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When you step out
of old patterns,
do they not try
to pull you back,
being with the familiar
can be comforting,
even as you are ready
to move beyond that,
ego wishes to keep
you safe,
though you need to
constantly remind,
that You Are Love,
with a purpose,
with oceans to cross
and mountains to climb.

With awareness
and with Grace,
are there not opportunities
for you,
to see You with
loving eyes,
and to know what
you are ready to
work through,
Love is holding your hand,
Love always has your
to help you shift
your perspective
and to let go
of what may hold
you back.

Life is full of ebbs
and flows,
two steps forward may
lead to one step back,
but is that not from
your human perspective,
for does your soul not
fly beyond that –
let your grip on
past beliefs
loosen up as you
come to know,
you are already free,
you can relax,
you can let go.

With Gratitude,
do you not bless
all experiences
that help you to see –
you are human,
with your soul’s
spreading your wings
as you fly free.

There You Are

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There You Are,
beyond any beliefs
you may have –
you may work
to understand you,
but at your soul
does not all
make sense?
There are no problems
to figure out,
no details to
attend to
when you shift,
to discover,
There You Are –
the perfect You
in All of This.

There You Are,
yes, you can give
yourself a break,
when “shoulds”
or “musts”
pile up,
does Love not give
you a rake,
to gently smooth out
what distracts you,
from your loving
Source –
There You Are,
letting Love steer
your course.

There You Are,
might you Love you
just for you,
Love you for
Who You Are,
not only for what
you “do”,
yes, pour Love into
all you can,
while you are here
on this earth,
but Here You Are –
after that
and before birth.

Here You Are,
what a reunion
when you know –
You Are always
a part of One,
All of Love
is within your soul.


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Might you sense
a Pearl of Truth,
in the sea of thoughts
you have,
do these pearls not
glisten and shine,
rising to the top
of all the noise,
some pearls are made
from so much friction,
some pearls are waiting
to be found,
when you tune in
to your True Essence,
are there not pearls
all around?

Do you not recognize
a Pearl of Truth
within the core
of your soul,
does your heart
not expand,
when truth knocks
at its door,
you may need to
quiet the mind,
but you have everything
you need –
to discover your
Pearls of Truth,
is this not a treasure
that you wish to seek?

When you follow
these Pearls of Truth,
do not next steps
appear to you,
your path may sometimes
be bumpy,
but know that always,
in all you do –
each experience is busy
another pearl for you
to see,
as you collect your
Pearls of Truth,
do they not lead you
to your authenticity?

Recognize a Pearl
of Truth,
it will resonate
within your soul –
and when you step into
your True Essence,
with Faith and Love,
may you soar!

A Chapter of Love

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Might you be
for your story,
for every chapter
that it brings,
at times a page
sometimes you could
do without
some things,
and though you need
not always know why,
or would prefer
a different plot,
does not your story
bring you to Love,
that finds a way,
no matter what?

It may be an
instant or
way of life,
it matters not
how Love is
does your heart
not celebrate,
whenever Love
is all around?

There need be no
of what is right,
your heart knows
exactly what to
do –
the more you trust
your heart,
will it not lovingly
guide and direct

Build your awareness
of another way,
when your mind
tells you how
the story should read –
let your heart
bring Love to
the purpose
of Life,
is for Love
to Be.

All of This

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There is a pace,
a flow,
that is perfectly
sometimes it is
some days appear
to fly by,
you may not notice
the progress
as you are part
of this flow,
but as you
evolve in your
do you not
do you not

When you trust
in Love,
is this not trust
in You?
Might you boldly
go into
what you thought
you could not do?
Yes, Faith and Trust
will open doors
that once appeared
to be closed –
see the doors
dissolve as Love,
is the key
to so much more.

The sky is not
the limit,
for are You
not limitless?
Love cannot be put
in a box,
You Are All
of This.

Let your heart
lead the way,
with Strength and
by your side,
trusting in what
always Is –
You Are Love,
You Are Divine.

Awaken to Awareness

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Awareness Is.

As human,
you become
to the Awareness
of You –
who always Is
and always
has been,
the sacred space
that always
Is You.

As an observer
of your story,
once you see
glimpses of
this Truth,
with your
free will
and with
is this not
how you can
Love you?

Might Awareness
help you to see,
there are no conditions
the duality
you live in life,
makes it hard
to see your Truth,
but as you awaken
to the Love
That You Are
even in the
human suit,
does not Awareness
surround you
and always is
loving you?

Awareness Is
and You Are,
this beautiful Truth,
this enduring Love.
From a human perspective,
yes, it is hard,
to see what you
are made up of –
but that is purposeful,
in this incarnation
you chose,
and Awareness
helps you to see,
so you may awaken
and experience
the Love and Joy
that are so close!

Awaken to Awareness.
It Is You
for Eternity.
Bask in this
Glow of Love –
it is always Here
and You will
always Be.


20181111 XPicture


Stand tall in your
release what keeps
you bound,
can you not sense
that You Are
when Awareness
shows you
Love is all

Trust that Love
is always
with you,
with each step
that you take,
you may not be
able to see,
what is beyond
any door
that you open
might you now see,
there are no doors
for You to Be?

Today and everyday
you are a
what your Essence
truly is,
yes, it is you
who wants to see,
how deep will Love go
so you will believe –
might you believe
that Love is always
with You?

You Are
You Are
You Are
which you dream
Wake from your
and Be Aware –
You Are Love.

You Are

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You Are.

Can you resist
the urge
to fill in
the blank,
to identify with
an external link,
of something you
wish to be,
to achieve,
might you begin
with the Truth –
that You Are,
I Am?

You need not
go get it,
“it” is not beyond
your grasp,
when you think
you are separate,
hoping to come together
at last,
might we allay
your fears
and put your mind
at ease,
You Are,
Be You,
Be free.

Yes, your story
helps you to experience
that run deep,
can you keep diving
and take a look
at beliefs,
do not let your beliefs
define who you are,
You Are,
a shining star.

Dust off what you
do not need,
clear out what does
not serve,
your shining self
will show you
the way
keep tuning,
keep resonating,
with Love’s constant
You Are,
the Love you
wish to Be.


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Find Love.
Better yet,
let Love find

Let Love be the
that powers
when you resonate
with Love,
does not Love
come through,
when you think
that all is lost,
when situations
have you feeling
trust Love,
believe Love,
and let Love
find You.

Discover Love.
And yes,
let Love discover

Love is in the
and Love resides in
what is new,
you may have
a new path
to walk on,
but do not doubt
that Love is
within You,
things may look
completely different,
but as Love
is Who You Are,
let new discoveries
show you Love’s
as you let Love
discover You.

Be Love.
And let Love
Be You.

Be connected
with all you cherish,
Love is never,
ever through.
You are always
in Love’s embrace –
let Love,
Be Love
as Love Is

This Moment

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Be Here.
Be in this moment
as Love draws near.

Love is in each
breath you take,
Love Is You
and Love Is
Anywhere you go
are you not always
As child
or as you grow
What can you Be,
is it not always Love?
Let Love Be
in this moment

Be You.
Be You in this
moment now.
If you are not sure,
let your heart show
you how.

Love is beyond each
breath you take,
Love Is You
and Love Is Here.
From this moment
to the next –
be amazed,
be delighted,
Be All of It.

In your natural state
You Are
All of This.
Be You,
Be Here,
sense your Eternalness.

Be Love.
Love Is in
every moment
that You Are.