A Gift of Grace

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Is Grace
not a gift
of Love?

Yes, Grace appears
in your language,
your books,
your songs,
does it not seem
when will you
be blessed
by Grace –
is it not as if
you are waiting
for a showering
of Grace,
to be bestowed
upon you –
or that only
the “worthy”
may see Grace

But as Grace is
a Gift of Love,
can you see Grace
as the magic
that appears,
that helps you
make sense
of Divine Love
that flows throughout
that you sometimes resist,
is it not Grace
that keeps leading you back,
to believe,
to look at the Truth
of Who You Are –
is it not Grace
that lets you know
that All Is Well,
that as You Are
a Gift of Love,
are You not also
an amazing expression
of the Grace of Love?

Is it not Grace –
much like a magician’s wand –
that touches you deeply
within your heart,
so that you may know
that You Are Loved,
that You Are Love,
yes, let that
Amazing Grace
shower down upon
you now.
With Grace,
with Love,
sense the Magnificence
of All That Is,
of All That You Are –
allowing Grace
to lead you Home.

A Point of Light

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A Point of Light.

Are there not times
from your perspective,
that you may see
your Point of Light
as separate,
an individual
beam of Light,
shining out –
searching to find
even more Light?

But is not a
Point of Light,
just that
and so much more,
can you think of
this point
as not an edge
or distant place,
but as one pixel
in the biggest
and brightest
pixelated image,
that can illuminate
any screen
that it shines upon –
are you not part
of All Light,
as you shine so bright
your Point of Light?

Can you shift your focus
from the point at
which you shine –
and follow your way
back up to the
Source of Light –
can you understand
that you are both
the focused point
and the Light
of All That Is?

Is there not Peace
in this knowing,
even as you shine
your Point of Light,
that you may not see
all of this Illumination
with your human eyes,
but as a Point of Light
in the Light of
All That Is –
how can you not
do anything but shine
so bright?

You Are the Point
of All Light
that shines.
One Love.
One Light.
Shining Bright.

Taking Chances

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Take a chance.
Be bold.
Let go of the usual,
the familiar,
where your comfort
usually is,
is not a step
into the unknown –
is that not where
possibility lives?

Can you not learn
so much about you,
when you surprise
your very self,
giving you the opportunity,
to show you
Who You Are,
might not stretching here
or reaching out there,
help you expand,
and grow,
as a constantly creative
is this not what you
innately know?

Yes, the soul is ever-evolving,
though the human side
says “wait,”
your logical side wants
to add it all up,
with expectations
to be made,
but your soul knows
what is beyond
any outcome,
or what you think
you might expect,
can you trust in Love,
can you take a chance,
can you let go of fear,
as you find the Joy
in each and every step?

Take a chance.
Be bold.
Let go of comparing
where you have been.
The past is not where
you are right now
and the future you
cannot predict.
When you feel your
your power,
when you see the
present You –
take a chance,
be bold,
have confidence,
have Faith,
in the Magnificent
Love of You.

Umbrella of Love

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The Umbrella of Love.

Do you not seek shelter,
reprieve from
whatever is going on
around you at times,
do you not wish
for protection
from the elements,
that may rain down
upon you,
until you can find
the Umbrella of Love?

And once under this
do you not feel
safe and warm,
knowing Love surrounds
you may wish for others
to find an umbrella,
to feel protected,
so that they may, too,
be surrounded by Love –
would it not be perfect,
what a beautiful thought,
if All were to find
an Umbrella of Love?

And from your perspective,
on this earthly realm,
you may see many umbrellas,
in all sizes,
different colors –
do you not each have
a perspective
on which umbrella you may seek,
as you look for protection,
from any impending storm?

But we wish to assure you,
no matter the storm,
you always are covered
by the Umbrella of Love –
there are no conditions,
you need not ask
or be invited,
as are You not always
surrounded by Love?

You each may hold on
to your own umbrellas
that you think you need,
but do they not make it hard
to get close enough to see –
that you All are under One,
what is “you”
is also “me –
are you not all connected
under the Umbrella of Love?

The Umbrella of Love
stretches far and beyond,
is Love not infinite –
with no beginning
and no end?
You cannot help
but be surrounded
by Love.

as One,
all gathered beneath
the Umbrella of Love.


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One breath.
One Love.
One breath.
One Love.

Simply breathe.
There is Peace.
Simply breathe.
There is Peace.

At your center,
there is Love.
At your center,
there is Love.

Love Is You.
Love Is Now.
Love Is You.
Love Is Now.

Now Be Love
in All you do.


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I am traveling early for work  – here is a message from April 2016.



A current of water
flowing over rocks.

You see this in a stream,
a creek,
a branch
of water.

Rocks of all shapes and sizes
lie in its path
threatening to disrupt its direction
its path
its flow.

But the water continues on.
It finds each crack,
each crevice,
each opening.
Its energy, its current
finding its way,
the rocks.

You cannot separate
the water and the rocks
from this stream.
Are they not what make this stream
a joy to experience?
The steady sound of movement of energy
that is a joy to hear.
The wonder of seeing water
rushing, shooting, swirling
around and between these rocks.

And you are asking, “Am I the water or the rock?”
And yes – You Are both.

You are the current of water,
flowing with energy.
It does not matter what lies ahead of you.
You continue to be water,
and water flows.

You are the rock,
with time almost standing still,
the water gently, slowly,
smoothing the sharp edges;
polishing, sculpting, a part of this dance.

Be the water.
Step into the flow, the energy,
the current of Life itself.

Be the rock.
Let the water
flow over you,
changing ever so gently.

Both are needed to make up
a stream,
a creek,
a branch of water
that is glorious to behold.

You Are Glorious.
You Are Beautiful.
You Are All That Is.


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Work together.

And in that phrase,
is there not an element
of seeing two sides,
an awareness of
your seemingly separate
needing to work,
to combine,
to bring together,
to integrate,
at times, yes –
does it not feel
like work?

Play together.

And do you not
feel the difference,
turning work into play,
are there not less rules,
an openness,
that fills your heart
with Joy –
could you not lose
in the possibility
of play?

Be together.

And could you not
erase the word “together”,
as when you can Be –
two sides that now
are One,
be it working,
be-ing –
do you not feel
in the Flow,
do you see
there is no need
to fight yourself,
when you are on
the same team?

Can you find the
sweet spot,
when work and play
are the same,
is this not
Be-ing together,
feeling Whole,
delighting in the
it does not need
to be a goal,
can you not help
but Be together
when all parts of You
are Love,
sharing the Magic
that you are made of?

Be One.
Be Love in
All You Are.
All together
in your
Together as Love.