A Song of Love


Sense the Song of Love –
it is the music
of your soul,
with infinite ways 
to express it,
find your groove,
be brave,
let go.

Share the music 
of your heart,
know you are 
always, dear,
your loved ones
so love This beat,
angels listen,
drawing near.

This Harmony of Love
weaves an intricate
web so strong,
delight in Love’s elegance,
inviting you to play along.

Hear always your 
Song of Love,
it is the frequency 
of Truth,
Love rejoices in 
your expression,
create and share
this Song of You!

Claiming Love


Listen to the rhythm 
of Love as it 
sings to you.

When you walk with 
the beat of Love,
there is no-thing 
you cannot do.

Claim it,
say it,
Be it –
your I Am
tells you this

Sense Love’s Power
in your Voice,
when you speak as
the Whole of You.

Love’s vibration
is the current,
let it Light this spark
in you.

Your Light shines
into forever,
remember, always,
Love is You!

This Sacred Body


lean into where 
your body thinks
that it needs to
ego constantly is 
preparing always 
for fight or flight.

Does not your body 
then brace itself,
calling in other parts
to help,
send Love to All parts 
of the body,
changing its belief 
to All is Well.

Love fosters integration,
moving together as
One Whole,
there is no part 
that is separate,
unity is what Love

lean into 
Love’s One Truth,
This is You,
complete and whole,
address the needs 
of this sacred body,
knowing always Here,
You Are Home!



Be patient as Love 
unfolds your journey,
soak up the nuances 
along the way,
it need not be a 
seismic shift,
every refinement has
something to say.

Know that you are 
always evolving,
the greatest changes may
come in the Peace,
as you integrate 
with wholeness,
you may not realize 
how much You Are
at ease.

Tap into Love’s vibration
Here is Home,
your natural state,
may Love’s Grace help you
with receiving
all Love’s gifts for you,
today and always!

Be-ing Responsible


Your responsibility 
is to Love.

In life you seek 
many outcomes,
knowing you cannot 
control them all,
find Love’s Peace,
accepting dear one,
your responsibility 
is to Love.

Love is your map,
your GPS,
when you stumble 
or feel lost,
Here You Are,
forever connected,
Be-ing responsible 
to Love.

Yes, as human
you have preferences,
some things may not 
seem fair,
but as Love’s gift,
your Love shines to reveal
your responsibility 
is to Love.

Follow your guidance,
your soul speaks gently
to you as you 
align with Truth,
your responsibility 
is Here,
Home always,
accept Love’s responsibility 
to you!



Come back to This 
present moment,
return from what 
you think may be,
future unfolds in 
sequenced moments,
your presence there 
will presently Be.

Have Faith in your 
presence, Be-ing,
Here is where your
power Is,
for in This present moment
are the ripples that 
create All of This.

There is knowing 
in This Presence,
you need not know 
all details here,
with Faith in You,
wholly connected,
All Peace,
All Love,
is with you, dear!

A Loving Promise


May Peace bring 
to the body,
what the soul 
innately knows,
All that you need
is given,
Love forever 
through you

May Love bring you 
Peace and comfort,
during transitional, 
earthly change,
the Strength of bonds
are always intact,
forever the same. 

Walk with those 
you Love so deeply,
as your journeys 
never cease,
sense Love’s promise 
to you and loved ones,
as Love is forever,
Here is Peace.

Where You Are


Buckle up upon 
Love’s journey,
take Love’s hand,
enjoy the ride,
You Are All 
universes together,
All of This
is You, inside.

There may be bumps
upon this journey,
but as you grow,
evolve, you see,
some situations that 
you experience,
turn into gifts 
to be received.

Find comfort in 
your discomfort,
is this not Love 
helping you shift,
you are creating,
eternally evolving,
trust in Love,
in All of This.

Take Love’s hand,
leading you joyously,
wrapped in Love’s 
infinite flow,
You Are perfect 
Where You Are,
forever Home,
eternally Loved so!

A Breath of Peace


Your breath will always 
lead you back,
aligning you to 
Who You Are,
your intellect wonders
what happens,
what returns Peace
that feels so far.

Dear one, no-thing
has ever left,
though energy can 
feel out of sync,
in life the swirling 
of vibration
can leave you breathless,
wondering what to think.

Breath returns awareness 
in an instant,
so that you as human
can tell,
Here is your natural 
deeply reminding that 
All is Well.

May Peace bring calm 
to your body,
may soul and body 
together Be,
with Gratitude for this 
aligned moment,
sense This Presence of Love
that sets you free!