Safe Harbor


Love is your 
this is where your
Strength resides,
Here is where the 
magic happens,
You Are healed 
and whole inside.

Yes life takes you 
on a journey,
with a body that 
talks to you,
tend to it with 
from Source that wholly
breathes you.

Release ego’s blaming
that keep you constricted
and small,
Here is Love,
your safe harbor,
Be your Self,
connected to All.

With this freedom
may you sense
your wholeness that 
never was apart,
Here You Are,
precious child,
Home and safe as
the Love You Are!

With Loving Faith


Be patient as you 
walk your path,
you are supported 
as it unfolds,
your loved ones,
angels surround
you now,
you hear the calling 
of your soul. 

Know Divine Timing
is at hand,
you need not see the 
journey complete,
have Faith, believe
in You through life,
you have what you need,
may this bring you Peace.

May you walk boldly 
upon your path,
Love holds your hand
as you take each step,
all possibility awaits you,
precious one,
Love delights in hearing
you say yes!

As Above, So Below


Your life may be 
like a book,
with many stories 
to tell,
but beneath the 
“good or bad”
is your soul knowing 
All is Well.

May you rise above 
any performance
that you think needs
to be judged,
as human you know
you are not perfect,
perfection is a myth 
that can hurt so much.

In the story that 
is you,
look at the moments
beyond the plot,
what emotions,
what compassion,
what loving exchanges
rise to the top?

As co-creator of your
Be gentle with you,
in This Moment 
You Are All 
you seek,
you below are 
All of This above!

The Peace Within


When you feel hurried,
rushed, chaotic,
you may wish to 
slow down time,
you have this power
within you –
simply Be present 
within your Mind.

Mindfulness may be 
a concept,
but Be this experience 
to sense Love’s calm,
you may not notice 
shrinking time,
but is not your angst
nearly gone?

Mindfulness helps you 
to Be all possibility,
ready to flow,
the “not enough” egoic 
puts you in a box 
that feels tight 
and closed.

You need not find 
the door,
you can transcend 
beyond all time,
You Are timeless,
in Love’s moment,
as You come Home 
within your Mind.

A Sacred Resonance


You have many choices
with energy
that you can invite 
in today,
what resonates with 
your soul’s purpose
as you walk along
your way.

Indeed Gratitude,
will ground and set 
the tone,
might Reverence help you 
share the Light within
that is your soul.

Ask Compassion to 
begin with you
so it may overflow,
these harmonics of Love 
play a sacred Love Song
that you know.

All you need to do 
is say yes to these 
frequencies anytime,
Be the resonance 
of your soul,
This is Home,
peaceful, Divine!

Infinitely Sharing


Listen to your 
loved ones,
they are aware 
of what you do,
when a nudge 
or thought appears,
are they not helping,
assisting you?

You may feel alone 
at first,
the physical world 
believes here or there,
but eternal bonds 
are never broken,
you are always together,
truly Everywhere.

Catch your breath,
you may pause,
but know you never
are alone,
life in this world 
may feel different,
but You Are eternally,
always Home.

Sense your power,
Love is Here,
breathe in what is 
forever True –
you are supported,
infinitely sharing 
with loved ones,
angels and you!

Carry On


You may mull decisions
or replay scenarios 
in your mind,
keep your forward 
momentum going,
where Love leads,
carry on.

Absorb what you 
may learn from 
but also experience 
what you know,
Love is Light and 
You Are shining,
where Light leads,
carry on.

Your pace may vary 
as you walk along,
you may pause,
but you are not stuck,
sense Love’s invitation 
your response is sacred,
carry on. 

Sense the lightness 
in your Be-ing,
you need not carry 
any burden great,
Love lifts you up,
go with This Flow,
in Peace,
with Gratitude,
carry on.

An Elegant Wonder


Marvel at the color 
that surrounds you,
fresh spring-time green
and sky so blue,
luminescent clouds lit  
with sun through white,
do you wonder what 
created this magnificent

Are you not seeing creation
that flows through you,
if your eyes can see it,
does it not begin with you,
you think inspiration 
comes from what you see,
but is it not an extension
of You, internally?

And though rain and clouds
may dim your sight,
are they not elegant as
muted, cleansing Light,
accept, allow the cycles
of the earth,
is not each moment a chance
for your re-birth?

Be You in each moment 
of your life,
express all colors of rainbow’s
stunning Light,
as You Are each moment 
of what you wish to see,
be amazed at the wonder 
of You, eternally!

Seeing Clearly


Ego is good at 
pointing fingers,
where victimhood 
and blame persist,
might you recognize
this movie,
and change the channel
to step away from this.

Awareness brings 
Love’s Light to 
see more clearly,
you may not like 
what you see,
but with a balanced,
neutral focus,
might you see what 
wishes to be free.

Love All of You,
without the judgment
that ego wants you
to use,
with loving arms,
gather the parts 
that you think are 
separate from You.

May you see clearly
through Love’s eyes
that are forever with
you Here,
Be in this fresh 
new moment,
flowing free and 
Loved so dear!

A Natural Journey


When ideas ignite 
a spark,
might you be open 
to where it leads,
allow the timing 
to unfold,
let it percolate and 
with patience, Be.

Listen to your sacred
let go of shoulds
that judge you still,
when a plan unfolds 
before you,
check its alignment
with Love’s will. 

There is a Web that 
is ever-present,
connections made may
be a surprise,
as you follow your soul’s
you become aware of
what happens inside.

Be in Love’s flow,
soar with This now,
this is your natural 
State to Be, 
enjoy the journey
and be aware,
ask Love to show you 
what next to see!