Home is where you 
sit with Love.

Upon your journey,
your inner compass
knows your story 
near or far 
experiences may take you,
Home is where you 
sit with Love.

where life may 
lead you,
know you never 
explore alone,
as you tune in 
to each new chapter,
Home is where you 
sit with Love.

Peace be with you, 
as each breath 
brings you 
in alignment with 
your True Self,
welcome Home,
your soul invites you,
Here is where You Are 
with Love.

A Story of Love


Be a story of Love.

When you listen 
to a story,
does not your heart 
journey as well?
Is it not Love that 
pulls heart-strings,
Be a story of Love.

Love’s story passes 
down through many 
connected are you,
as you are eternally
One with Source,
Be a story of Love.

A note, a song,
may weave
that are shared 
through the rhythm 
of Love,
does not your soul 
sing with One Voice,
singing a story of Love.

The Essence of You 
is the experience 
of Love,
Love is woven through 
the fabric of you,
Be Love’s magnificent 
share with your
beautiful heart,
your story of Love.

Love, Always


Rejoice and know –
Love always finds
a way.

Faith will bring you 
to the mountain,
Strength will help you
begin to climb,
knowing is when you
truly realize,
the top is where you
have been all the time.

Yes, life experiences 
are layers,
that may be challenging 
to get through,
as your awareness 
becomes more clear,
you may see all 
as gifts for you.

Unwrap with heart 
divinely open,
with allowance of 
come what may,
may you rejoice 
in this true knowing – 
Love always finds 
a way!

Holy You


Let the winds of change 
swirl all around you,
what is rearranged 
for you to see?
Might you look with 
new eyes viewing,
what might you see 
now differently?

Ego perceptions come 
with foreboding,
using fear to keep 
you small,
might you identify 
the programming 
that runs beneath 
it all?

Your I Am presence
is eternal,
available always 
to you,
with awareness call out
with Eyes of Love 
can you now see

Let the Holy Love 
of Source,
surround with care 
the Whole of You,
from this perspective
sense Love’s Peace,
your I Am presence 
is Holy You!



Clear the air,
lighten your load,
you always reside 
in Love’s sweet flow,
accept, allow
what comes your way,
release your need 
to be in control.

Learning arises 
out of experience,
you may not know 
the why or how,
set expectation 
to the side,
as Love’s presence

Ripples of Love
sometimes take time,
you may not be aware 
of their cause, effect,
journeys do differ
some remain unseen,
perfection of timing 
may not happen yet.

Breathe in the air,
be a vessel clear,
be Love’s purpose
as a conduit,
ask what would Love
have me know today,
Love answers,
dear child,
You Are All 
of This!


Beyond Choice


Any path can help
you find
your way

Always Love
travels with you,
you are never 

In this world,
choices presented 
may bring up wrong
or right.

As Love is beyond 
there is no need 
to fight.

Return to your 
for Here is 

Surrender to 
your soul’s knowing,
for your release.

You may ask 
with reverence,
about what to 

Love invites you
to Be this
Miracle of You!


Healing As Love


All is healed 
in Love.

The human story 
has its conflicts,
rough edges asking 
to be smoothed,
accept this invite,
turn up your Light,
All is healed 
in Love.

Healing unfolds 
as layers present,
each one surfaces 
to accept Love’s Truth,
repeat as needed,
Love has no deadline,
All is healed 
in Love.

Loved ones and angels
are forever helpers,
do they not ignite 
a spark in you,
you All are woven 
in Love’s tapestry,
and All are healed 
as Love.

Is not healing 
your innate knowing,
All is Well 
within your soul,
accept the miracle 
of your Light shining, 
healing is seeing
You as Love.

For You


For you,
angels sing 
Love songs,
for you,
loved ones 
sing along,
as your Light 
is forever shining,
in Love’s eternalness 
you belong –
receive this Gratitude 
of Love,
for you.

For you,
may the veil 
grow thin,
for you,
may your loved ones 
step in,
as hearts are connected 
within your souls,
does not your Light 
invite all in – 
forever, together,
Love is Here,
for you.

For you,
within your breath 
is Peace,
for you,
Love reminds 
you to Be,
as you glimpse 
may you remember 
You Are Free – 
bask in This Love
that is Here, always,
for you.

Your Spark of Love


Your Spark of Love 
connects Everything 
to you,
you are a part 
of All of This,
this circle of Love 
flows eternally 
through you,
build your awareness 
to sense this bliss.

Set your intentions
with a broader focus,
ask and receive 
within your soul,
the story details 
may not match this,
but know your soul
with Gratitude unfolds.

You Are as One 
with your Team,
your helpers,
your Spark of Love 
burns forever bright,
sense Love’s power 
lifting you up, 
dear one,
We see You,
fellow Beautiful Light!