Your Shining Light

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Your mind may tell you
to move slowly,
but does not your heart
know the way,
let your Light give
you direction,
lead with Love,

In each moment
there is guidance,
when you do not look
ahead too far,
the past knows nothing
about your present,
lead with Love,

There is Peace in this
questions, answers
become moot,
let your Light shine
upon this moment,
lead with Love,

Your human senses
may bring doubt,
not understanding
Who You Are,
but All of You
is shining brightly,
leading with Love,

Step into your True Light
see this Light in
others, too –
All Bright Lights,
Being Love,


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come Home,
Love Is always
with you
when the external
is distracting,
is your Center of Love
not always near?

When you are swept up
in past musings,
if your attention
has moved away –
come Home,
what does Love
have to say?

Let Source,
continue to lead you
on your way,
You Are this
Light of Love,
and does not Joy
wish to play?

Find All that
lights you up,
in this flow
is it not clear,
Be at Home
with You now,
You Are Loved
and oh so dear.

come Home,
Love is Always
with you now,
You Are Peace,
You Are Joy,
and allow.

Blanket of Love

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Wrap yourself up
in this blanket,
it is a Blanket of Love,
tuck it in,
feel the comfort,
surrounding you with
what stars are
made of.

This Love can stretch
across the cosmos,
this Love resides
within your heart,
let Love blanket you
with knowing,
you are precious
as Who You Are.

You may at times
feel you are separated
from the ones you Love
so dear,
are they not part of
this blanket,
in your heart are
they not so near,
so draw All closer
to your Be-ing,
feel what Love
has to say,
Love surrounds you
now and always,
anytime be it night
or day.

Wrap yourself up
in This Blanket,
Love is Here
always for you,
You Are a blessed
Child of Love,
You Are so loved
as Love Is You.

A Step of Love

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No matter what you
are feeling,
at any time as
the day unfolds,
Love is Who You Are,
Love beckons you –
to step into Love.

This glorious choice
is always Here for you,
in an instant
do you not realize
it is not far for you
to take that leap,
as you step into Love.

Let your awareness
remind you that
with every step you
already Are,
you cannot walk
without Love by
your side,
You Are every
step of Love.

Be Strength,
Be Courage
when you need
to Be,
Be your authentic self
sharing Love beautifully,
each breath,
each step,
brings you closer
to thee,
You Are always Home,
with every Step of Love.

Enfolding Love

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Relax into Love,
let It enfold you
in its arms,
this may be a familiar
when you have felt this
healing balm,
there are myriad ways
to sense this,
it may come from
around you,
but may you begin,
to relax into Love –
inside out
instead of
outside in.

Lean into Love
and see how it
begins with you,
there may be a wall
or two
that you realize
you need no longer
does not unfolding
of barriers present,
help you see what
has been Here
all along,
relax into Love
and feel your Joy
with Strength
and Calm.

Relax into Love,
let it enfold you
in its arms,
Be Here with Love,
Be present –
You Are One
with this
healing balm.

This Breath

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Each breath is a meditation,
is it not Love that
you find Here?
May your breath
bring you to this
in this breath
Is Love.

Your mind will take
you on a journey
that is not real
if you are not
there –
let your breath
remind you gently,
in this breath
Is Love.

What fills you up
in this present
what reminds you
That You Are Peace,
within each breath,
breathe in this Truth –
You Are This
Breath of Love.