All of Love

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You Are what you need.

All of Love
is Here
there is no-where
Love cannot Be.

All of You
is Where You Are,
Love is All
that you need.

And since Love has
never left you,
there is no-thing
to re-store,
shine your Light
to see This Truth,
there is no need
for anything more.

All of Love
is you,
sweet child,
let Strength
and Grace
help you to see –
All of Love
is All of You,
now spread your wings
and as Love,
fly free!

Love’s Embrace

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Does not your soul
know Love’s Embrace,
Peace washes over you
as Love Is Here,
you recognize it
when you see it,
feel it,
reminding you –
You Are This,

Let your vibration,
your inner rhythm,
tune and align
with this loving
You Are the music
to this Love Song,
You Are the harmony
to each loving note.

You have choices
as earth you walk,
let your heart listen
to ┬áLove’s beat so
what might you envelop
in Love’s Embrace,
singing with your soul –
Love’s perfect song
of You!


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Here We Are.
You Are Us.
There is no distance
the You,
the Me,
All of
I Am.

Your thinking mind
tells many stories,
beliefs build structures
you think are true,
look beyond these
walls of limits,
there is no limit
to the Eternal You.

You need not wait
for your mind to
get this,
true understanding
dwells not here,
your soul has never
left Home,
We Are together

Walking this earth
may at times feel
might you tune in
to this loving Truth –
All of Love
is Here,
Me and We
as Wholly You.

A Loving Trust

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What is Trust?

Is Trust not more
than a wished for
or assurances to
be made,
is Trust not knowing
what you are made of,
All of This,
that is You,

Is Trust not the
union of your
heart beating,
with the rhythm
of All That Is
Trust is your
eternal nature,
beyond the stars
that shine above.

Trust Is Love
that flows through you,
you need not ask
for it to come,
Trust is You,
blessed child of
always safe
and forever Home.

You may think Trust
is a bridge
that takes you
to where you may
not be right now –
dear child,
Trust is the sweet
Here You Are
as Love,

Love’s Rainbow

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Love all sides
of you.

As you have earthly
do not all mirrors
look back at you,
you are a spectrum
as each reflection,
Love and accept
all sides of you.

Emotion is made up
of many colors,
does not color
appear in Light,
You Are a rainbow
as Love’s Expression,
Love and accept
all sides of you.

Marvel at the many
but are they not created
from One Light,
life is the canvas,
Love is the Artist,
Love and accept
the All of you.

Create and play with
many colors,
your palette is yours
to mix and match,
see beauty through the
eyes of the Beholder,
Love and Rejoice
the Whole of You!

Your Spark of Love

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Love is a spark,
forever burning,
it cannot hide,
is it not You –
yes, at times
life’s layers
but Love forever
is shining through.

Love is the Life Force
that fuels your
and what might
that be – you
may ask,
Love is the answer
to this question,
no matter the
or task.

Be warmed,
be reassured
by your spark glowing,
you are always connected
with those you Love,
and you, my dear,
are blessed with Light,
from a thousand stars
that shine above.

You are part of Love’s
woven fabric,
never forgotten
and never alone,
your Spark of Love
is your guiding Light,
lovingly reminding
that You Are Home!

Be Your Self

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What takes up space
within your mind?
Do thoughts not
go on journeys,
leaving your present
moment behind?

You may join and
chase these thoughts,
that build upon
blocks of belief,
do you not think
of your foundation
as one made up
of identity?

As you are multi-dimensional,
not tethered to
the ground you walk,
you may think
in terms of bottom-up,
but you exist Everywhere,

You learn to color
within the lines,
but not only are you
the paper and the pen,
you are the inspiration
the emotion expressing
your heart within.

Be your Self
from inside out,
not working to fit
the outside in,
your foundation,
your safe space,
is All of Love,
is You, within!

A Forever Truth

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No matter what changes
around you,
be it body, time
or place,
You as Spirit
is your constant,
always safe.

Ego feeds off
of fear,
it pushes back
against your sense
of Peace,
ego wishes to write
your story,
making up drama,
pay attention to

In this life of
here or there,
the you as human
may feel quite small,
but as Love is
your Life Force,
as You expanded,
are You not All?

Surrender wholly to your
True Nature,
you know this
it is always Here,
it is the you
that transcends time,
that exists between
the here and there.

With no beginning
and with no end,
expand, release
to see This Truth,
allow Love to tell you
a Love story,
the forever Truth
of Love as You!


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Wrap your self in
Love’s sweet blanket,
set the intention
to receive this
you may think that
Love is distant,
as you sense struggle
in time and space.

This well-spring of Love
is forever flowing,
it invites you to
know this Truth,
there is no-thing
that can stop this
receive and let Love
shower you.

Let go of what you
may resist,
reach out and accept
Love’s eternal hand,
you already are
One Love is how
this life began.

No matter what is
the matter,
rejoice in Love’s
forever Truth,
You Are Love’s
magnificent expression,
you are so Loved
as Love Is You!