Open a door to 
though as human
you may shut it
Love expands,
invites with 
your human-ness
may think that 
you must fight.

Might not working 
turn to play,
when you let go 
of defined goals,
what shows up 
in your present,
that past or future 
may not know?

Set expectation 
to the side,
have faith,
your soul knows 
what to do,
be open to Love’s 
receive what Love 
wishes to share 
with you!

Sacred Blessings


May you receive 
Love’s eternal 
that wash over you
may you look with 
eyes of Gratitude,
is this not the clearest
way to see?

Clear your lens 
when it gets 
do not fret 
if the timing 
feels off,
all unfolds as it 
is intended,
life’s ebb and flow
is hard to figure

Bless the roads 
that you have 
do not experiences 
help you to evolve,
receive with your 
whole heart,
so open,
the sacred blessings 
of eternal Love!



Fly free,
beautiful soul,
you are released 
from what holds
you back,
revel in your 
forever freedom,
One with Love 
as You Are That.

Sense Love’s beauty 
bubbling up and 
pouring forth 
for All to see,
as you are created,
you are creator,
what do you wish 
to create,
to Be?

Is there not wonder 
in your Wholeness,
as you are open 
to receive,
soak up the gifts 
of all who Love you,
who see your Truth
and truly believe.

With this freedom 
upon your journey,
you are guided with 
Divine Grace,
fly free,
untethered soul,
upon wings of Love,
Love lights the way!

Love’s Rest


Allow your figuring mind
to rest,
life need not be a
problem to solve,
what if instead of 
striving for answers,
you release and let 
your understanding

Beyond all questions 
you may ask,
are answers you may 
already know,
your ego mind may 
want more detail,
but might you trust 
and allow Love 
to flow?

This does not mean 
you do not care,
this is your Faith 
showing you the 
the timing need not 
be important,
you need not push 
for what happens 

Take a break from 
your active mind,
allow your heart 
to set the beat,
follow the rhythm
of your soul,
moving as One,

Finding Comfort


The human mind tends to 
resist change,
is there not discomfort 
in the push and pull, 
when walls erupt
it is hard to see,
may be what you

You may ask to see 
another way,
might you explore 
with your heart and 
not your eyes,
there need not be 
a winner or loser,
what is the greater 
combining All 
perceived sides?

Beneath ego’s discomfort,
might you explore where 
fears reside,
you need not defend 
to be safe,
you are forever Loved,
whole, inside.

You are treasured,
held by Love,
walking with you,
always, dear,
allow Peace  to 
reassure you,
All Is Well,
You Are with Love,

Peace and Joy


Savor and enjoy
Peace that comes 
your way,
share it freely,
receive it wholly,
now and throughout
your day.

What disrupts your 
Peace and Joy,
which anchor your 
natural state,
question this fully,
release the rules 
that you have inserted
in their place.

The power to free 
yourself is knowing
you are already 
your ego mind
has drawn the blinds,
making it difficult
to see.

Release the belief 
that there is struggle,
a path of strife
you must complete,
Holy One,
rise up as Love,
taking Joy’s hand,
Here You Are

Savor and receive 
this Holy union
of Joy and Peace,
your soul rejoices 
in this remembrance,
wholly loved 
and forever free!



You Are Beloved
You Are Love.

The world of space
and time,
of ego,
does not add up to
the Whole of You,
yes, situations may 
have you questioning 
the how or why 
things happen to 

In the world 
of cause and effect,
is it not human 
to bear it all,
guilt and punishment 
are ego’s directives,
but beloved child,
no-thing is your 

At the core of 
human behavior,
is there not a child
wishing to be heard?
Cries for Love 
long to be answered,
might You reassure you,
with soothing, loving 

Within your soul’s 
loving embrace,
unwind the story 
you may believe,
all actors in this play,
are wishing for Love 
and to find Peace.

May Love’s forgiveness
release you all,
for beyond cause is 
this simple Truth,
You All are wholly 
beloved souls,
finding your way 
back Home 
to You.

A Perceptual Change


Ask Love to change 
your perception.

Be patient with this 
it may be short,
it may be long,
ask for Love’s comfort
with any discomfort,
change can sometimes 
feel so raw.

In the spaces 
you are releasing,
ego may try to fill 
these back up,
this may cause doubt 
or second-guessing,
keeping you distracted 
is what ego is made of.

Do not engage in 
past analysis,
look forward to what 
your heart shows,
the path of least resistance
may give you signs of 
where next to go.

Invite Love in with 
constant prayer,
as you clear out 
what you no longer 
with clarity and 
peaceful perception,
Love creates a 
loving space 
to Be!



Receive the blessings 
that come to you,
do not resist,
open your heart,
let Love rejuvenate 
you gently,
sense Love’s embrace
both near and far.

In loving Grace
you are cherished,
Love invites you
to see this, too,
precious One
turn away from 
especially when you 
direct it at you.

As a cleansing shower 
of rain uplifts
the hardy flowers 
in the fall,
receive Love’s blessings
that wash over you,
beloved dear ones,
One and All.

This Sweet Release


You may have a 
particular place 
for each puzzle piece
to go,
but might you focus 
not on the finish 
and instead be part 
of the flow.

have faith 
in your decisions,
when they come up 
to be made,
but what may appear 
to be unsettled,
may be waiting for 
a different way.

This a balance 
as your ego mind
wishes to know 
all now,
but when something 
feels forced,
might you release 
the need to ask

There is a question 
that your soul 
awaits for when 
you let go to say,
this is not working,
help me please,
to see all of this 
a different way.

Call this surrender, 
this sweet release,
you need not understand
how it works,
this is not failure
or giving up,
this connects you to 
all possibility of You.

This faith in Love,
this trust in You
grows ever stronger 
when you see –
you never walk
You Are One 
with Love,