Love’s Strength


Is there not a shift 
in your perspective,
sensing the expanse 
that surrender brings,
this is not giving in
as ego would like 
for you to believe.

When you set up 
winners or losers,
are there not sides 
separated and drawn,
there must be struggle 
to determine,
what is right or
who is wrong.

There is always another 
that invites you 
to shift and see,
leave the fighting 
to the ego,
as you surrender 
to Love,
to Peace.

This does not mean
you do not care –
no, dear it is the 
when you look with
the Eyes of Love,
your healing heart
flows to All of This.

The you that thinks 
you are alone
may feel there is 
not much you can do,
Love’s Power flows 
throughout your Be-ing,
surrender to Love’s 
Strength in You.




Practice Presence,
Be This now,
in this moment,
throughout your day,
let your noticing 
bring you Here,
as you observe 
what comes your 

Noticing is neutral,
without judgment,
it is the observer
perspective of You,
ego may bring up
what Eyes of Love,
can now gaze upon,
to Love all of you.

Be This Presence,
and as Loving Light,
may you notice 
Here is Peace,
holding space for
your beautiful self,
is how Love 
Loves You,



What does Love 
ask of you?
Only to answer 
with your heart.

When you join in 
this loving space,
you join as the Truth
of Who You Are.

Join with your 
sisters and your 
You Are a collective 

Look beyond what 
separates you,
may Love,
draw all near.

You ask Love 
where are you now?
When you need Love 
more than ever.

My dears,
I Am your 
beautiful heart
that beats the rhythm
of forever.

What does Love 
ask of you?
You know the answer 
within your soul.

Be as Love,
precious One,
You Are Beloved 
and Loved so.

A Loving Gift


Be Love’s gift.
You Are a Gift 
of Love.

Is not gifting
giving, receiving,
is not the giving 
easier to do,
it may be harder 
to accept,
what someone else 
may give to you.

Open your heart,
receive gifts fully,
it does not mean 
there is any lack,
is not receiving
for what flows in 
is always given back.

Love spirals,
cycles wholly 
through you,
there is no struggle 
when Love truly flows,
You Are This stream 
of giving, receiving,
sense the Peace 
that is yours to 

Be Love’s gift,
here is your purpose,
to receive Love,
making it your own,
as you share freely
with all others,
you lovingly remind,
All are always


Love’s Tender Embrace


Come with me,
Love says, smiling,
may you with Love 
walk with ease,
let your remembrance 
of a heart so full,
fill you up with 
eternal Peace.

May you embrace 
the magical essence
of Love that is 
always Here,
your loved ones 
whisper so softly,
to remind you they 
are always near.

May Love lift burdens
you may carry,
may Love fill you up 
with Peace,
feel the embrace of Love
so tender,
this Spark of Love shines 

A Deeper Peace


Realign with your 
when you need to 
come back Home,
you may sense scattered
parts of you,
but in your wholeness
you are not alone.

Honor your feelings 
as they surface,
but check the origin 
from where they come,
if there is strife 
or disconnection,
remember chaos is 
what ego loves.

Look with your eyes 
that have Vision,
thank the ego for 
what is here,
there is no-thing 
that Love can’t handle,
to see,
to heal with loving 

Though roads may sometimes 
become rocky,
Love helps you find 
the flow to glide,
dive deep into more 
peaceful waters,
You Are Peace
and Love inside!

Hope and Compassion


Love is Here,
precious ones,
share with All 
who are in pain,
Be Love’s remembrance 
when skies are dark,
knowing that sun 
rises again.

Be free with hope 
and compassion
for a world holding 
its weariness,
what sharing smile,
what glimmer of Light,
may connect with another 
who may not see This.

Take this moment 
to hold gently,
your own pain that 
comes up to heal,
let your sorrow and
your anger know
that they are Loved
as well.

With compassion,
with forgiveness,
make a place 
so safe to rest,
invite your self
to join with Love,
unifying All to know
All are Blessed.

Say Yes


Say yes
to Love.

Invite Love in 
to every crack
and corner,
that you think 
Love would not 
your willingness 
allows you to see,
that Love is already 
All of This.

There is no-thing
that you need do,
but might you 
open up to Be,
invite Love to 
remind you,
is Love,

Say yes to Love,
behold its purpose,
that weaves throughout 
your story Here,
in sweet surrender
may you step,
into Love’s flow,
always with you,



What rises up 
within you,
what wishes to 
be heard,
honor all emotions
so Love may 
witness unspoken

In your mind 
you need not 
figure out
all questions you
may have,
Love accepts,
allows and 
Love is beyond 
all good or 

Love creates space 
for exploration,
in this world 
you experience,
now look with Love
beyond your 
set yourself free 
so you may 

Dance with Love’s
blessed forgiveness,
may this flow bring 
Grace and ease,
Love holds out its hand,
accept it,
hand to heart,
Here is Love’s 

A Vision Clear


Love what you see.

What comes up 
for your inspection,
when past thoughts 
come up to heal,
look at all without 
judgment –
Love what you see.

Your critical eye has
years of practice,
do you not practice 
on your self?
Invite Love to blend 
with your vision –
Love what you see.

As human,
you weave a 
unique story,
as soul you use 
thread made of 
find what glitters 
in you,
in others – 
Love what you see.

Lay down fear with
all its judgment,
may you rest 
in knowing This,
you need not fix 
what is not broken,
dear one,
Love what you see.