In any space,

at any place,

do you not shine?

And when your Light

touches another,

when you see past

any point of view,

is not your reference

point the same,

when you connect

with the Heart of You?

Each set of eyes

may tell a story

and look a different

shade or hue,

but when you look

with the Eyes of Love,

are you not looking

right at You?

Do you not sense

a familiar connection,

when you look for

this loving Light,

it may be hidden

behind some armor,

you understand this

need for flight,

but ground yourself

in Mother Earth

and reach for the

endless sky,

You Are All of This

that always

supports you,

as You Are a

Shining Light.

In any space,

at any place,

and though you

experience linear


the Love in You

is limitless –

embrace your

loving Light

and let it shine!


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Let Love take your
let your soul
soothe you
so you may understand,
your Light of Love
shines always through
there is no-thing
that you must do,
and do not forget
to shine your Light
on you.

Let Love lift you
when the road
gets rough,
there may be times
when you have had
let Love show you
another way to
with Love are there not
endless possibilities?

Love is like a river,
does it not always
sometimes you are at
the center,
sometimes not sure
where to go –
let Love help you
navigate where best
to Be,
might you trust Love
to help you truly

Let Love shine
its loving Light
on you,
and may you remember
Love Is Always

A Touch of Love

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As You Are Love,
when you give Love,
is Love not also
surrounding you?
Are you not part of
an infinite circle
that is supporting
and loving you?

There are times
when you feel
this deliciousness,
there are times
when you are not
but always your
speaks the Language
of Love,
you are always connected,

Listen to your heart,
dear one,
reconnect as you
touch your soul,
meditation or music
may get you there,
a walk may help you
to know.

When you laugh
or when you cry,
do you not feel
your heart opening
to You –
as You Are Love,
receive this Love,
yes, Love always
surrounds You.

Let your soul
touch you,
dear one,
believe your heart
and know,
You Are Love
and always –
You Are Loved

A State of Joy

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Are Love and Joy
not joined together,
are they not hard to
tell apart,
does one not compliment
the other,
does one not join in
when the other

You may sometimes
feel not as joyful,
in your human,
earthly suit,
but when you connect
to Who You Are,
does Joy not wish
you to play with

A State of Joy
need not be dependent
upon what you perceive
as good or great,
is Joy not within your
Truth of Be-ing,
residing in your natural,
loving state?

When you realize Joy
is not dependent,
upon external forces
that may be hard
to see,
are you not tickled,
are you not joyful,
that Joy is with You
for eternity?

You may feel Joy
around your passion,
might you explore
how Joy gives you
a lift –
there is no end
to Love and Joy,
as they play together,
You Are All
of This!

A Moment of Love

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In this moment,
Here Is Love.

It is yours
to claim,
as choosing Love
is a perfectly
natural thing –
you may wonder
about the past,
or what the future
may possibly bring –
what if you knew,
that in this moment,
you have access
to Everything?

The healing Power
of Love,
knows no limits
of space or time,
and as a Be-ing of
might you let Love
take your mind
to another
moment of You,
that you wish to
bathe in Love,
might you let Love
transmute the energy
of beliefs that you
think of?

In this moment,
Here Is Love,
You Are limitless,
in this moment
are you not
with all that may
have happened
or all that you
wish to Be –
Be it All,
in this moment,
choosing Love
that sets you free.

All That You Are
is Love expressed
so you may find –
Here Is Love
when you wish to
claim it,
Love Is Everywhere,
and All Divine.

All That Is

20190324 XPicture


Let Love lift you
beyond your story,
Let Love be
what always
what is at the
of All That Is –
All That Is,
Is Love.

You may wrap
in tangles,
searching for
the how
and why,
but what is constant,
what remains –
All That Is,
Is Love.

Love is the foundation
of your Be-ing,
Love is the sky
that you reach for,
You Are All of that
and in-between –
All That Is,
Is Love.

Let Love be the
Eternal answer,
to the questions
that you seek,
in every step
upon your journey –
All That Is
All That You Are,
is always,

Circle of Love

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You are in the
of a Circle of
when you feel
you are on
the outside,
is this not
when you judge?

Sometimes it is
easier to extend
giving out
than to receive,
but does it not
begin within,
as you accept
and believe?

Your inner critic,
when turned loose,
can cause havoc
and stir up doubt,
but even that
part of you
knows inside,
what Love is all
about –
like the child,
who is testing,
to make sure
You are there,
might you surround
your inner child
with hugs,
and Love
and tender care?

When you center,
when you balance,
do you not see
with new eyes –
Love is your center,
Love is your purpose,
and there are endless
loving ways,
to show Love,
to Be Love,
but might you
begin with
you –
surround you
with your Circle of
holding close,
the Magnificent You!