Is there not comfort
in remembering
that it is Love that
flows through you –
do you not feel it
at your center,
in your heart,
you are always
when surrounded by
your story,
you might forget
what is always True –
you are already
what you wish for,
You Are Love
and Love Is You.

Do not worry,
do not fret,
at where you “go”
from here,
you are already
part of the miracle
that you hope
you might see yet,
with one foot
in this existence,
is not the other
where you always are –
always a part
and never separate
from the Truth
of Who You Are?

Your True Self
is what breathes you,
is not Love
in every breath?
This Love will never
leave you,
even though you might
sometimes forget,
but is it not delightful
to remember,
do you not feel giddy
at the prospect of –
no matter what part
here on earth
you play,
You Are always,
always Love.

Be reassured,
human heart,
you are the bridge
from Here to There –
you may have woken
up here,
but You Are always,
always Love.

The Best of Love

20180123 XPicture


In this earthly realm,
is it not hard
to know,
all the roles
you play
or where do outcomes
like in any play
you may see,
might there be
more than one story
going on in a scene –
might you not add drama
and simply be –
the best You
that only You
can Be?

Yes, it is hard
not to expect,
what you think
“should” happen next,
based on your perspectives,
do you not know
them best,
but are there not
myriad lessons,
experiences going on,
for your learning
and for others, too –
do you not often
bring it back to you,
but might you
not know
who is teaching who?

So when all is said
and done,
when you lead with
your open,
loving heart,
have you not fulfilled
what you are
“to do” –
is it not in this
that you can simply Be –
the best You,
that only You
can Be?

Remember you are both
student and teacher, too.
Learn with Love.
Lead with Love.
The Best of You
Is Love.

There Is Love

20180119 XPicture


There Is Love.

When you search upon
your Journey,
what gets revealed
in all you see,
what is the message
in every teaching –
There Is Love.

Even as you peer
into the darkness,
do you not always find
a Spark of Light,
what illuminates
your presence –
There Is Love.

What is the meaning
behind philosophy,
classic works you
may have read,
throughout time,
throughout history,
through eternity –
There Is Love.

What does Source
see in You,
only beauty,
only Love,
there is nothing
you need do –
There Is Love.

Can you see Love
in others, too,
looking beyond
the storied past,
do not others
help you to see –
There Is Love.

Can you look for
in every person
place or thing,
when you Know
that All Is Love –
There Is Love.

You Are,
All Is
There Is Love.

A Circle of Love

20180116 XPicture


Where does Love
wish to go,

You may identify needs
of yourself,
or others,
some may be requested,
some may be apparent,
but does not Love always know
where to go,
what to do,
might you turn up
the Light,
build the power
and ask,
where does Love
wish to go,

Is it not in the giving
that your heart opens up,
does it not help to look
outside of where you are,
but giving is receiving,
and as a circle
is unbroken,
as Love connects you
to the Heart of All –
what you give
you receive
and at the heart
of All that matters –
where does Love
wish to go,

Can you be a
Generator of Love
when the lights
begin to flicker,
can you turn up
the power,
a part of the cosmic grid,
are you not plugged into
the Source of All
Light and Love,
you need not know
who needs a boost,
a jump-start
to find their way,
does not Love
know where to go,

Charge up.
Tap in.
Tune in to Love.
Send Light and Love
through the never-ending

Keep it going.
Keep it flowing.
Send it out
and take it in.

Love is Everywhere
You Are,


20180112 XPicture


Celebrate You.

“What’s that?” you say,
it is not a birthday,
it is not a special day,
can you move away
from what time,
or day,
or year
it is –
in this moment
and with Love,
might you celebrate

You have multiple markers
in the human life –
to make achievements,
to chart progress,
to take stock
of what you have
there are times you
for a job well done.
On holidays,
during gatherings,
you may celebrate
a special time –
but we ask you now,
might you celebrate

What is a celebration –
is it not a time
to see You,
to bring in Joy,
to open your heart,
to be surrounded
by Love, too,
you may think Love
is a special moment
that only happens
once in a blue moon,
but as You Are Love,
are you not eternally
special –
so might you celebrate

Can you invite others
to the party,
do not All have everything
they need –
can you imagine
the confetti,
the Lights
that can be seen
from up above,
would not Love spread
so quickly,
if a party
for Love could be –
as simple as each of you
remembering to celebrate

Celebrate the Truth
of Who You Are.
You Are Amazing.
You Are Magnificent.
With Love,
Celebrate You.

