Being Light

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Light or heavy.
Dense or fine.
These qualities
are used to
define a rock
and its properties
of matter.
Does not the
large rock
that is dense,
feel heavy
as you lift it –
even as you
know it is energy,
vibrating at
its own rhythm –
it appears as
the solidness
that it is
in your experience
of picking up
the rock.
But as some rocks
are not as dense,
when you pick
another up,
might some of it
crumble off
into finer particles
that were the rock –
that you would
now define as
grit or dust?
And are the particles
now light enough
to be moved about
by the breeze –
no longer heavy
as the rock,
are they now
not light enough
to swirl around?
There are words
in your language
that you use
to describe
heavy, light,
dense, fine –
and are there not
days when you
connect more
to one end
of this spectrum
than the other?
And as You Are energy,
as All Is energy –
do you not search
for the key,
the means,
the way,
to increase your vibration,
to feel the lightness,
to break free –
like the particles
of the rock
that no longer
are as heavy
or as dense –
is there not Joy
in this Lightness of Be-ing?
Yes, and there is
your key,
the way,
the means;
you need not
go out to find Joy
to lift your spirits –
to help you experience
your Lightness of Be-ing –
is not Joy the essence
of Who You Are –
always ready to engage,
is not Joy the lifeline
that looks for
the simple delight,
that connects you
to those things that
make you smile,
make you laugh –
is there not Joy
when you are able
to step outside yourself
and look with Love
at the seriousness
of you?
Joy is always with you.
Joy waits patiently.
Do you not sense
your Lightness of Be-ing
when You Are Joy?
Do you want to increase
your vibration,
do you wish to feel
light and free?
You may find Joy
in even a mundane task –
as you find the vibration
that fills you with Joy –
as you resonate
with the energy
that the Joy within
you brings –
can it not then
be felt by others
who cannot help
but radiate back
to you –
your innate Joy?
And in this joyful energy,
do you not feel
your Lightness of Be-ing,
no longer heavy
as the rock,
light enough to
move around
and to be free?
You Are a Be-ing of Light.
May Joy set you free.
As You Are Joy –
yes, You Are Love.
Be Light.
Be Love.
Be Free.

All Is Possible

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The door of possibility.
You see it
before you,
you may wonder
you may open
this door –
as if a decision
has to be made,
as if this door
will remain closed
until you open
it up.

But is not
this door
a part of
your own thoughts
that you create
to make something hard –
something that
needs to be earned,
or achieved?

Is not the vision
of a door
a limiting one –
that depends
on a decision
to be made;
do you open
the door of possibility
or do you
leave it closed?

And we gently
remind you –
the only doors
that you see
are the ones
you place
in your mind.
Possibility is
not hidden
behind a door –
might you look
in a mirror
and find it there?

Might the only doors
that need to open
are the ones
you create
in your mind?

And it may be
a daunting thought
at first –
that All Is Possible,
that You Are
limitless potential –
for in the human thinking –
there must be
roads to travel,
lessons to be learned,
before you get
to the doors
that open for you?
Is that not the
cause and effect
you are
accustomed to?

But we wish
to tell you –
there is no need
for doors.
There is not
a question
to be answered,
no decision
to be made.
As you open up
your heart,
as you open to
the Truth
of the Love
That You Are –
that is where
possibility resides –
it is always
within You.

As you believe
in Love,
is that not where
All Is Possible?

Believe in Love.
Believe in You.
Love Is limitless.
You Are Love.


Wave of Love

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There is a
subtle green wave
that begins with 
small tufts of grass,
fresh new starts
on bushes once brown,
trees begin to
hint at leaves –
and with each day
do you not notice
the growing green wave
of Spring?

You do not know
exactly when it starts –
the change is slow,
it builds upon
each day of growth
until one day
you realize yes,
the tide has turned –
winter is letting go,
to the growing green wave
of Spring.

When the climate
is right,
when the conditions
are ready,
growth occurs.
But does not each
individual plant
or tree,
have its own time
and way to express
when to start,
how fast to grow,
adding to the
growing green wave
of Spring?

And does not
each bush,
each plant,
add to the palette
of differing green color
that spreads and creeps
across the ground,
until suddenly,
there is no doubt –
you see the
growing green wave
of Spring.

You can view spring
as a leaf on
your favorite tree
or as the large masterpiece
of a landscape that
now is green –
each separate shoot
of green that grows
adds to the color,
the experience of
the growing green wave
of Spring.

And as each
and every one of You
experience the Love
of Who You Are –
are you not like
a new start,
a new leaf –
that adds to
the Wholeness of
the growing Wave of Love?

When the climate
is right,
when the conditions
are ready,
growth occurs.
But does not
each individual,
have its own time
and way to express
when to start,
how fast to grow,
adding to the
growing Wave of Love?

Can you add to
the masterpiece
of a landscape
that knows only Love –
each separate entity
of Love that grows
adds to the Whole,
the experience of
the growing Wave of Love.

This beautiful Love
spreads and creeps
across the earth,
until suddenly,
there is no doubt –
you Know the
growing Wave of Love.

Keep growing.
Spread Love.
Be Love.
You Are
growing the Wave of Love.

Love Heals

Helping hands


Love heals.

As a child 
when you had
a scrape –
did you not
want someone
to kiss it
to make it
feel better?
Love heals.

A bandaid
will help,
giving time
to heal,
to keep the hurt
covered –
but a bandaid
will only stay
on so long –
Love heals.

