The Wonder of Love

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Does not a bird
use its wings
to experience air
so it may fly
from here to there –
have you not seen
a hawk suspended
as if held by a cord,
so perfectly does hawk
feel the current
it cannot see,
does it not look
like magic
when birds defy

This unseen air you breathe,
is all around you –
you know it’s there,
you may feel it
as a breeze
when it rustles
through your hair,
you do not think
much about it,
you cannot see it
that is true,
but here on earth
are you not grateful
for the air
that surrounds you?

Are you not surrounded
by forces
that you do not see
and may not know,
yes, science helps to
what cause this
or makes that so,
but is there not wonder
when you are in nature,
when forces come together
and co-exist –
like a hawk soaring
on air,
or the sound of a warming
that rustles through
the leaves?

In this wonder,
in this awe,
does your heart not
stir with Love,
you need not have
all of the answers,
you need not see
all that you know –
do you not know
in your heart,
that you are supported
by All That Is,
much like the birds,
the majestic hawk,
held up by what
you cannot see?

Open your heart,
feel the Gratitude,
for the wonders
big or small,
are you not a Miracle
of Nature,
by the very air you
breathe –
as Love is Who You Are,
are you not surrounded
by Love,
do you not sense when
Love expands,
when you feel the
rustle of Love?

With Gratitude,
with wonder,
feel and Be
the Presence of Love.
Always present.
Always surrounded.
You Are always,
always Love.

Sing Your Song

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Are there not sometimes
a chorus of voices
that you may hear
throughout the day,
some supportive,
some impatient,
some say this way,
some say that –
would it not help
if they were in harmony,
synchronized by a
common thread,
instead of pushing,
sometimes pulling
as they seek to
get your attention
in your head?

Can your heart be
the Conductor,
providing the initial
might that give guidance,
maybe some structure,
for your thoughts
to sing along –
might the power of
gather the resourcefulness
of You,
when you are singing
from the same page,
is there nothing
you cannot do?

Your points of view,
your perceptions,
will want you to listen,
will want to be heard,
but sometimes when
given direction,
with intention,
will they not all
then get on board?

When your heart leads
with its Song of Love,
does not All of you
sing along,
each note as important
as the other,
all parts are needed
to sing as One –
does not each note
add to the harmony,
bringing a richness
to what you hear,
set the tone,
play the first note,
what is music
to your ears?

As you look for direction,
can you look to the
Conductor within your heart?
You may need to try
a few songs,
you may need to stop
and start,
but when the music
starts flowing,
when All parts of You
can sing as One,
is there not Joy,
do you not feel Peace –
when your Song of Love
is being sung?

With intention,
with direction,
may you sing together
as One?
Hear your song,
join in,
sing your magnificent
Song of Love.


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Do not sharp reactions
break through the surface,
so that you may see
they dwell somewhere,
you can observe,
reflect upon
where this came from,
is not understanding
what you focus on –
as you work out
the cause,
the effect
of life’s lessons,
might you always include
and surround it all
with Love?

Do not reactions
come from fear,
that waits and watches
keeping you safe
and near,
fear helps build intricate patterns,
that you may follow
and not have to think
about what to do –
when fear raises its head,
so you may look it
in the eye,
can you see that fear
loves you, too,
and does not fear
look for Love from You?

Yes, with Love at your
can you also embrace fear –
pulling all parts of you close,
drawing all aspects of you
can you thank fear
for its service,
as it thought it was
keeping you safe?

Is there not a part of you
that is afraid,
that Love may not be able
to penetrate
walls you have put up,
barriers that fear has helped
you make –
Love does not need to come in,
does it not begin
from within –
does not Love melt away
any barriers
that fear may have placed
you in?

It may feel scary
to face your fears,
but All Is You
and You Are Love.
As Love is your essence,
can not Love embrace
it All?
Every aspect
of You
comes from Love
and is All That Is.
Love Is You.
You Are Love.
Love Is fearless,
and so are You –
as you remember
You Are –
so very, very Loved.


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As you open up
your eyes,
seeing more of
your story
you create within,
are there not now
more places to
bring Love in –
is that not why
you become aware –
so you may Love
every part
that felt it had
to hide,
is not bringing to Light
what awareness is –
being aware to Love?