Be Love Today

20180111 XPicture


Be Love today.

Be a breath of
fresh air,
infuse a room
with Light,
give a boost,
be there,
when someone
needs you to

Instead of waiting
to receive,
what do you have
to give –
can you make a
Circle of Love
that begins with You,
can you release Love
and let it go
where it may,
will Love not always
come back to you?

Be Love today.
It need not be
or fully thought out –
a kind gesture,
a warm smile,
can go a long way,
surprise yourself,
surprise another,
bring Love into
work or play,
you may be surprised
at the magic
that brightens
your day.

Even in the “doing”
of a day with
a list,
can you add
at the top –
Be Love Today?

And do not forget you
with your infusions
of Love –
pat yourself,
give you a hug,
tell yourself
I Love You –
see the smile,
feel the warmth,
as you are enveloped
with Light,
shine it now
for All to see –
for a minute
or for a day.

Love Is healing.
Love Is precious.
Love Is powerful.
Love Is You.
Take a chance.
Take a moment.
Be Love

Respect Love

20180110 XPicture


Respect Love.

Is not the simplest way
to respect Love,
to simply Be Love?

As You Are Love,
is not being present
with another
in the Presence
of Love
a way,
a space,
of reverence,
of honoring,
of respecting,
is not the simple
act of listening
a way to respect Love?

And as you look into
another’s eyes,
are you not able
to see the Love
that resides in All –
and from your
space of Love,
is it not easy
to honor,
to respect Love?

As it is Love
that connects
you All,
there may be times
when it is hard
to see,
but does not searching
for each Light’s Love
open your heart wider,
so you may be
a beacon,
a spotlight,
“Here is Love!”
as you shine your
as you respect Love?

May you honor,
may you acknowledge,
each Light of Love.
Are you not all beams
of a Greater Light?

Do you not grow in Love
when you can see
All Lights –
with reverence,
with respect,
in the
Presence of Love.

Take Time for Love

Sunset along the north shore of Lake Superior at Stoney Point.


Take some time
to rise above.
You may need
to unhook
to remember that Love
is in the quiet,
in this moment,
in the breath
that you just took.

Love is always by
your side,
in your heart,
wherever you look –
when you see with the eyes
of the soul,
you need not go
far away,
a shift in perspective
can make the denseness
fade away,
is there not greater clarity
when you take time
to rise above,
even when you are in
your story,
are you still not
always Love?

Take some time,
rise above,
give yourself
a loving hug,
sometimes the story
brings up things
you would rather
do without,
but is not Love
the healing medicine
that allows you
to let go,
do you then not
make more space
to let Love come in
and Flow?

Take some time,
to remember
that You Are Love –
can you keep
your heart open
to feel what you
are made of?
The You that is watching
how the story unfolds
knows Love,
Is Love,
is always present,
always near.

Love is never far away –
You Are Love
Love Is Here.

Be As You Are

20171231 XPicture


Be As You Are.

You may wish to change
a thing or two,
you may have intentions
that are ready to go
through one door
and out another,
but are you not before
and ever-after,
You, evermore?
Be As You Are.

If there is more
that you want,
can it be more Love
that you wish for –
there is no limit
to Love Divine,
Love Is You
on every day of
a year,
might you celebrate You –
is it not You that
creates something new?
Be As You Are.

Let Love inspire you,
let Love remind you,
that you are always
in the Flow of Love –
when you find yourself
searching for
and Strength,
you need not wait
for a new year
to come your way –
there are limitless ways
to shine your Light.
Be As You Are.

Light up
the way
for You to shine.
Love every step
as you walk with Love.
As you close one door
and walk though another –
Be Love.
Be Light.
Be As You Are.


20171225 XPicture


Do you see
One Light
that shines
through You,
that shines
through All,
can you believe
that You Are Light?

Do you feel
One Love
that flows
through You,
that flows
through All,
can you believe
that You Are Love?

Do you know
One Light,
One Love,
for One,
for All,
do you hear
your soul rejoicing –
can you believe
that You Are That?

Believe Light.
Believe Love.
Rejoice in the
Knowing that
You Are Love.

All That Is
Is Love
and You Are That.