Honor You

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Honor you.

Give yourself a hand,
a pat on the back,
with a genuine intent,
with the utmost of caring
from your heart –
might you look in
the mirror
with a loving,
steady gaze
and acknowledge the One
who looks back at you –
do you not honor Love,
when you honor you?

Honor you.
Treat yourself,
be nice –
this is not an easy
this sometimes bumpy,
twisting path,
life can be a rollercoaster,
it can be a peaceful ride,
no matter the adventure
you find yourself on,
can you send Love to yourself
for being here
and honor you?

Honor you
with acknowledgment
and Love,
honor every accomplishment,
honor the times you think
you fall,
there is no need for
in what you wish to “do”,
can you not honor the
that already Is You,
are you not learning,
are you not growing,
what can help you
enjoy this life –
can you give yourself
a hug
and honor you?

There is no earning
that is needed,
You Are All
that you wish to Be –
now show you
some of the Love
that you lovingly
give freely –
what do you wish
to receive,
can you not count on
you to give –
surprise yourself,
give you a hand –
honor Love
and Honor You.

The Healing Light of Love



Like the sun’s warming rays,
may you soak up
all the Love
that is beaming
down on you,
is it not hard to
the giving from receiving,
as You Are Light
and You Are Love,
do not your Rays of Light
know where to go,
know what to do,
do you not all shine
in this Light,
the healing Light of Love?

Yes, combined energy
helps to activate what
is within,
for are you not
a shining Light,
even if your physical exterior
feels dim,
send healing to what
needs it,
but are you not
complete and Whole –
can you Love every
part of you,
even the parts
you wish to go?

Let the healing Light of
show you how to embrace,
all separate parts of you
that are really One Whole –
as life is never-ending,
as Love is a circle
never broken,
can you feel surrounded
by Light,
are you not healed
with Love?

Like the sun’s warming rays,
does not Love shine
despite the clouds,
are you not the sun
shining brightly,
as clouds of Life
pass you by,
can you Be the Light
that is beaming,
does not your Love
fill up the sky,
whether giving or receiving,
are you not part of the
never-ending circle
of the healing Light
of Love?

Feel the warmth.
Sense the Love.
You Are the Healing
Light of Love.

Send Love

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Send Love
to those who
need it,
send Love to those
who some think
do not deserve it,
does not so much
often arise
when spaces feel
empty inside,
when you send Love
can you not decide
who needs it more
or who may qualify,
can you blanket All
with your Loving Light?
Send Love.

Does healing not know
where to go,
what time is right
you may not know,
but what you give
do you not receive,
what you send out
is also for you –
yes, can you love
your darkest corners, too?
Send Love.

You need not know
the effects of Love,
does it not move
in waves,
the ripples spreading out,
Love may move some
to action,
Love may soothe
a broken heart,
but when Love
is the catalyst,
from a loving heart –
does not Love’s power build,
does it not include All,
Love does not separate out,
does it not invite All in,
does Love not challenge you,
your sisters and brothers, too –
to share and Be together
in a Wave of Love?

There is healing
that is asking
for Love to
show the way.
Send Love.
Send Love.
Be Love

A Love Story

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Do you not treasure
a Love Story,
is it not cause
to celebrate,
a day when Love
is spoken often,
often in a romantic way,
what do roses that
are given,
what are chocolates
trying to say –
can you open up
your heart
and let Love
lead the way?

Do you not have
your own Love Story,
does Love not begin
with You,
you would not be here
without it,
You Are Love
and Love Is You –
as Love is what
breathes you,
can you breathe in
with Gratitude –
and feel the Peace
as you exhale,
celebrating the Love Story
of You.

Throughout the day
can you be the presence
of Love and Light
the way,
there may be many others
who think Love has
lost its way,
can you spread the balm
of Kindness,
being Love,
being Light?

Does Love not bring
a flicker of recognition,
when it is seen in
another’s eyes –
can you help someone
not only on this day,
that You Are Love,
You Are Light,
yes, I see Love
in You today.

Each Love Story
is precious,
as each story
is made from Love.
Be a witness to
each story,
find the Love
it is made of.
With kindness, can you
spread the Balm of Love
today and tomorrow, too –
everyday may you celebrate
the Love Story that is


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Do not reactions
help you to see
what may be coming
up to heal,
when buttons pushed
bring out in you
a younger version,
a patterned you –
what is this familiar
and is it ready
to move on its way,
when you see it,
when you Love it,
when you have Gratitude
for what it teaches you,
might it be a human
that makes you think
you are separate
from the Whole –
can you not heal
these human wounds
with the Truth
that You Are Love?

When you shift your
perspective higher,
do you not see the
dramas played
are often acted
by little children,
who only want their
when you feel defensiveness
or when you think that
you are “right”,
might you look a little
to see what lesson
is there for you –
is not the antidote
for whatever hurt you feel,
that you are always
so very Loved?

Do children not seek comfort,
do they not want to be
no matter the temper tantrum,
do they not look to see
who sees them,
you all wish to be seen
and to know no matter
what you “do” –
There Is Love,
with no conditions,
with no hesitation –
You Are Love
and Love Is You.

Be Grateful
for the wounds
that may rise up
for you to see –
the antidote,
the answer
is to Love




Is there not comfort
in remembering
that it is Love that
flows through you –
do you not feel it
at your center,
in your heart,
you are always
when surrounded by
your story,
you might forget
what is always True –
you are already
what you wish for,
You Are Love
and Love Is You.

Do not worry,
do not fret,
at where you “go”
from here,
you are already
part of the miracle
that you hope
you might see yet,
with one foot
in this existence,
is not the other
where you always are –
always a part
and never separate
from the Truth
of Who You Are?

Your True Self
is what breathes you,
is not Love
in every breath?
This Love will never
leave you,
even though you might
sometimes forget,
but is it not delightful
to remember,
do you not feel giddy
at the prospect of –
no matter what part
here on earth
you play,
You Are always,
always Love.

Be reassured,
human heart,
you are the bridge
from Here to There –
you may have woken
up here,
but You Are always,
always Love.

The Best of Love

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In this earthly realm,
is it not hard
to know,
all the roles
you play
or where do outcomes
like in any play
you may see,
might there be
more than one story
going on in a scene –
might you not add drama
and simply be –
the best You
that only You
can Be?

Yes, it is hard
not to expect,
what you think
“should” happen next,
based on your perspectives,
do you not know
them best,
but are there not
myriad lessons,
experiences going on,
for your learning
and for others, too –
do you not often
bring it back to you,
but might you
not know
who is teaching who?

So when all is said
and done,
when you lead with
your open,
loving heart,
have you not fulfilled
what you are
“to do” –
is it not in this
that you can simply Be –
the best You,
that only You
can Be?

Remember you are both
student and teacher, too.
Learn with Love.
Lead with Love.
The Best of You
Is Love.