A Taste of Love

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And you may ask,
if Love is the answer,
why are there
so many options
to choose from,
in the world of duality,
in which you live,
does life not present
a smorgasbord
of expressions,
that you may
choose from –
but does life
not give you
myriad experiences,
so you may rejoice
when you choose Love?

And as your soul
is your built-in
that helps you to
to see what feels right,
is it not your soul
that helps you
with the selection,
at this Buffet of Life
that stretches
before you now,
but do you not need
to taste,
to try each item
before you,
so that you may discover
what resonates
with your soul?

With Love as a choice
and not as a given,
when you experience
in search of your Truth,
do you not get
to discover,
with delight and Joy,
that choosing Love
is really choosing
You –
do you not resonate
with Love,
does it not keep
pulling you in –
for Love is not
to be gathered,
is it not Who You Are?

You choose You,
when you choose Love,
you can sprinkle it freely
on every experience
you have.
There is Love
in every bite
on this Buffet of Life –
Be You.
Choose Love.
Taste it All.

Tipping Into Love

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Where is the tipping point
for Love?

As human,
do you not experience
ebb and flow,
like the waves that roll
in and out,
like a spring season
that tries to manifest
but returns to cool
even as the greening
do you not long for,
look for
and wait for
the “true” emergence
of spring,
do you not look
and wait for
the Peace
that comes with
the understanding
of Love?

And when you are in
this peaceful bliss,
as you remember
You Are
like the perfect
spring day,
might you realize
that Love is
not an expectant state,
it need not be
with no clouds
or rain,
does not Love
love every season
of life,
is there not Love
in each season
and in between?

Where is the tipping point
for Love?
Do you not fill up
to then spill over,
are you not in
a constant state
of change,
to experience daily
the Truth of
Who You Are,
there is an ebb
and flow
to this rhythm
of Life,
that is all about
and re-discovering You,
much like each season
that cycles through.

There is no true
there is no end.
There is only Love
and Love Is You.

Your Way

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“You can go your own way. . . ”

And does not this song,
these words,
remind you that
there are many ways,
many roads,
that lead you
back to where
you started from,
for do not all journeys,
though they may be
do they not return
to Love,
do they not bring you

Free choice,
free will,
lets you experience
what you wish,
going your own way
on this unique road
that you are on,
but are there not
many roads that lead
to the awareness
that You Are Love,
a part of All That Is –
do not judge another
for their path to
their knowing,
are there not infinite roads
that always lead you

“You can go your own way, ”
but this does not mean
you “go” it alone,
for You Are Loved
so very much
along the way.
Can you feel it,
can you sense it,
within you,
all around,
Love walks with you
every step of the way –
how could Love
not be with you,
Love makes up
Who You Are,
so keep going
your own way,
knowing with every
step of your Be-ing –
You Are always,
always Home.

This Loving Moment

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Is not acceptance
Being Love,
Being You,
in every moment

And with the magical
of unconditional Love,
might you Love
all of you –
for do not all moments
manifest in this
moment now,
yes, your story
has a past,
a present
and future not yet
but your Essence of
of Oneness,
is rolled up in this
moment now –
can you accept
this moment
of You,
Loving You,
in this moment

There may be past
hurts and trials,
that have shaped
the path you are on,
you may have worries
of the future,
not yet known
in your present mind –
but throughout this
timeline that you
while here on earth
in the everyday,
does not your soul rejoice
in this moment now?

Is that not why
when you are present,
do you not feel
the most alive –
is there not energy,
a current
of Love that is there
for you to feel,
when You Are One
with your Being,
in this Loving Moment
does not acceptance
become effortless,
while in this present
moment now?

You Are Here,
You Are Love,
in this moment
and the next.
Take baby steps,
jump off and soar,
you need not know
your next step.
Relish every moment
as you accept
All parts of You –
because Here
in this moment,
You Are always,
always Love.

Release With Love

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What do you wish
to release?

What do you no longer
have use for,
what do you lovingly
set free,
do you not feel
so much lighter,
soaring in the energy
of Be –
even as your load
gets lighter,
are you not still
connected to
the ground,
do you not achieve
a perfect balance,
when the human and soul
does Love surround?

For even as you are
can you also lovingly
the Essence of
your Being,
or whatever
has brought
you to this place,
is there not releasing
in acceptance,
is there not freedom
when Love is there,
with no judgements,
with no comparisons,
Love is not going

Let Love guide
your intentions,
Love is always
by your side,
when you feel heavy,
when it is dim,
Love can always
bring more Light,
when you are lifted
from your burdens,
has not Love always
been there for You –
grounding your every
step on earth,
or in the sky,
beckoning you to fly?

Release what does
not serve you,
embrace the Love
That You Are.
With no regret,
Love All of You –
You Are All That Is
and That Is Love.

A Perfect Time for Love

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Now is the perfect time.

