Teaming Up With Love

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Work with you.
Be on your own side.
Can you be kind,
lend support
and lift up

What you give
to a friend,
or help a stranger
in need,
can you line up
to be first –
to help and
work with

Even when you are
out of balance,
not feeling your
“normal” self,
might you pamper
instead of scold,
telling you what
you “should” do –
might you soothe,
might you send Love,
might you work together
with you?

Be Loving to you,
turn your inner critic
life is to be experienced,
not as a game
to be won,
can you relish
every breath,
feeling Gratitude
for what is
loving to you –
might you be gentle
with Who You Are,
in every moment of You
right now?

And Who Are You?
Are you not here
to experience it All,
does not each experience
have you looking for Love?
And when you can be kind,
being gentle
with you,
when You see you
with Love,
is that not when
you remember
the Love That You Are –
when you see the Love
in you,
can you not see
Love in All?

Work with You.
Be on your own side.
Soothe with Love.
Be with Love.
Team up
and play together
for the common goal
of Love.

Beyond Belief

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When you feel the urge
to defend
or to persuade someone
to agree,
might you look
beyond beliefs,
see the Love
and simply Be?

In the human world
of duality,
do not conflicting views
help you to find
what feels right,
what feels good,
do you not ponder,
do you not analyze,
so much in your mind –
you know the answer
is in your heart,
what speaks to you
as Truth,
but may not another
have their own beliefs
that may look like
a different Truth?

What do you have in common,
as your mind waits
to compare,
can you get to a
common denominator,
yes, you breath the
same air,
but beyond the human
that you see so you
may learn,
you need not agree
on anything,
you need not change
their mind or turn –
instead of convincing
on how to see the
might you turn up yours,
might you shine bright,
can you Be what you
wish to see in All –
simply Be-ing Love?

You may need to look
you may need to look
beyond beliefs,
you may not see
Love looking back
at you,
if fear is what
they speak –
but with Love in
your heart,
as you look with
the Eyes of Love,
will you not see Love,
Being Love,
when you connect
soul to soul?

Send Love.
Be Love.
Let someone
see Love.
Be True to Love.
Be a Reflection of Love.
Shine your Light
of Love.

Umbrella of Love

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The Umbrella of Love.

Do you not seek shelter,
reprieve from
whatever is going on
around you at times,
do you not wish
for protection
from the elements,
that may rain down
upon you,
until you can find
the Umbrella of Love?

And once under this
do you not feel
safe and warm,
knowing Love surrounds
you may wish for others
to find an umbrella,
to feel protected,
so that they may, too,
be surrounded by Love –
would it not be perfect,
what a beautiful thought,
if All were to find
an Umbrella of Love?

And from your perspective,
on this earthly realm,
you may see many umbrellas,
in all sizes,
different colors –
do you not each have
a perspective
on which umbrella you may seek,
as you look for protection,
from any impending storm?

But we wish to assure you,
no matter the storm,
you always are covered
by the Umbrella of Love –
there are no conditions,
you need not ask
or be invited,
as are You not always
surrounded by Love?

You each may hold on
to your own umbrellas
that you think you need,
but do they not make it hard
to get close enough to see –
that you All are under One,
what is “you”
is also “me –
are you not all connected
under the Umbrella of Love?

The Umbrella of Love
stretches far and beyond,
is Love not infinite –
with no beginning
and no end?
You cannot help
but be surrounded
by Love.

as One,
all gathered beneath
the Umbrella of Love.


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As you open up
your eyes,
seeing more of
your story
you create within,
are there not now
more places to
bring Love in –
is that not why
you become aware –
so you may Love
every part
that felt it had
to hide,
is not bringing to Light
what awareness is –
being aware to Love?

Does not awareness
of Love
bring in another side,
the You that is Whole
where Love resides,
is this not Love
that holds the hand
of the human side,
you wish to integrate
all parts,
knowing Who You Are –
does not awareness
help you know,
you are separate
no more?

Does not awareness
help you to see
and be in the flow –
letting Love,
letting Light,
come in where you thought
it had not shined before,
does awareness not
surprise you,
that Love is already here –
in every corner
of your being,
you just may have
not been aware –
that Love truly Is

Are you not already
are you not already
is it not only your
that now sees
the Truth of Who You Are –
there is no piecing together,
there are only new eyes
that see –
the awareness of You
as the Love
you wish to Be.

Be Aware.
Open your eyes
to You.
When you are feeling
look with the
Eyes of Love.
Let awareness keep
the Light on,
let awareness
hold your hand.
Let awareness show
you the Truth –
the magnificent
I Am!

Completely Whole

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When you open up
ways of thinking,
when you look around
with new eyes,
when you understand
what are your filters,
what you perceive
based upon beliefs,
might you be able
to strip away,
clearing out what clutters
up your mind,
to see what always
still remains,
there at your core –
is there not Love?

It may cause worry,
when you begin to
the bandages that
you have built up
over time
to cover wounds
that hide you from
this or that,
but is there not healing
when it is Love
that only wishes
to be set free,
once the bandages
are removed,
are you not Whole,
are you not the Love
you wish to Be?

Can you see the
external layers
thought they had
to protect you –
had you hiding,
wondering what to do,
but hiding is not
when you see that
you just might,
be part of something
greater –
All That Is,
a shining Light?

You know in your heart
that what we say is true –
You Are Love, Now,
you feel this Love
deep inside of you –
can your human side
embrace this,
letting go of perceptions
can you fill each new space
with Love
that always Is
and will forever last?

