A Fountain of Love

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Does not the Well of Love
run deeper
than even the depths
of the sea,
as vast as the ocean is,
is not this well Eternity?
You cannot run out
of Love,
as it continually creates,
can you turn the well
into an endless fountain,
as you let Love

Love is flexible,
Love is malleable,
Love can take on
any form,
you can find Love
in the smallest space
or everywhere you look
is Love not there?
When you activate
your intention
to see Love throughout
your day,
you will not run out
of Love,
is not Love always
ready to play?

This Well of Love
is overflowing,
but your cup
need never run dry,
call upon the depths
of Love
when you are thirsty,
needing comfort day
or night,
you yourself
can be the fountain,
letting Love flow
always through You –
be an Oasis of Love
for another,
so they can sense
they are Love, too.

You need not dive
to the depths
of this well,
Love is at your
fingertips –
Love will meet you,
Love Is with you,
play in the endless
sparkling Fountain
of Love.

Unite With Love

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Unite with Love.

You look at differences,
do they not divide you,
do not dividing forces
set you up,
if you focus
on the division,
does it not get harder
to shout across?
Can you see each other
as fellow souls,
playing out a grand story
for you to find,
what unites
instead of divides you –
can you see
if you can
Unite with Love?

When the differences
are not the focus,
might you see
each other’s humanity –
all have fears
that set emotions spinning,
yes, earth school
is tough to sometimes

When you add a
lightning rod
that draws in what is
under the surface
to be healed,
do not get distracted
with these outer forces
that are simply reflecting
what many may feel –
is this not a perfect
to see what lies beneath
an exterior show,
can you look deeper
and change the focus,
to see how you
can Unite with Love?

When fear is the guiding
when you find your back
up against the wall,
your human side goes
into surviving,
pushing, kicking,
to stay afloat,
can you look beneath
the surface
and not react
to the story told,
ask a different question,
not one that is scripted,
can you look with Love
beyond the story
that unfolds?

There are stories
that will divide you,
but can you share
in the Story of Love –
beyond belief
there is a loving place
you can go to –
meet another there
to Unite with Love.


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Say hello.

A simple greeting,
a nod of the head,
a smile to acknowledge
you see someone there,
does not “hello”
open a door,
if even a crack,
to then say more,
might you build small bridges
throughout the day,
and not close off
what there might be
to say –

And you may greet
a long-lost friend,
someone out of touch
that you wish to connect with
might “hello” open up
the door to then
light up connections
that have since gone
dim –
hello may seem to be
a very small
yet often-used word,
and in any language,
is it not spoken
around the world –

Say hello,
open up,
might dialog,
of another’s view,
all begin
beyond a greeting,
that says,
yes, I see you –
you need not stay
to carry on,
but “hello” acknowledges
you both belong,
in this space
you All are here,
together on earth,
forever through Love –
you may not feel it,
or even know it,
but look up,
open the door,
and from your heart,
say hello.


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When you shift to see
with the eyes of the
is it not easier
to see with the
Eyes of Love,
does not your perspective
change and shift with
when duality no longer
filters your view?

Yes, human eyes look
from this side
or from that,
making judgements,
or quick to point out
wrong or right,
you need not agree
on all that you see,
but is there not Love
waiting to be seen,
can you see Love
in everything,
with the Eyes of Love?

Might any scene
in the human experience,
be it a celebration of Joy
or a cry for Love,
do not all wish
to be seen,
to feel the gift
of unconditional Love,
in this Play of Life,
yes, it may be hard
to see,
but do you not acknowledge it
with the Eyes of Love?

As You Are Love –
it flows through you,
is there not Love
in each One of You,
can you ask Love
to help you to see,
the Love that courses
through yourself
and All of You –
look at yourself
as well as everyone
and see your Magnificence
with the Eyes of Love.


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Love rises up.

When you review,
when you look back
on situations,
or experiences
that feel “less than”,
might you look
with loving eyes,
to see that
Love rises up?

Is Love not always
even if you did not
choose it,
Love is always
possibility –
no matter the
time and space
you look at,
might you look back
in your mind
and with your loving heart
embrace it,
All with Love,
Love rises up.

And with this loving
and loving eyes
with no judgement,
is it not now
easy to find Love,
even when you thought
you could not see it,
Love is always here,
for you to heal
past or present –
You Are always One
with All That Is Love.
Love Is present,
Love Is now –
Love rises up.

Let Love rise up
at any time
with All you see.
Send Love now,
Be Love – how?
You Are Love –
rise up.


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Reach out.

Be there
for another,
really there,
face to face
or ear to ear –
can you sit
and really hear
what another
has to say,
you need not fix
or tidy up
what is shared
on any day,
with compassion,
an open heart,
do you not All
wish to be heard.
Reach out.

There are some
who wish to leave,
while others may
long to go,
you may not be
a part of the plan,
it is not yours to
say what is so,
but at any given
there are times
that make life tough,
is this not so Love
may smooth a road
that has become rocky
and very rough?

No matter the road
you are on,
even if you prefer
to be alone –
are there not times
when you may be
on either side
of the coin?
For you,
for another,
you are connected
through it All.
Reach out
and connect
with Love.

Love Speaks

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Meet another where
they are,
let Love do the
talking for you,
there is no need to
“talk” someone into
what you believe,
what is true for you,
each journey is an
for all to find
their own way,
can you let Love
be the primary language
that you use to
speak today?

If you feel you have
an “agenda”,
a need to be right
or looking down
on another,
when you judge,
when you compare,
when you are “here”
and they are “there”,
do you not forget
there is Unity,
not the separation
that differences bear –
as human you need not agree,
but as souls
do you not see,
that Love is the
common denominator,
for You and All to
always Be?

Remember the teacher
and the student,
as you are both
at the same time,
do you not show up
in another’s life,
for experiences to be
is not each life
full of teachers,
giving you a multitude
of lessons
not only to learn,
but to experience,
to make choices,
to find the Seed of Love
in Everyone?

With compassion,
with no strings,
can you look through
Loving Eyes,
look with your soul,
speak from your heart,
follow Love’s lead
as All Is Love.