Holy You

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Set your intentions,
but keep the “how-to”s
open to the flow,
what you thought
something should look like,
may be different
from what you know,
keep moving with
a Loving Direction,
that helps to uncover
where you can Ultimately
Be –
is not each moment
That You Are Love,
does this not feel
so heavenly?

Yes, pursue your
earthly passions,
the things that
Light you up and
make your heart sing,
when you are in
with your soul’s purpose,
are you and your soul
not a perfect Team,
watch the synchronicities
beckon to you,
showing you are on
the right track,
but is not any Road
to Love,
one you take Joyfully
with no turning back?

Be balanced in your
with human and soul
playing side by side –
one will compliment
the other,
neither one “needing”
to be right,
it is the experience
that you long for,
resonating with
All of You –
and as you Love
each part of you,
dear one,
do you not step
into the holiness
of You?

Set your intention
to Love You
through and through –
Holy Love
is your birthright,
You Are Love
as Love Is You.


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Does not nature provide
examples of how it
often coexists –
plants that grow
side by side,
animals that you
would not think
do this,
do they not go
about their business,
focusing upon
what each one
really needs,
is there not often
an acceptance,
as they move around
each other
with ease?

Yes, in the human world
it can be a challenge
as relationships
are intertwined –
there are lessons
to be learned,
or beliefs that build
over time,
but if you unwind
some of the drama,
judgements, too,
when you dial it
all back to Love,
can people not
coexist, too?

And can you take it
a step further
and not only acceptance
can you extend a loving
with no strings attached,
does not acceptance
help you coexist,
does not Love
help you connect,
to all the parts
of You,
that make up
the Whole
of All That Is?

with no strings
Be You.
Be Love.
Love always
has your back.

A Gift of Love

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Take care of,
honor greatly,
the Gift of Love,
give it out,
receive it in,
is this not a gift
you dream about?

You may search
the whole world over,
to unearth
this most precious gift,
but is not the Truth
of Who You Are,
standing with you
as you read this?

Take care of,
honor greatly,
the Gift of Love.
Look in the mirror,
who looks back
and through you –
the Gift of Love
Is You.

Wholly Love

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Be a part
or Be the Whole,
does your heart
not bridge
them both,
an individual aspect
of the Loving One –
yes, you can express
your own opinion,
but even as you speak
with your own voice,
is there not always
a loving choice,
that you can choose
to speak about?

What do you choose
to Be today,
for you can choose
what role you may play,
a multitude of expressions
are at your fingertips,
do not emotions
sometimes feel limitless,
but be they high
or be they low,
or wherever your
experiences go,
do they all not
help you Be with Love?

Be a part
or Be the Whole,
does not Be-ing Love
help you to know,
Love Is You,
Love Is We,
even when you feel
only “me”,
with Love you
cannot help
but Be –

Take a Bow

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Give a round of applause,
a cheer,
for you,
sweep away the “shoulds”,
the scolding tone,
the rolling of eyes
about things you
may have done,
there are myriad ways
to do this or that –
as human,
are not many dead-ends
a way for you
to change your path,
do not be so quick
to judge,
can you acknowledge that,
you are amazing,
you are inspired,
You Are Love?

Now is that not
an energy
that fosters Love
and growth,
can you replace
any criticizing
with words of encouragement
and hope,
there is no need to
beat down,
what you think does not
serve you,
does not emotion,
raw, tender feelings,
come up to feel
this Love, too?

When your human self
gets your attention,
sometimes like a
2-year old might do,
can you open up
your heart
and Love and hug
this part of You,
the Love you wish to
is waiting for you
to Love You, too –
so hooray for Love’s
and fully embrace now
all of You.

Give yourself a pat
on the back,
acknowledge every step
you take,
some may feel better
than others,
but no mistake
do you make,
yes, learn from
your experiences,
they help you navigate
this road you are on,
and with Love as
your co-pilot,
can you and yourself
get along?

Acknowledge you,
feeling Gratitude
for all the steps
you take,
cheer for you
and Love you, too –
always cradled
in the Arms of Love.

Divinely Human

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Where there is friction
are there not
Sparks of Light?

As human,
are you not accustomed
to experiencing
how friction rubs,
it may be an annoyance,
an irritation,
do you not seek
the oil
to quiet the wheel,
but does not friction
set you upon
most any journey
you found yourself on,
seeking the grease,
finding Peace,
as your soul
uncovers the Love,
behind it all
and in Everything?

And is this not
the human role,
you have signed up,
part of you knows,
there will be trials
and tribulation,
is this not how
you stretch and grow –
but you are honored
upon this Journey,
you are the strongest
and the brave,
to learn as human,
to face the waves
of emotion,
and strife,
(you may ask – why would
I choose this life?) –
but as human,
are you not Divine,
Divinely lead,
as you are intertwined
with your soul,
your Shining Light,
that accompanies you
with every step?

There will be friction
upon your journey,
let the sparks fall
where they may,
they light up
your Guiding Light
that walks with you,
every step of the way,
life is not for you
to battle,
it may not make sense
from what you see,
but your soul is
Eternally Grateful,
for lessons learned,
for Love to Be.

Yes, there is Love,
that is the purpose,
can you find it
from the Light of
the Spark?
Turn up your Light,
step in fully –
You Are
Divinely Human
with your loving heart.

Loving You

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Let Love show you
how to Love.

Is it not often easier
to send out Love
than to take it in –
can you ask Love
to show you how
self-care can begin?

There are many expectations
on what you “need”
from outside in,
but can you build up
your heart,
this muscle,
to take care of you
from within,
can you ask Love
to lovingly show you,
how loved you are
with every breath,
soak it up from others
when they send it,
but Love is Here
in its eternalness.

You need not ask it,
you need not earn it,
Love is with you
at every turn,
now turn Love towards
you, dear one –
let Love wash over you,
filling you up
with so much Love.

When your tank
is feeling empty,
is it not time to
care for you –
let Love be your
patient teacher,
let Love show you
how to Love . . .

Soak in a bath,
howl at the moon,
find a way to
dance or play,
walk outside,
sit and feel
the breeze,
honor You
with Love