your 
the human path 
unfolds in many ways,
intersections in relationships
help you to grow along
the way.

Might you allow 
what needs to bubble up,
what aspect of you 
wishes to be seen,
and as you look 
at another, mirrored,
extend Love to them,
to you,
the same.

Love is the balm
that helps to ease
be it within or 
what appears 
you are All of 
your intersections,
loving You is what
Love’s all about.

Set aside the reading
of your story,
with your Heart of Love
begin a brand new page,
your journey begins with 
this single step,
overflowing with forgiveness
and compassion today!


Your Source of Love


Your story may have 
an origin,
but You, as soul,
are free,
with no beginning and
with no end,
might you integrate 
This Flow of Love
with thee.

Each cell with its
own consciousness
works with the 
Greater Whole,
a mix of life beliefs 
and soul awareness
factors in to what 
they know.

Ask Love to help 
to unify what sometimes
can feel off,
you may go to your 
human origin,
with awareness 
you were never lost.

This Flow of Love 
ripples in you Now,
containing All present,
future, past,
unify your present story
with All You Are,
infinite and vast.

Love knows where to go,
you need not analyze 
or think of what to do,
in This Surrender,
Be Love Awareness,
This Source of Love 
remembers All of You!

A Promise


Here You Are,
Love says,
We Are never
far apart,
I Am Everywhere
that you are,
forever connected
at the heart.

I Am in the sunlight
greeting each new day
with you,
I am One with 
All of nature,
listen, look for what
Love sends you.

May Love soothe 
your human heart,
that journeys on 
its path of grief,
life may feel so different,
dear one,
but souls have promises
that We keep.

May We continue 
our great adventure,
together, always,
seeing All things new,
Love keeps its promise
of Eternity,
always in the heart
and soul of You!

Forever Home


Here is Peace
when you need 
Here is Love 
forever True,
through any door 
You Are accompanied,
as angels fly with 

Sense Love’s arms 
around you,
dear one,
you are never 
one alone,
Love is All of Us 
Here with Love 
always is Home.

Feel the Joy 
of love reminding,
you are complete 
and fully whole,
may Love fill your 
heart so you may 
know how much
You Are Loved so!

This Sacred Body


lean into where 
your body thinks
that it needs to
ego constantly is 
preparing always 
for fight or flight.

Does not your body 
then brace itself,
calling in other parts
to help,
send Love to All parts 
of the body,
changing its belief 
to All is Well.

Love fosters integration,
moving together as
One Whole,
there is no part 
that is separate,
unity is what Love

lean into 
Love’s One Truth,
This is You,
complete and whole,
address the needs 
of this sacred body,
knowing always Here,
You Are Home!

Be-ing Responsible


Your responsibility 
is to Love.

In life you seek 
many outcomes,
knowing you cannot 
control them all,
find Love’s Peace,
accepting dear one,
your responsibility 
is to Love.

Love is your map,
your GPS,
when you stumble 
or feel lost,
Here You Are,
forever connected,
Be-ing responsible 
to Love.

Yes, as human
you have preferences,
some things may not 
seem fair,
but as Love’s gift,
your Love shines to reveal
your responsibility 
is to Love.

Follow your guidance,
your soul speaks gently
to you as you 
align with Truth,
your responsibility 
is Here,
Home always,
accept Love’s responsibility 
to you!

Where You Are


Buckle up upon 
Love’s journey,
take Love’s hand,
enjoy the ride,
You Are All 
universes together,
All of This
is You, inside.

There may be bumps
upon this journey,
but as you grow,
evolve, you see,
some situations that 
you experience,
turn into gifts 
to be received.

Find comfort in 
your discomfort,
is this not Love 
helping you shift,
you are creating,
eternally evolving,
trust in Love,
in All of This.

Take Love’s hand,
leading you joyously,
wrapped in Love’s 
infinite flow,
You Are perfect 
Where You Are,
forever Home,
eternally Loved so!

I See You


I see you,
Love says gently,
through this life 
and all before,
you are precious,
full of Joy, 
let us walk together
through open doors.

When you stumble,
I help you rise,
you have purpose,
let your Light shine,
as you forgive 
your circumstances,
possibilities emerge 
from your bright Light.

You Are Loved,
Love says gently,
and as you move within
this sacred flow,
sense your power,
Here is Peace,
precious child,
Here is your Home!

A Deep Release


Bring your Self 
to your beliefs
that were birthed
to keep you safe,
as a child,
you took on armor
to protect you 
day after day. 

Ego uses these beliefs,
shape-shifting them 
as ego sees fit,
let your soul,
your Self dive into
what swirls below 
in this egoic pit.

Bring your Light 
to this endeavor,
you may be surprised 
at what you find,
these beliefs that you 
thought had power,
have been waiting for You
this whole time.

See the Truth of Love’s 
sacred power,
This is the foundation 
to walk upon,
release your self from
thinking somehow,
that you have done 
something wrong.

Embrace the child within
you that has worked 
so hard to stay afloat,
put your feet down 
on Love’s foundation,
stand tall and let Love 
lift you up.

As a creator,
with Love’s inspiration,
release or change beliefs
that do not fit,
in Real Time gather
All of you,
with loving compassion,
believe All of This!

Love’s Healing Balm


No matter what 
the body goes through,
Love is with you 
always, dear,
breathe in This 
and sense Love 
filling in any 
cracks or crevices

May Love remind you
of your wholeness,
there is no-thing 
missing from you,
fill yourself with 
Love’s compassion,
Love always knows 
what to do.

Breathe in Love’s 
healing balm,
take a break,
what do you need,
let Love’s presence
create a loving space
for You, with Love,
to Be!