Does not awareness
of Love
bring in another side,
the You that is Whole
where Love resides,
is this not Love
that holds the hand
of the human side,
you wish to integrate
all parts,
knowing Who You Are –
does not awareness
help you know,
you are separate
no more?

Does not awareness
help you to see
and be in the flow –
letting Love,
letting Light,
come in where you thought
it had not shined before,
does awareness not
surprise you,
that Love is already here –
in every corner
of your being,
you just may have
not been aware –
that Love truly Is

Are you not already
are you not already
is it not only your
that now sees
the Truth of Who You Are –
there is no piecing together,
there are only new eyes
that see –
the awareness of You
as the Love
you wish to Be.

Be Aware.
Open your eyes
to You.
When you are feeling
look with the
Eyes of Love.
Let awareness keep
the Light on,
let awareness
hold your hand.
Let awareness show
you the Truth –
the magnificent
I Am!

Following Love

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What do you perceive
may be “holding you back?”
Yes, life gives you opportunities –
“if you do this, then you can do that”,
there are many conditional
that you may work on
to achieve,
do you not stack blocks up
so you can rise above to see –
but is not the clearer vision
when you are stripped of
any prop,
you need no special lighting,
or costume you must wear,
if fear has been what has
pushed you
in order to “succeed” –
can you let Love
play the leading role,
allowing you to Be?

It is easy to set up
in this conditional world,
expectations are like markers
that you track from here to
if you must chart progress
in your linear life,
can you mark – did Love prevail?
Was Love the featured speaker,
“did I serve with Love today?”

Do not back yourself
into a corner,
or limit the Possible You,
you may not know all
of the parameters
of what your soul
has come to “do” –
keep shedding the layers
of what keeps you from
seeing your beautiful Light –
might your only expectation
be to live a loving life?

“How may I serve?” –
is a question that you ask,
do you not serve Love
when you sit with the
Love That You Are –
follow the Love that spills over,
that cannot help but
find more Love –
follow the ripples,
ride the waves,
let Love show you
Who You Are.

Be at Peace
with the Love
That Is You
forever more.
You Are Love,
so very loved,
here and now
is the Eternal You.

The Beat of Love

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Listen to the beat
of your own rhythms,
what moves,
what motivates you –
what stirs within your heart,
makes you smile,
makes you dance,
you each may play
a different instrument
or have a unique style
that you play,
but when the song
Is Love,
do you not know
the chorus,
are you not able
to sing along?

Might you celebrate
your differences,
for are there not
infinite ways
to express the richness,
the fullness,
of all Expressions of Love
on earth,
but do you not sense
the familiar,
when Notes of Love
begin to play –
are you not able
to sing along
when the chorus
is filled with Love?

There is beauty,
there is magic,
when you hear a
Song of Love,
it may be in a
different language,
or in a tune
you do not know,
but let the beat,
let the rhythm
of Love show you
the way,
do All not resonate
with the vibration,
with the harmonious
Song of Love?

Listen to the beat,
to the Rhythm of
You are the perfect
to play your magnificent
Song of Love.

Dance to the beat.
Feel the Joy.
Sense the Peace.
Sing along
with All Songs
of Love.

Fellow Lights

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Shine your Light.

There are infinite ways
you can shine brightly,
can you choose one today,
what opens your heart,
what connects you with another –
shine your Light.

You do not need
to change the world,
but do not shining Lights
lead any change,
can you be the brightest Light
that you can Be –
shine your Light.

Can you see the Light
in another,
can you join in
to see Light grow –
does not every Light you shine,
spread out in loving waves,
can you imagine
how far Light goes,
the Light of Love
travels forever –
shine your Light.

Yes, there is Light
in every being,
though it may be
hard to find,
the exterior may
not be conducive
to letting Light out
or letting it in,
your human eyes
may not see it,
but can you look
with your heart,
your soul –
when Light touches
another Light,
does not a part of
you know –
I see You, Fellow Light,
shine your Light.

A connection may be
some connections seem
or that may be
what it feels like
on this earth
where you belong,
but as Light is your Essence,
when this Journey
is through,
do you not return
to Love and Light,
do you still not return
to You?

Shine your Light.
Be the Truth of
Who You Are.
Pick a moment
or throughout the day,
shine your Light
of Love today.
Shine on,
Fellow Light,
shine on.