There are wounds
that are deep,
there are scabs
that get pulled off –
there is pain
that reminds you
there is more
to heal –
healing is coming,
it is happening
all the time –
Love heals.

You can treat
the scrape,
you can wash
it clean,
but healing happens
from the inside out.
Love is the healing balm
for your soul,
for your body –
do they not
work together
to bring through
this healing Love?
Love heals.

Each cell regenerates,
you are wired
to create.
As a child
did you not respond
to the kiss
on the “boo-boo” –
can you send Love
to every cell in
your body –
can you blow a kiss,
sending Love
to any hurt
that needs
some loving care –
can you hold
a wounded heart
and cradle it
with Love –
as You Are Love,
can you not release
the healing
Force of Love –
Love heals.

In this human world
you feel pain
and you feel hurt –
you have access
to the greatest medicine
that can comfort,
that can heal –
it is a gift
you give to others –
also give it
to yourself –
Love heals.

See what is hurting,
kiss it to show
that you are there –
now apply Love
in liberal doses –
you cannot give
or take too much –
it is what every heart
is looking for –
Love heals.

Apply Love.
Spread Love.
Give Love.
Receive Love.






Is there not
a stage of “in-between”
when you move
from one thing
to the next.
Yes, there is
a part of
letting go
of where you were
as you transition
to create
something new –
and in that unfoldment
are there not moments
of uncomfortableness,
the in-between
of creation happening?

And is not
transition unsettling,
as you are used
to the “old”
and not yet
sure of the “new?”

And as with the
concept of Time –
you can look
at the past,
the future not yet here,
as you visualize
what you think
will be,
should be,
as you are
not yet on the
other side of change,
is that not where
uncomfortableness lives?

Is not expectation –
what you think
an outcome
should be –
while it is a motivating force
to help you move forward
with any transition,
if the end result
is not yet in place,
is that not
the in-between space
that can make you feel
out of place?

As you stir things up,
as you deconstruct
to create anew,
yes, there is uncomfortableness
in the in-between,
but as you transition
from here to there,
from old to new –
can you let it unfold,
can you be
right where you are –
the perfect place
to Be?

Is not every moment
a moment from
here to there?

Some change occurs
in the blink of an eye,
some change happens
over time.
Can you be present
Where You Are –
are you not always
if you look back
or ahead at what might be?


Be patient.
Be present.
Be in the
perfect place
of Where You Are.
Be here.
Be there.
Be Everywhere.
And through it all –
Be Love.


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Time is a
linear concept
that you use
to get through
the linear world
that you live in,
work in,
play in.
And yes,
time helps you
to be at
a certain place
at a certain time.

But does not
the concept of time
hover over
your shoulder –
perhaps does time
get more attention
than it deserves?

With time,
you are able
to look back
in time,
to a perceived
beginning –
or to look ahead
to what may be,
what is on the
how long will
something last,
when will it end?

Does time not
dwell in the
concept of
a beginning
and end –
is not time
a marker for what
starts and stops,
what moves along
the timeline
of your life?

But as You Are
more than this
human existence –
as You Are Spirit
with an everlasting
soul –
are there not times
when the concept
of time
disappears from
your view?

When you are in
a moment of peace
and tranquility –
is that not a time
when the concept of time
has no place –
or when you are
lost in a project
that brings you Joy –
is that not
a beautiful and peaceful
place to Be?

Might you imagine
when there is no time
tugging at your awareness,
giving you reminders –
is that not a sign
that you are
in the flow,
be-ing in the moment –
is not time a reminder
of your humanness –
with a perceived beginning
and a supposed end?

But as you have
time standing still –
as you are aware
that You Are more
than what can be
measured in time –
might you acknowledge
that there is
a part of You
that transcends time?

Yes, use time
to organize and structure
your time on earth –
but make time (smile)
to be in the timeless state
of the Love That You Are –
the Place of Peace
where time stands still –
where all you know
is That You Are

You Are timeless.
You Are limitless.
In every moment,
You Are Love.

Be Love

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Be You.

You Know 
Who You Are.

Yes, there are
human experiences
you would
rather forget;
clothes you have worn,
phases you have
gone through,
experiences you
would never
have signed up for.
Be You.

Is there not comfort
in embracing
and accepting you?

There is no need
to “be” someone else,
to look like another,
to emulate
what someone else
has done –
You Are
the perfect you
That You Are.
Be You.

And as you
celebrate the
uniqueness of you,
feeling Love at
your core,
as you peek under
the human qualities
that define you
in this world –
when you sense there
is a greater definition
to you –
does not
Be-ing You
vibrate with
a larger resonance?
Be You.

And in this awareness
that begins to seep into
your human consciousness –
does it not make sense
that this vibration
of the Love That You Are
stretches beyond
the limits you place
upon this existence –
do you not on some level,
always know that
Love never dies –
and as You Are Love,
how can you not
Be Love?
Be You.

Yes, you are
a wonder –
you can be you,
unique in your life,
a “one of a kind,”
but as there are limitless
“kinds” of Love,
as You Are One
with All That Is –
are you not an expression
of the Love That You Are,
Be-ing Love?
Be You.

Embrace the dichotomy –
as You Love you
and Love You.

The unique you,
the one you,
the You Are One
with All That Is –
Who Are You?
You Are Love.

Be You.
Be Love.