You may need reminders,
new experiences,
time to sit in silence to
stay in touch with your
Light of Be-ing,
as you go about your
day to day,
when you get rattled,
when you get triggered,
by beliefs you think
you are made of –
draw in a breath
and remember –
“I Am always, always

Let go.
Release –
what you no longer
need to hold.
Let your Light
of Love shine –
You Are complete
and You Are Whole.

Be Loving With You

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Be gentle.
Be loving
with you.

Like a leaf
reaching up
to catch a drop
of rain,
will it not hold
what it needs,
letting the rest
roll off,
to be soaked up
by another leaf,
maybe the roots,
the ground –
can you relax
in the knowing
that you need not
take in everything?
Be gentle.
Be loving
with you.

Like a daffodil
that springs up early,
always when more
snow may be
on the way,
but does this early
sign of Light,
not give hope
to still-dark days,
when it freezes,
when the snow falls
nesting in the
green of life –
can you find comfort
in the knowing
that All Is Well,
seasons will change?
Be gentle.
Be loving
with You.

Do your best
in any circumstance,
any situation
that comes your way,
you often are your
harshest critic,
now can you give
yourself a break?
Let the rain
run off you now,
let the sun melt
any snow,
rejoice when blue sky
gives you hope
and the springtime bulbs
begin to grow,
can you feel Love
in the knowing
that You Are Loved
no matter the season
you are in?
Be gentle.
Be Loving
with You.

Being Cohesive

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Be cohesive.

Much like the yin-yang symbol
side by side –
does not the human side
of you
fit like a hand in glove,
One with spirit
as you are here,
there is no need to
the human you
from the One who
breathes life into
are you not in
this world
together –
Be cohesive.

There is no need
to disengage,
even as you judge
your human side,
is not your spirit,
your very soul
showing you that
you are loved so –
is it not part of the plan,
to see your Light shine
again and again,
as you work together,
as All of You expands –
Be cohesive.

Does not your soul sign up
for this,
for the growth,
to know yourself –
on your journey
can you not see,
You Are Love
for Eternity –
even as you may question
this at times,
are you not given
many opportunities,
to see that Love
shines through it all,
do you not team up
with Love,
you work as One,
you cannot be separate –
Be cohesive.

Might you receive
this unconditional Love,
that walks with you
every step you take,
you cannot run from,
you cannot shake
the Love and Light,
the “you” it makes –
as You Are Love
do you now see,
together always you
will be,
you cannot be separate
from the Love that breathes
life into you
so you may believe –
You Are Love
and so very Loved?

You shine with
One Light,
One Love.
Together –
As Love.

Honor You

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Honor you.

Give yourself a hand,
a pat on the back,
with a genuine intent,
with the utmost of caring
from your heart –
might you look in
the mirror
with a loving,
steady gaze
and acknowledge the One
who looks back at you –
do you not honor Love,
when you honor you?

Honor you.
Treat yourself,
be nice –
this is not an easy
this sometimes bumpy,
twisting path,
life can be a rollercoaster,
it can be a peaceful ride,
no matter the adventure
you find yourself on,
can you send Love to yourself
for being here
and honor you?

Honor you
with acknowledgment
and Love,
honor every accomplishment,
honor the times you think
you fall,
there is no need for
in what you wish to “do”,
can you not honor the
that already Is You,
are you not learning,
are you not growing,
what can help you
enjoy this life –
can you give yourself
a hug
and honor you?

There is no earning
that is needed,
You Are All
that you wish to Be –
now show you
some of the Love
that you lovingly
give freely –
what do you wish
to receive,
can you not count on
you to give –
surprise yourself,
give you a hand –
honor Love
and Honor You.

The Healing Light of Love



Like the sun’s warming rays,
may you soak up
all the Love
that is beaming
down on you,
is it not hard to
the giving from receiving,
as You Are Light
and You Are Love,
do not your Rays of Light
know where to go,
know what to do,
do you not all shine
in this Light,
the healing Light of Love?

Yes, combined energy
helps to activate what
is within,
for are you not
a shining Light,
even if your physical exterior
feels dim,
send healing to what
needs it,
but are you not
complete and Whole –
can you Love every
part of you,
even the parts
you wish to go?

Let the healing Light of
show you how to embrace,
all separate parts of you
that are really One Whole –
as life is never-ending,
as Love is a circle
never broken,
can you feel surrounded
by Light,
are you not healed
with Love?

Like the sun’s warming rays,
does not Love shine
despite the clouds,
are you not the sun
shining brightly,
as clouds of Life
pass you by,
can you Be the Light
that is beaming,
does not your Love
fill up the sky,
whether giving or receiving,
are you not part of the
never-ending circle
of the healing Light
of Love?

Feel the warmth.
Sense the Love.
You Are the Healing
Light of Love.

Send Love

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Send Love
to those who
need it,
send Love to those
who some think
do not deserve it,
does not so much
often arise
when spaces feel
empty inside,
when you send Love
can you not decide
who needs it more
or who may qualify,
can you blanket All
with your Loving Light?
Send Love.

Does healing not know
where to go,
what time is right
you may not know,
but what you give
do you not receive,
what you send out
is also for you –
yes, can you love
your darkest corners, too?
Send Love.

You need not know
the effects of Love,
does it not move
in waves,
the ripples spreading out,
Love may move some
to action,
Love may soothe
a broken heart,
but when Love
is the catalyst,
from a loving heart –
does not Love’s power build,
does it not include All,
Love does not separate out,
does it not invite All in,
does Love not challenge you,
your sisters and brothers, too –
to share and Be together
in a Wave of Love?

There is healing
that is asking
for Love to
show the way.
Send Love.
Send Love.
Be Love