Breathe in now.
Sit with now.
As now is
All That Is –
does not “now”
transcend time,
for is not each
moment of now,
the perfect time?

When you let
the past
predict the future,
do you not miss
the Power of Now –
when you get lost
in your story,
might you not fully see
Who You Are
in this moment?

In each moment of now,
You Are Love –
and now is the perfect time
to see,
to breathe,
to Be
Love now.

You need not arrive
at this moment,
this moment need not
be planned,
you do not need
to pass a course
with a grade to
prove you know,
is there not knowing
in each moment,
when you reflect
upon Love now –
for is now
not the perfect time
for Love?

No matter what you
are doing,
or situation
you are in,
can you honor,
can you recognize,
the Love You Are
within –
might you share it,
might you see it,
in someone or
something you
are doing now –
is this not Love
happening now,
at the perfect time?

Now is the perfect time,
for Love Is now.
See the Truth,
feel the Power,
You Are always
Love Now.

A Promise of Love

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There Is Love.

Is not the promise
of Love
never broken,
as Love is Eternal,
always with you,
can you not
open your heart
and find –
There Is Love.

No matter your story,
or beliefs that support
your view,
is it not Love
that rings most True,
is it not Love
that makes up You,
what resonates
at your core,
when you search
the depths of You,
no matter the wrapping –
There Is Love.

Love is everywhere
you look,
even when you think
you cannot see it,
when you look
with loving eyes
and a heart that
sings of Love,
might that stir
where Love may hide –
There Is Love.

Love is omnipresent,
for when you think
that Love has gone,
though you miss
the physical presence
of Loved ones
no longer “here”,
as Love is Eternal,
always with you,
as your heart
is One with them –
There Is Love.

Is not the promise
of Love
never broken,
is Love not a circle,
Are You not
Eternally Love –
Here Is Love.

Here, There
and Everywhere –
There Is
and You Are
always, always

Acknowledge You

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Acknowledge you.
Give yourself a hand.
Does your Light not
shine through anything
that may obscure
your view?
Your human self
may think perfection
is the only way
to compliment –
so might you
the perfection
of You?

Acknowledge you –
you are amazing
in your own right,
the human world at times
makes you want to
put up a fight,
but can you look
with no condition
at yourself
and see the Truth –
when you see Love
in your eyes,
do you not
acknowledge You?

Give a nod to your
Higher Self,
who is with you
through it all –
there is no judgement
though as human,
do you not judge
it all,
take a page
from a Master
who Loves
no matter what –
now look at you
in the mirror,
see the Love
and acknowledge You.

Acknowledge you,
give yourself a hand.
Give yourself a break
when you get tough,
when you demand.
Things can get serious
with experiences,
that is true –
but with Love and
can you take a moment
to sense the Joy
that is You –
can you send Love
to yourself,
receive it
and acknowledge You?

Acknowledge You –
You Are shining
Love and Light.
You are amazing,
you are magnificent –
Love Is beautiful,
Love Is You!

Dancing With Love

The Argentine couple constituted by Max


Can you dance,
can you glide,
do you not feel
so light,
when you imagine
you are
dancing with Love?

With Love as your
dance partner,
can you let Love
lead the way,
might you learn
some new steps,
might you let go
and twirl,
knowing Love will
guide you
every step of the way?

And if you need
to change songs,
will not Love
come along,
changing tempo
or beat,
is all up to you,
do not worry that Love
will not know
what to do –
for are you not always
dancing with Love?

Can you follow the
gentle nudges
that Love may provide,
so that Together
as One,
you can flow,
you can glide,
in sync,
in rhythm,
does it not feel good
to know,
you are part of a
you are
dancing with Love.

There are times when
you anticipate
which turn you will
there are moments
when you know,
it is preferable to wait,
but Love is always ready,
to move with you
so you may know,
you are never alone –
you are always
dancing with Love.

An Expression of Love

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Are there not limitless
Expressions of Love?

As Love is infinite,
are there not limitless ways
to express Love,
to Be an Expression of Love,
do you not marvel
at the unique aspects
of Love,
that look so familiar,
even on the faces
of those you
just met,
is there not familiarity,
a reunion of sorts,
when kindred spirits share
their Expressions of Love?

And as Expressions of Love
never cease to exist,
as Love is infinite,
do not loved ones
find ways,
be they here
or There,
to demonstrate that Love
always makes the connection,
do hearts not open
to the communication of Love,
do not hearts leap with Joy
at Expressions of Love?

And as there are limitless
Expressions of Love,
may you remain open
to all the aspects of Love
that you sense in
your heart –
the kindness of a stranger,
a call from a friend,
a passage in a favorite book
that you read again
and again,
the sharing of nature
that makes you stand
in awe,
can you share,
can you send out,
your Expressions of Love?

You know Love
by its vibration,
you know Love
by its Truth.
Experience life,
as an Expression of Love.